Otome Game Review: Zettai Meikyuu Grimm ~Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome~ Director’s Cut

A loli named Henrietta lives with her 3 cousins, the Grimm brothers. They all pamper her because when she’s 16 she can marry so they want to enjoy their kawaii desu imouto while they still can (especially the oldest pedobear aniki Jacob.) The 2 oldest brothers leave on a journey to do research to try and make fairy tales come true leaving Henrietta with her youngest brother Ludwig. Little does Henrietta know that her pedobear aniki Jacob wrote a pedobear fairy tale that sadly she is the heroine of and it means getting a happy end with every character, including princesses and bad guys 😆 One night Henrietta chases a butterfly into the forest, only be caught by a pedobear incubus who tells her to come with him to a circus. Henrietta protests and the dude gets pissed and attacks her but just in time her shota cousin Ludwig comes to her rescue. The two of them fight using summoning magic from their brothers’ magic books. Henrietta summons some angry vegetables which sadly doesn’t really work and then the guy puts a sleeping spell on both her and Ludwig. When they both wake up in a coffin, they’re 5 years older with hair down to the ground (and for some reason butt naked!) They realize they’re in their older brother’s abandoned research room, and they look through Wilhelm’s diary where he talks about special keys and Ludwig finds he has one himself. They use the key to get out of the lab but when they go back to town, they find it completely destroyed along with their house. The Incubus who attacked them 5 years earlier shows up laughing at them saying they’ll die trying to survive in the real world, and then disappears. Ludwig & Henrietta then decide they will go looking for their brothers together as they leave the ruins of their village and gather their awesome RPG party of fairy tale characters.
Akazukin – So we got a little MAN riding hood here 😆 He’s a loveable shota who lives with his grandma in a cottage in the woods. She gives them a pie and tells Akazukin he should go travelling and see the world and not sit with her all day. They run into a hungry wolf in the woods and he says he wants some of their pie because he hasn’t eaten in 3 days. They then hear news of Akazukin’s village being attacked and when they get there, Akazukin’s grandma’s been killed T_T. He rages and runs back to the forest to take revenge on the wolf, even though he’s not the wolf that killed his grandma. Before he can beat the crap out of the wolf though, a witch shows up to defend it and everyone fights. After the witch escapes Akazukin rages he can’t take revenge, but then Henrietta convinces him not to take revenge and instead to travel together with them. Because of his VA I kept getting flashbacks of Natsu from Fairy Tail because he sounded EXACTLY LIKE HIM ヽ(;´Д`)ノヤメテー At one point the Incubus appears saying that Henrietta is in his dream and that’s why she has sheet wrinkles all over her arms. Fortunately Akazukin saves her and “wakes” her up. The next day Rapunzel takes Hameln and Ludwig with her so that Akazukin & Henrietta can go on their dokidoki date together xD. He buys her a present saying he wants her to look special just for him. (*´ω`*) They then run into this goat man who says his family was killed by the wolf and they give him the name “Yagio” lol. He QQs how he was born a delicious goat and that his destiny is to be eaten by the wolf. So to trick the wolf, Akazukin dresses up as a Little Red Riding Hood♀ and it works プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

So then Akazukin reveals himself and kicks the wolf’s ass. Afterwards the 2 of them walked back to the inn holding hands and then Rapunzel harassed Henrietta for the juicy details x3. The next day they get to town where they find out that the Queen & Prince are missing and the King’s been brainwashed by some baba for years. Because of this he’s been randomly arresting people and now the cells are full of innocent people peeling potatoes (because the king likes mashed potatoes apparently lol.) Everyone tries to get into the castle to rescue the prince from the cell but they all get captured except Henrietta who manages to escape thanks to Akazukin. She then runs into some dude named Vandel who refuses to give her info until he finds out Hameln is captured. Apparently he and Hameln were informant friends so he offers to help Henrietta for free. Henrietta then runs through a secret passage to free everyone but Hameln was easily able to use his flute to help everyone escape but figured “why not I get free food and a bed….this is the life!” 😆 Meanwhile there’s a bounty on Henrietta’s head and the entire castle is looking for her while everyone tries to rescue the Noizes queen. They rescue her out of the cellar and she tells the king that the witch had locked her there for years until Henrietta & co. rescued her. The king then apologizes to Henrietta for being fooled by the witch, and then the witch from before (whose name is Hel) appears with her wolf & fox bitching that her pawns are useless. They defeat the witch and the king calls for a celebration and so Akazukin invites Henrietta to go to the carnival with him ♡. Unfortunately their date doesn’t go as planned and Henrietta passes out soon as they get there. The next day she wakes up and takes a walk in the forest with Akazukin who hugs her and says he’s afraid that he’s going to lose her.

