Otome Game Review: Hoshiiro no Okurimono

Our heroine Yoshimoto Ai recalls meeting a random guy during tanabata while watching the stars on a hill at her inaka. When her school year starts up once more in September, the guy she met, Inafuna Takashi, transfers into her class. He apparently wanted to get the best view of the starry sky, and so he moved in with his uncle, the village chief, to the middle of bumblefuck. As she goes to watch the stars with Takashi again, she realizes that it would be a great idea if all of them could go watch them together. She then decides to form an astronomy club with her classmates (also her childhood friends) for some last memories, because the school is getting torn down the following year.

Inafuna Takashi – Well Takashi is the first guy that Ai met so I decided to just do his route first. He’s envious of Ai’s childhood friends because he never really had any due to being in the hospital most of his life. He’s got a peaceful personality and when Shin starts bitching at him for no reason, all Takashi’s like “can’t we all just get along? (´^ω^`)” They visit Takashi’s old hometown – which is actually where Panic Palette & Little Aid took place xD. He’s so awful at physical activity that when they play dodgeball and he gets smacked he falls down and almost passes out. So one day on their way to look at the stars, Takashi passes out so they take him back home. When he talks with Ai later on, he admits that his eyesight is getting worse and it’s at a point that he can wake up anyday and be completely blind. He said he’s tried to cover it up till now, but this is far as it can go. (´;ω;`) This is why he pushed to let his family come to this inaka because he wanted to see a shooting star before his eyesight was completely gone. He didn’t want to tell anyone about it because he didn’t want to be hated and when Ai hears this she says that nobody would hate him and begins crying. He hugs her and tells her that he can no longer be in this town, and tomorrow he has to return to the hospital at his hometown (aka Little Aid land lol). When Shin, Ai and Seigo come visit Takashi, he’s in the hospital room with bandages over his eyes. He’s really happy to see them and the trio continue visiting him in the hospital telling him to get well soon. On their way out however, they talk to a nurse who tells them that it’s very unlikely that he will ever be released from the hospital, and definitely not before the school is torn down.

When one night Ai goes to visit Takashi on her own, she overhears him crying because he can no longer see at all and when he hears her, she notices he’s looking in her direction but not looking at HER. Just then a nurse comes and shoos her away because visiting hours are over, and apparently this becomes a huge commotion, so his uncle asks Ai to stop visiting him. Some days later the uncle then tells Ai and Souya sensei that he won’t be returning to school and to forget about him. Not too soon she finds out that Takashi’s been removed from the hospital he was staying in, back to his uncle’s place and the kusojiji refuses to let Ai see him. When she gets home that night, she finds a letter from Takashi saying that he wants to see her and will be waiting for her at the place where they first met. She runs to see him and then runs into Seigo & Shin who said they just finished “bringing him over there” and tell her to wipe her tears before she goes. Ai then runs to that hill and Takashi is there waiting for her, she jumps on him and kisses him. I SHOULD BE HAPPY BUT I’M ALL LIKE (ಥ_ಥ)(ಥ_ಥ)(ಥ_ಥ)(ಥ_ಥ)He then tells her that even if he can no longer see, he still remembers her face and her smile in his heart. (ಥ_ಥ)He then says that he likes her and asks for her answer and she’s like “zomg I just kissed you and you still can’t tell!?” so she kisses him again and he gets the picture. (*´ω`*) He admits that he had asked his uncle not to let anyone see him because he felt so ashamed of not being able to see anyone else. Some years later, Ai moves into the same house as Takashi and he becomes a novelist while she takes care of him. It’s revealed that he’s knocked her up, but lol they’re not even married! Oh well still a nice ending overall but I CRIED SO HARD WHEN SHE MET WITH HIM AFTER READING THAT LETTER 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 うえええん I guess I wanted some miracle where he could regain his sight but he remained blind until the end. So depressing…hits a bit too close to home… (´・ω:;.:…

