Poupee Wonderland Forest Event 2011

Gah I’m so tired of all these forest events!!

Seriously out of all the events she brings back she keeps bringing this back. Does Japan love forest fairies or some crap? Or do they enjoy dressing up as squirrels and dwarves? =_=? If at least she included something like maybe little red riding hood outfits..but eugh, not buying a single thing. I guess rather than repeating the actual forest event the “nature background” just keeps giving me flashbacks of:

Fairy Event
Harvest Event
2010 Forest Event
2010 Fairy Event
2009 Forest Event

Gah enough of these stupid vegetation events Kath! ヽ(;´Д`)ノヤメテー


Otome Game Review: Hoshiiro no Okurimono

Our heroine Yoshimoto Ai recalls meeting a random guy during tanabata while watching the stars on a hill at her inaka. When her school year starts up once more in September, the guy she met, Inafuna Takashi, transfers into her class. He apparently wanted to get the best view of the starry sky, and so he moved in with his uncle, the village chief, to the middle of bumblefuck. As she goes to watch the stars with Takashi again, she realizes that it would be a great idea if all of them could go watch them together. She then decides to form an astronomy club with her classmates (also her childhood friends) for some last memories, because the school is getting torn down the following year.

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Otome Game Review: Tokyo Yamanote Boys -Dark Cherry-

And so we’ve reached the final TYB disk, Dark Cherry. This time our man lineup features Jesus, Shinnosuke & Tetsu, which in my eyes are the best guys of TYB xD. As usual Chihiro goes on dates with them and then picks her man and like with Honey Milk, they bring back the Virus/Vaccine plot which is concluded in this disk. Jump to my final thoughts to avoid spoilers as usual!

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Otome Game Review: Uso wo Hitotsu Dake

I’m currently waiting for  TYB Dark Cherry to come out so I didn’t want to start on any long games. With that I decided to go through my doujin & free game folder! I picked out a game called “Just One Lie” which is made by Wild Strawberry and also available to download via Freem. The story is about a 16 year old girl named Haruna Raika (god knows if that’s actually her name) is in the hospital and she’s destined to die before she’s 20. One day an angel comes through her hospital room window saying she will die tomorrow. Before she kicks the bucket, he says he will make one of her lies come true, but it may only affect the destiny of ONE PERSON! Also apparently it’s April Fool’s lol.

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Otome Game Review: Zettai Meikyuu Grimm ~Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome~ Director’s Cut

A loli named Henrietta lives with her 3 cousins, the Grimm brothers. They all pamper her because when she’s 16 she can marry so they want to enjoy their kawaii desu imouto while they still can (especially the oldest pedobear aniki Jacob.) The 2 oldest brothers leave on a journey to do research to try and make fairy tales come true leaving Henrietta with her youngest brother Ludwig. Little does Henrietta know that her pedobear aniki Jacob wrote a pedobear fairy tale that sadly she is the heroine of and it means getting a happy end with every character, including princesses and bad guys 😆 One night Henrietta chases a butterfly into the forest, only be caught by a pedobear incubus who tells her to come with him to a circus. Henrietta protests and the dude gets pissed and attacks her but just in time her shota cousin Ludwig comes to her rescue. The two of them fight using summoning magic from their brothers’ magic books. Henrietta summons some angry vegetables which sadly doesn’t really work and then the guy puts a sleeping spell on both her and Ludwig. When they both wake up in a coffin, they’re 5 years older with hair down to the ground (and for some reason butt naked!) They realize they’re in their older brother’s abandoned research room, and they look through Wilhelm’s diary where he talks about special keys and Ludwig finds he has one himself. They use the key to get out of the lab but when they go back to town, they find it completely destroyed along with their house. The Incubus who attacked them 5 years earlier shows up laughing at them saying they’ll die trying to survive in the real world, and then disappears. Ludwig & Henrietta then decide they will go looking for their brothers together as they leave the ruins of their village and gather their awesome RPG party of fairy tale characters.
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