Just then a wolf named Drom attacks them and captures the 2 of them at his shack. He says he’s gonna eat Henrietta first and then Akazukin starts freaking out and then he grows fangs & wolf ears. LITTLE RED RIDING WOLF! xDD What a combination lmfao. Turns out that when a human woman is bitten by a wolf, she gets the wolf blood transmitted to her (lol what is this wolf-pires? XD) So because of that, Akazukin has special blood & human genes which gives him special powers and if the wolf eats him, he will get those powers as well. Drom also admits to killing Akazukin’s parents and grandma and that’s when Akazukin loses it, and breaks out of the ropes he was tied down with. He then beats the fuck out of Drom, and he cries saying that he’s no longer a human and he cannot return to be with everyone else. Henrietta tries to stop him then he punches her too (lol wtf man) and she gets up anyway telling him to stop being a whiny bitch. So then she summons a giant dragon to fight the wolf, but it goes out of control and sets the forest on fire (for like the 2nd time poor forest lol.) So then Henrietta summons a water spirit Undine to try to put out the fire which works and finally Henrietta’s able to send the dragon back. The wolf begs for Akazukin not to kill so Akazukin tells him to GTFO because if he kills him he’ll be just like him. On the way back she gets caught in the Incubus’ dreamland again and he tries to tempt her to stay in his nightmare by bringing out Akazukin who says “they should just stay here together forever”.

Akazukin refuses and summons a fairy, and then the real Akazukin comes out telling her not to be fooled. He was able to come into her mind using the special golden key that he had and said that he’s not a smooth talker like the poser is, but his feelings for her are real. (*´ω`*) So then they fight some super powerful nightmare world dude the Infinite Count, and because some mysterious voice gives Henrietta extra powers, they’re able to defeat him. So then a “lock” appears on Henrietta’s chest and Akazukin sticks his “key” into it and tha unlocks the dream world and they both get out. (LOL STOP DIRTY TRAIN OF THOUGHT NOOOwww) So now everyone departs the town, and they aren’t that shocked about Akazukin being a wolf…mainly because Hameln already knew. They think more than a big bad wolf, he’s like a little puppy 😆 Suddenly a guard runs up to them telling them that they’ve found their 2 missing brothers and invite them for dinner. When they meet the brothers they ask why they were left behind, and the brothers answer by saying that they thought they died and no matter what they tried, they wouldn’t wake up. Jacob & Wilhelm then say they have to go away and do more of their mysterious research and say that they will meet again someday. So then everyone’s tired of seeing Akazukin & Henrietta’s relationship dragging its feet so they push the 2 of them together until they both go out alone red like tomatoes |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

When they go to the forest, Akazukin tells Henrietta that he’s been put on a special task force by the king to help rebuild villages. The first village he’ll be starting with is his hometown, and he asks Henrietta to come with him, confessing that he likes her. (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪ Henrietta then says that she likes him too and that she will go with him. They say goodbye to everyone else who are going on their separate ways, and then Akazukin turns around and kisses Henrietta on the forehead. Lmfao it was so adorable even if it wasn’t on the lips イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 In Akazukin’s true end, he gets his chance to fight Jacob. I guess they just wanted to give the whole cast a chance to fight the guy which is why they added these “true endings” 😆 Rosen also shows up with Wilhelm saying she found him injured and took care of his wounds. Aaaaas usual Vorden is destroyed and Wilhelm sacrifices himself along with him. Afterwards, Akazukin and Henrietta live up in a treehouse because he doesn’t want other wolves hitting on her. She says it’s no big deal but just then a bunch of wolves come asking her to “hang out” with them and Akazukin rages telling them to GTFO XD. She then falls asleep on his shoulder and before he can sneak a kiss in the wolf & fox yell for her to wake up & cockblock him. He then whispers a proposal in her ear (*´ω`*). Anyway I’m not really a shota fan but Akazukin was cute with those doggy ears xDDD The only thing is his VA oh god I had so many Fairy Tail flashbacks ughh…. I stopped watching that anime for a reason il||li_| ̄|○il||liガーン。