Akito Shin – Shin’s the tsundere of the game, has a loli imouto, and loves photography. His mother is usually at work so he usually spends most of the time alone home with his sister Miyu. I was really not a fan of Shin simply because his voice was a horrible miscast. I mean this is the guy who voiced Misaki sensei in Kaeru Batake and Pappillon in Busou Renkin…why would he be cast voicing some high school kid is really beyond me… (´・ω・`). Due to this his voice just aggravated me and I just had trouble liking him as a character the moment he opened his mouth orz. Shin has a rocky relationship with his father, rather he hates him because he left his family due to gambling/drinking etc. In addition to that, he also has issues taking photos of people and can only take photos of scenery. One day when she’s over his place, he gets a phone call and as he’s on the phone he begins crying. When Ai asks him what’s wrong he tells her to GTFO. They make up later and he agrees to make bentos for her and then the 4 of them go to the amusement park together…where Ai drags Shin on a crap ton of rollercoasters. Shin continues to keep his problems hidden from everyone, and then Seigo confesses to Ai but she rejects him since she likes Shin. Miyu then comes crying to Ai saying that Shin stopped coming home because she went to visit their father. The reason she went to visit him was because he was going to die, and when Shin received that phone call where he cried, that was the news of finding out his father had 1 month to live.

Ai then goes looking for Shin and finds him alone at school, calling him an idiot for making everyone worry. He then tells her everything and returns home to his crying sister. After this Ai tries to get Shin to see her feelings for him by making him lunches and he’s like “why are you doing this (ಠ_ಠ)” lol brickhead. They go watch the stars together at night where he bawws about how he cried when his parents got divorced and how he feels bad for being a pain in the ass to everyone. He then throws out his camera because it reminded him of his father and he didn’t want to think about him anymore. Ai is so shocked that he would do this, she runs to look for the camera and instead trips on her butt & injures herself until Shin comes to get her. When they bring her back to Shin’s house the mom tells him that throwing a camera isn’t gonna make memories of his father magically disappear and returns the camera to him. That night Shin asks if Ai will go to the hospital with him the following day and she says she will go even if he doesn’t want her to. (。・ω・。) So anyway he visits his dad and is shocked at how thin he got and breaks down in tears. Some days later he confesses to Ai and kisses her and then says he decided he will go to an art school to try and improve his photography skills. After this Shin starts using Ai as his first human photo model and tells her not to cheat on him in college. Man this route DRAGGED on. Like REALLY dragged on. I was like “oh man when is this gonna end”. It’s like they didn’t know what to do with him once the dad stuff was resolved and the stuff they filled it with wasn’t all that interesting. It was like a 180 degree turn from Takashi’s route which moved me to tears. Speaking of Takashi, magically his vision didn’t go bad in this route, so much for consistency I guess.

Narutoki Seigo –  Seigo is on the track team, and while he has fangirls he doesnt give a fack. The manager of the team Yoshida Matsuri tells Ai she likes him and of course asks for her cooperation. In Takashi’s route Ai cheers her on but of course Seigo rejectects her again. The reason is obviously because he’s had a crush on Ai since forever, being in that typical childhood friend role. Seigo is also Souya’s younger brother but unlike his aniki, he’s polite and reserved. This all changes when he gets accepted to a college far away but says he doesn’t want to go because he’s in love with Ai. Ai’s like “lol are you kidding?” and he’s like “I’m kidding? I will show you if I’m kidding or not…” and then he pushes her down on the desk and kisses her. Ai’s all like noo stop and then runs off like a bumbling idiot only to be comforted by Matsuri over the phone that night. Sigh (ಠ_ಠ). Ai then tells Seigo that she’s upset that they’re not talking and she doesn’t want their relationship to be like that anymore. Seigo then smiles and tells her that she can forget about his confession, and when she confides in Matsuri again, she tells her that “maybe he just wanted to tell you his feelings and nothing more.” Sigh it’s like starry sky all over again. So then Ai loses the necklace Seigo bought for her and runs around panicking looking for it, and when she finds it her hair gets caught in the bushes. Thankfully superman Seigo shows up and helps her get it out without cutting her hair off. So then Seigo has to stop coming to school because the college he’ll be going to wants him to come more often for track team practice, so he ends up going to Matsuri’s school for a while instead. Of course that’s when our dumb heroine realizes she don’t know what she’s got till it’s gone.