Hameln – They run into Hameln in the forrest playing his flute because he is basically the pied piper as far as fairy tales go. All he wants to do is make money, eat meat and he’s kinda gross cause the first thing he did was eat the fox’s tail that was trying to eat them 😆 He’s also a perv but he always pretends not to care by calling Henrietta an immature child. The route is pretty much the same as Akazukin’s but during scenes where the Incubus shows up, he’ll take Hameln’s form instead. When they get to town the night after the battle, Hameln goes to the bar alone but Henrietta can’t sit still so while Rapunzel acts as a wingwoman distractor, she runs to the bar to see him. Apparently his flute playing at that bar calms all the drunk rage down, and that’s why Hameln didn’t want her coming to this bar lol. After they leave he gets a donkey fanboy (girl?) after him and they go to a different bar together where he gets drunk all night. The next day they hear a horrible cacaphony sound coming from a band of out of tune animals プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Apparently these are the town musicians of Bremen and they’re preparing for the annual music festival. Henrietta offers to help them practice to sound less awful. That night Henrietta asks if she can stay at the animals’ house with Hameln and he pushes her against a tree saying she needs to recognize that all men ARE BEASTS! xD She says that she trusts Hameln and she wanted to go after him that night to prove to everyone that he’s a trustworthy ally. So then she pushes him away and runs into the animal house and that night they have a married couple fight (according to the chicken rofl) and almost destroy their poor house.

The witch & her fox & wolf team try to attack them that night, but when they see them shooting off spells they get terrified and run away too XDD. In Hameln’s route, to get info from Vandel, they end up working at that bar as waiters to make money. As usual Henrietta gets harassed by some drunk idiot and Hameln comes to her rescue telling her not to talk to drunk guys seriously. He gives her a sack of money and asks her to bring him some alcohol and hot milk for herself x3. He then gets drunk and falls asleep on her lap jokingly saying that when she’s 16 he’ll make her his waifu イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! They leave the bar and go by the lake where they have a dokidoki conversation about her growing up, and whether or not they like each other asfasfas it was so cute I can’t remember anything cause I was too busy fangirling xD. So then they go back to the inn and Henrietta asks to sleep in Hamel’s room and he gets pissed off saying she doesn’t realize again that she’s a girl with a man. Henrietta says it’s ok because she trusts him again, and he pushes her down on the bed and kisses her. He tells her that he’s a beast like all men and he yell out for Ludwig to come saying “you better come or something will happen to your precious sister”. Of course Ludwig comes and believes him, even though he’s obviously doing it so that Henrietta will hate him so he can leave without any regrets. Sadly for him, Henrietta can see through this, and she tries to run after him but Ludwig holds her back. After she explains everything to everyone, they believe that Hameln isn’t a bad guy after all so they all decide to go looking for him. 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 うえええん They get to the next town where an old lady tells them the story about the “Black Devil” who was once hired to control mice with his flute by the town leader. When the villagers find out that Hameln is their ally, they rage and blame them saying that they helped Hameln kidnap 11 children that have been missing from the village for a month.

Before the villagers can throw stones at them, Hameln appears saying that he fooled everyone and that Henrietta & co. are just victims. They also then say that Hameln killed children 5 years ago and Henrietta says she doesn’t believe it, despite him saying he did it. He then took Henrietta in his arms and took her alone into the forest, where he yelled at her saying that they shouldn’t have gotten involved with him. Henrietta yelled back saying that he should just tell the truth and that she wouldn’t run away from him. He agrees to tell her his past as long as she tells nobody else. Five years ago he was just a wandering flute player who would play his flute for money. One day the village leader hired him to get rid of the village mice. He did, but a lot of children got bitten by the mice and then disappeared from the village. So then the village chief asked Hameln to save the kids, but when he found them, all the kids had like rabies or something so the village chief asked Hameln to kill them…by having them jump off a cliff. The villagers heard the children’s screams and when they gathered around it looked like he was just killing them for no reason. Even though he saved the village, he became known as the Black Devil and became to hate himself which is why he kept pushing Henrietta’s feelings away. (ಥ_ಥ)The villagers also made a rumor saying that he killed the children because the village didn’t pay him. He then rages that he hates his powers and he steps on and breaks his flute. Suddenly a mob of angry villagers approach them, but Henrietta yells at them saying that instead of going on a witch hunt after Hameln, they should look for the kids instead. Suddenly witch Hel shows up, and she binds Hameln and Henrietta so they can’t use any of their magic.

Fortunately Ludwig & co. arrive and they find out that the witch was the one who kidnapped all the kids (and then she informs us that she’s a major cougar 😆 ) So then when Henrietta uses her magic to summon a spirit, Hameln realizes he’s gotta kick ass too so he starts singing a song which is a very strong lullaby. It starts putting everyone to sleep and weakens the witches’ powers so while she’s not looking Henrietta steals her magic rod. So then this giant evil tree appears (this? ) and it intends to eat the children including Henrietta. Before the tree gobbles her down, Hameln plays a special melody which stops the tree, and frees the spirits of all the children in the tree and they say thank you & goodbye. The village leader apologizes for all the things he’s done and the blame Hameln took all these years. The witch, after getting the newt tails she wanted, freed the 11 captured kids and ran off. As a thanks the village chief allowed everyone to rest in their village for the night. In addition, the village chief gave Hameln a flute that belonged to his granddaughter. So then as usual the Incubus shows up to try and steer you off into a bed end by pretending to be Incubus, but then the real Incubus goes into Hanrietta’s dream to stop him using his golden key. They gotta fight the Infinite Count again or whatnot and defeat him as usual thanks to the mysterious power that Henrietta gets awakened from within herself thanks to the mysterious voice. They then go meet Jacob & Wilhelm at the castle, and even though Henrietta introduces Hameln to them as her “travel buddy” they definitely see him as her boyfriend xDDD. Jacob’s like “WELL DONT YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY TO US!?” and Hameln’s like “I’ll make your daughter happy..” www (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪

The following day Henrietta & Hameln go out on a date together where he brags to some granny he knows that Henrietta will be his future waifu. He then brings her to his music teacher’s empty house where he tells her that he was an orphan adopted by his teacher at the town of Hameln, where there were a lot of wars going on. When he met his teacher, he decided to throw out his past and his name, so his teacher called him “Hameln” since that’s the town where they met. His teacher died 6 years prior due to illness and nobody gave Hameln any money for medicine, despite him begging all the people his teacher performed for. While cleaning up his teacher’s house, they find a letter that he left for Hameln 5 years prior before his death where he wishes for Hameln’s happiness. Hameln then tells Henrietta to go outside before him while he says his last goodbyes to his teacher’s house, but soon as she’s about to open the door he grabs and kisses her ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪ HAMELLLL ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ The 2 of them leave the teacher’s house and return to the inn together, and the next day they all say goodbye as everyone goes their separate ways. And so half a year later Hameln is like some musical idol and Henrietta his manager. In Hameln’s true end, they fight & defeat Jacob who’s become the dard lord, and then Henrietta & Hameln get married (*´ω`*). While the marriage end is nice, I really didn’t wanna be spoiled by all the other stuff in this ending @_@. Otherwise zomg I love Hamelnnnnn, I don’t know if I’m just being biased also because I loved the Violinist of Hameln manga too lol. Anyway yea Terashima needs to do more of his deep sexy voice than his annoying whiny one in these games x3.