Ai then recalls when she and Seigo told her about a star crater when they were kids and she went looking for it in the forest and got lost. Seigo then found her and gave her a temporary rock saying one day he’ll give her a real one – which is why he gave her that necklace. Ai then skips a day of school and goes to the city to see Seigo, and then she runs into Matsuri who’s still bitter about being rejected but says one day she’ll get over it and cheer them on. So as fate would have it, Seigo finds her in the city and then she babbles a million times that she’s sorry that she can’t forget his feelings for her, and says she likes him as well. After this they go on dates in the city together and Seigo starts having 2nd thoughts about going off to college but Ai tells him that it’s his dream and he should go. She says when she goes to college she will work part time and gather money so that they can take a vacation trip together. It begins snowing and then Seigo says that he wants to grope her in places where the sun don’t shine but says he’ll hold himself back and instead they just make out. ( ´_ゝ`) The following day she sees him off as he gets on the bus to go to his new college but as the bus starts pulling away she starts crying and calling out Seigo’s name. Suddenly he runs back and hugs her saying that he can’t live without her, and says he’ll talk her parents into letting her come with him. To do what…be his doormat? 😆 So anyway in the epilogue Seigo helps Ai study English while getting all いちゃいちゃ with her. Man if I thought Shin’s route dragged on this was possibly even worse. I don’t know why they made  a manga too centering around this route because it was SO GENERIC. Childhood friend tries to get heroine to realize his feelings and then he has to move away so heroine finally realizes hers. Wow it’s like every shoujo manga plot ever lol. Didn’t help that I didn’t really find Seigo to be that much of an interesting character and frankly Kishio himself sounded like he was gonna fall over and take a nap at any moment.

Narutoki Souya – Souya is Seigo’s hentai older brother, referred to as nissan by everyone since he was always the “older guy” in their group. He’s a huge pedobear so he’s prolly liked Ai as long as Seigo but since Seigo was closer to Ai’s age, he’s restrained himself back for many years. (Prolly why he keeps spouting hentai jokes, too much sexual frustration. 😆 ) One day when Souya takes Ai shopping in the city, they run into some crazy bitch named Ryouko who rages at the fact that Souya’s become a teacher. The next day Ai hears that Souya keeps leaving home and he stops coming to school as well, without telling Seigo anything. When Souya finally shows up for class, he’s not wearing his glasses and he’s not the friendly Souya-nii that everyone knows. After class when Ai tries to find out what’s wrong, he’s very cold towards her telling her to leave him alone and that he’s busy. From here is the route split where if you basically do as Souya says, and leave him alone you will head straight to the Normal Ending where basically everyone just says that they’ll keep in touch even if they all get separated after graduation. No CG here so really no point of doing this ending (´・ω・`). Anyway back to good end route, when Ai tries to ask if she can be of any help to Souya, he pushes her against the wall saying that she’s just a child and she can’t do anything either. Ai of course starts crying and Souya lets her go telling her to know her place as he leaves his office. This scenario repeats twice when she overhears him talking on the phone to Ryouko yelling at her that he and Ai are just teacher & student. When Ai tells Seigo about “Ryouko” he freaks out as well but says he can’t tell her anything now, but he promises he will bring Souya back to his normal self.

So then the walling scenario repeats part 3 when Ai tells Souya that she wants to become a reliable teacher just like him which obviously pisses him off. But then he kisses his hand that’s covering her mouth, and tells her that she shouldn’t be like him – a guy who acts like an asshole to the girl he loves.The next day Ai finds out from Seigo that the reason he’d come to school without his glasses is because they broke when the 2 brothers got in a fist fight. The reason is of course Souya wants to resolve everything himself and not rely on others, so he’s been putting up a wall between himself and Seigo as well as Ai. In class that day the principal tells everyone that Souya will be taking a week off for personal reasons. After school Ai runs into Ryouko, who’s being a fucking cunt saying that Ai only tempts men and is trying to get Souya to fall for her. She says that Ai doesn’t know shit and should know her place before leaving with the words “be careful of cars.” When Ai runs into the ho again, she tells her off and the bitch is surprised since she was expecting Ai to be a doormat (and me too lmfaooo bitch you just got told! m9^Д^)m9^Д^)m9^Д^)ジェトストリームプギャー) That night Seigo tells Ai that in the past, when Souya was in college about to graduate with a teaching degree, his best friend, Ryouko’s brother, was driving them home one rainy night. Suddenly some stupid kid got in front of the car and the brother swerved to avoid it, and since it was wet the car crashed into a guard rail. Souya got thrown out of the car and survived, but Ryouko’s brother died and ever since Souya’s had survivor guilt. In addition to that, Ryouko went nuts and has been beating Souya with the guilt stick ever since saying that if that night they all stayed at her house none of this would have happened. Souya then returned to the village – to get away from her and the memories of his best friend. The next day after school Ryouko tells Ai that she’ll take care to Souya, and Ai being a brainless idiot, believes her and gets into the car.