Rapunzel – Well you all know the story of Rapunzel, the chick stuck up in the tower with the long hair. They see her hair hanging out the tower so they decide to climb it up into her room. They say they will rescue her but she doesn’t need rescuing when she gets there. In fact she’s chillaxing and playing PS2 RPGs and says she recently even cleared Princess Nightmare (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ When they go to meet Rapunzel’s Grandma Chuma, instead the witch from the forest is there lying and saying that she’s a friend of Chuma. When the witch turns off her game Rapunzel rages that she didn’t save and lost 100s hours of progress. She then informs Rapunzel that her grandma sold her to the witch and she won’t be coming back. To try and stop the witch Henrietta summoned a dog to bite the witch in the ass which caused her to somehow fall out the window. Rapunzel can also use healing powers because Chuma was also a witch, but since Rapunzel spent her time playing otome games & RPGs, healing was all she learned. She asks to travel with everyone because she’s not ready to meet her real family because she’s been in the tower for so long with Chuma. Henrietta gets her to meet her mother anyway before they leave on their travels. In Hamel & Akazukin’s routes Rapunzel is like the wingwoman so I was really disappointed that she had her own route…since I prefer has a side character/heroine’s best friend (´・ω・`). In her route she then gets obsessed with Henrietta thinking she’s like the heroine in her favorite RPG game and so she wants to now make sure that Henrietta becomes queen just like in her games! 😆

So then some ossan steals their candy and Rapunzel goes to try and get it back but since she’s kind of a damsel herself she and Henrietta both get captured ^^; lol. They manage to get out because of Henrietta’s spells because she has to be the manry one. After the thing with rescuing the queen/prince from the castle basement scenario, the guard tells Rapunzel that they’re banishing all witches from this country now, which includes Rapunzel who was raised by a witch. Instead Rapunzel summons a goose that lays golden eggs to satisfy the villagers and let her stay or something. Hameln then tells Rapunzel that he heard about 3 witches in the forest and so she and Henrietta go to check it out. She runs into Chuma there, who then tells her she will buy her more otome games to play with in the tower but Rapunzel says she wants to continue travelling with Henrietta. The baba rages that her precious witch in training stopped being a NEET otaku, and then Hel shows up saying that Rapunzel can use a lot of magic powers now too. So then Ludwig & Akazukin show up to help them fight and Ludwig draws an MP recovery potion that Rapunzel described from her RPG game lol. Unfortunately Hel stole it and drank it making her powers stronger as she began attacking Rapunzel. Now I normally don’t do bad ends but the title of this one got me curious so I decided to do it anyway XD. Rapunzel used some huge magic spell to beat Hel, and then she goes into Otaku mode and says she wants to learn teleport magic so she can always go back to the tower & play her RPGs. \( ^o^)/ She then says she loves 2D as much as she loves Henrietta and she flies off to her tower to continue her otaku life lol.

Anyway if you choose to rescue Rapunzel during the battle with Hel, she then imagines everyone being like sailor moon プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ and kicks her ass xDDDDD. Oh god best parody ever lmfao. They go and meet with Henrietta’s bros in the castle where Rapunzel starts fangirling that they look like the guys from her videogame ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. Afterwards, Rapunzel visits the house of her real mother and uses her magic to heal her illness. Her mother recognized her saying that she’s her daughter who was kidnapped by a witch from her, but Rapunzel says she cannot go back to live with her family because she’s now like a witch herself. She tells them not to worry and asks them not to hate witches because they’re not all bad. And so Rapunzel and Henrietta go to the witch country where they both learn how to be witches while training under Hel and Chuma…while Rapunzel continues her otaku hobbies. 😆 Well anyway I liked Rapunzel if only for all the otome game/otaku jokes. I think she’s more fun when she tries to ship Henrietta with whatever guy whose route you are on rather than her being all like “you’re my best friend forever kyakya ufufu desu” in her own route. (´・ω・`;A)It wasn’t a hardcore yurifest but yea not something I could have cared to play if it wasn’t necessary to unlock other paths. In Rapunzel’s true end it was pretty much copypasta from Akazukin and Hameln’s with the whole fighting Jacob thing. So 2 years later, an 19 year old Rapunzel & 17 year old Henrietta now run a potion shop together to give witches a better name. Rapunzel of course makes a bunch of love potions as usual XD. She then asks Henrietta to be her test subject soon as Ludwig, Akazukin & Frosch prince get there because her goal in life is to ship Henrietta with someone lol.

Frog Prince – Starting with this route, you would enter the Maou route paths which would include Frog Prince, Sleeping Beauty & her bro, and Ludwig. The frog prince isn’t exactly something you want to see…a giant frog on a white horse 😆 He’s actually a prince but he’s been cursed and turned into a frog and only the kiss from a princess can turn him back! You have to first do his “Sad” ending in order to unlock his happy ending. In his sad ending he goes to see his parents the king & queen but they only see a frog and say how disgusting he is ショボーン(´・ω・`). He then turns more and more into a frog and shrinks in size until Henrietta can’t see him anymore as he runs away from her saying he doesn’t want her to see his ugly form anymore. SADFROG.JPG MAN (ಥ_ಥ)Anyway in his normal route, they take a uturn and instead of going to Bremen, they end up going to the castle surrounded by a mass of thorny vines. When the prince tries to make the roses clear a path, they ignore him probably because he looks like a frog xD. The roses then go wild when Akazukin attacks them so they end up having to fight their way through. So then Henrietta gets attacked by tentacle vines and instead of saving her all the guys just stare and drool プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When she asks for the prince to save her, he goes instead over to sleeping beauty and kisses her to wake her up lol. This not only wakes up sleeping beauty but also turns our prince back into a human instead of a frog. Sadly his human form doesn’t last too long and he returns to his frog form. They then try to wake up the sleeping man beauty next to her but that doesn’t seem to work (despite Akazukin wanting to see some BL frog action.) Rosen joins their team and despite the Prince trying to explain to her that he’s the one who woke her up /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ

The only way to turn the frog prince human is to defeat the dark lord and so they continue on their journey. When they get to the lake that day, all the guys run in and get butt naked while catching fish and all the girls kya and hide their eyes in shame in the back xDDD. Prince also then realizes that as a frog he’s like always naked lolol. At this point you can pick to go to Hessen or Holle which will unlock 2 different scenarios. In Holle, they run into some dwarves and then they go to Snow White’s house with them. Unfortunately Snow White is a fucking bitch and has an S&M relationship with her dwarves who love getting punched & stepped on because it makes them orgasm プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The dwarves then tell everyone to leave because they’re in the way of their dwarf harem or something lol. A couple days later the dwarfs come running to them for help because Snow White ate a poison apple so Henrietta suggests that he kiss her to wake her up. When Snow White woke up she began freaking out that a frog kissed her. Just then Snow White’s mom showed up and biched that Snow White didn’t die just as planned and she attacks her. The dwarfs then shove a magical apple into her mom’s mouth which shrinks her and then Snow White throws her mom into the forest somewhere lol. So then Rosen shows up, and eats some apple that’s gross or something and she summons her brother who then whips the dwarves (and they like it….lol wut is going on.) I went back to Hessen to get the missing scenario and they hear of a ball where a prince will choose his princess. They sneak into the castle, and while everyone runs off to dance or eat, Henrietta ends up dancing with the frog prince. He then asked Henrietta to kiss him, which turns him into a human again so they can dance properly (*´ω`*). Just then Cinderella walks in and is a total bitch when Henrietta asks for an autograph, saying she’s gotta go dance with the prince.

Sadly for her, the prince was more interested in Henrietta instead because they had met in town earlier 😆 Just then Hameln got caught for stealing something and so everyone had to run away from the ball, and Henrietta ran into a running Cinderella who was raging that the prince didn’t give a rat’s ass about her lol. (That’s what you get you gold diggin bitch :lol:) Instead the prince offered for Cinderella to clean doorknobs at his castle since the frog prince told him that Henrietta belongs to him x3. That night at the lake frog prince tells her that while he enjoys travelling with everyone, after he returns to his kingdom he wants to take Henrietta with him because she’s his only princess. (*´ω`*) So as usual the Incubus shows up and turns Henrietta into a frog, but fortunately the prince who’s now in human form saves her. In the next town Vaimal, Henrietta hears the “voice” again who apparently is Goddess Brunhilde, and she starts talking about Rakuen no Otome and the special lock, but before they finish, a fire breaks out. Just then she runs into her brother Wilhelm, who runs away from the flames with her. After the fire is put out they meet up with Jacob, and they take her back to the inn, but it was all just Incubus’ illusion. The Prince comes to save her once more, and Incubus creates a fire illusion once more but they’re able to escape and Henrietta finds that she had passed out in front of the Brunhilde statue. She says that the Incubus warned her that the dark lord will destroy Vaimal and that his illusion was a warning. Prince tells Henrietta that in order to defeat the dark lord they need all 7 golden keys. When they get to the town with the Prince’s castle, a town person tells them that the king has turned into like a dark lord himself ever since his son went missing. They try to get into the castle but the guard laughs at the frog and so they sneak in lying that the frog prince is just a dinner ingredient. The 2 get caught and separated, and one of the guards tells Henrietta the dark lord’s ordered to capture her.