Ryouko does take her to Souya but tells he to stay in the car threatening that if she dares to leave, she’ll make it so Ai can never see Souya again. While Ai is locked in the car, Ryouko then tells Souya that the only way he can repay for killing her brother is to become her lover. Apparently she’s just a bitter slut who on the day of the car accident, was also dumped by Souya and is using the accident as a way to try to make Souya love her. ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ Souya’s like lol no, I got a person I love (Ai) so peace out biatch. So then this fucking crazy ass bitch gets into the car and hits the accelerator and drives the entire thing, with Ai in it, into the lake. Souya somehow saves both of them giving Ai some mouth to mouth :3. That stupid Ryouko slut was like crying and shit, bitch if you’re gonna cry DON’T DRIVE CARS INTO THE FUCKING LAKE ( ಠ益ಠ ). Afterwards the crazy skank apologized to Ai saying that she knew the accident wasn’t Souya’s fault and she just lost all her fucking marbles. Whatever bitch, Ai may forgive you, but I won’t. ( ・´ー・`) Souya then thanks Ai for taking one for the team cause apparently this helped both him & Ryouko get over their baggage. So some time passes and Ai is now moving into her apartment for college with Souya helping out. While they carry a box together Souya tells her that he told all the other guys to back off while he gets Ai all to himself….because he loves her. He then kisses her and says he’s no longer her teacher since he quit teaching at that school due to it shutting down. (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪ Dawww fffs I KNEW THIS ROUTE WOULD BE AWESOME. You can just tell that a character had some freaking thought put into them when even without the story, the character is just FUN to interact with. Takashi’s route made me cry, but Souya’s route put a big fat grin on my face. Well I guess 2/4 isn’t so bad right? 😆 After you finish all the routes, there’s a special scenario in the memories section which shows everyone together in class one last time before graduation. The final CG shows all of them graduating with their diplomas in their hands.

Well I guess compared to Takuyo’s other games this was a bit of a disappointment. I was told that the person who wrote this was also responsible for Sorayume and Shinigami to Shoujo. Wut. What happened here? Were they not paid enough in this one? 😆 Well alright fine I bawwed like sheit in Takashi’s route and grinned from California to NJ at the end of Souya’s but both Shin & Seigo had me rolling around my couch in boredom. Their routes were so stereotypical & generic, or maybe it’s because the voice actors weren’t really trying too hard? Or maybe the characters were just poorly written. Let’s face it most of the routes in here you’ve probably seen elsewhere, but that’s cool as long as the characters & their VAs can do a good job to keep the viewer engaged. I was definitely not engaged by Shin’s ossan miscast and Seigo’s passive aggressiveness. On the other hand Takashi was so innocently adorable (to the point that I felt too many BL vibes between him & Shin ww) and Souya is just full of win (´^ω^`). The other problem with the game was the first 85%  or so is a really draggy common route. Most Takuyo games are like that but they will usually be full of sillyness/gags/lulz to at least keep the viewer entertained…but all the starry sky watching crap just bored me to tears. The fortune scope system got really draggy and whenever I could just “skip” it, I would since I was following a guide anyway. Fun fact, 3 seiyuus in this game were in a game I recently finished as well so that was interesting lol. As far as play order I recommend Shin, Seigo, Takashi and Souya for last. Overall it wasn’t anything special, and it’s not as good as Takuyo’s other games but if you do play this, it’s at least more fun to catch all the easter eggs by having played Little Aid/Panic Palette beforehand.


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