She then realizes that the dark lord is probably not the Prince’s father, and instead could be captured as well. She manages to escape and goes to save the prince, but instead she runs into the King who says he’s now a servant of the dark lord. Prince sees Henrietta and his father, and dresses up in a metal armor suit to go and save her and try to fight with his father to stop his evil ways. So then while fighting, Prince’s key shines and it clears the evil from his father’s heart, and so Henrietta kisses him and he turns back into a human. The father is so happy that this is his son and apologizes for doubting him in frog form. The prince then introduces Henrietta as his fiance and says once the battle is over, he planned to ask her to marry him. Henrietta’s like ェエェエェエェエ(゚Д゚ノ)ノエェエェエェエェ but he tells her that he’ll wait to hear her answer after the battle – or else he won’t be able to concentrate. After they leave the castle, Rosen rages that the Prince now has a girlfriend but says she won’t be a man stealing whore so she gives up. XD Because their love is so strong, the prince’s human form continues to last and they head back to Vaimal because they’re afraid it’s going to be destroyed by the dark lord, as predicted. Just like in Henrietta’s dream, she also then runs into Wilhelm, but then the Prince stops her and tells her that her brother Jacob is the dark lord, and the one who set the frog curse on him. Wilhelm fights with the prince and loses but afterwards begs for Henrietta to save Jacob. Just then Jacob shows up, beng an evil bastard and lifting up Wilhelm saying that he’s useless. Jacob goes on to say that he needs the Rakuen no Otome captured in order to get the powers of the goddress Brunhilde. Jacob then starts shooting fire at everyone so they have to fight him. Jacob beats the fuck out of all of them, saying he’s no longer Jacob but only the dark lord and before he could take Henrietta, the Rakuen no Otome powers protect her so he leaves her and returns to his castle with Wilhelm. He casts a spell on Henrietta which puts her into a deep sleep full of nightmares about her travel buddies, especially the Prince.

Fortunately she wakes up, and meets up with everyone once more, thanks to Brunhilde’s powers. They make plans to go to the dark lord’s castle, and the night before, the prince gives Henrietta an engagement ring with the promise for her to become his queen. Just then they catch Rosen spying on them and she apologizes and says it was an accident. Suddenly she starts attacking Henrietta & the prince because she’s being controlled by the magician who originally set the sleeping spell on her. He then casts a spell which places her in a mirror and says if they want to get her back to come to the dark lord’s castle. They go to the dark loard’s castle (on a not nice boat) and when they get there Henrietta has her powers tested by various people including Wilhelm. When they reach Jacob, he says he’s just the dark lord and he turns Henrietta into a frog saying that rather than take their lives, he’d rather they suffer as they eat bugs for the rest of their life. But then because Henrietta gets the 7th key from Jacob thanks to Wilhelm, Brunhilde shows up and tells Henrietta to summon her golden dragon. Just when she thinks she defeated him, she hears Jacob’s real voice and runs to him but it was a trick and he burns down her spell book. She then realizes that all she needed was the magic circle on it and that she can summon things from her head without reading off any spells. Henrietta then summons the dragon once more, which defeats Jacob and because Wilhelm keeps him from running away the 2 of them get sealed and disappear. Just then Henrietta realizes that her prince is almost dead so thanks to her praying and Rapunzel healing, he manages to gain consciousness and everyone escapes from the castle which begins falling apart. Henrietta returns to the castle with the Prince, and then says goodbye to everyone else who says they’re going to continue their journey. Rosen says she’ll go find another prince and when Hameln tells her he’s available, she says that he’s past his expiration date and he returns with “I don’t wanna hear it from a 100 year old baba” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ And so 3 years later, Henrietta and the prince get married and she becomes his queen (*´ω`*). Surprisingly, I liked the frog prince a lot. I don’t usually like princely characters, but I think it was dat blushing face (*´Д`)/ヽァ/ヽァ. Or maybe it was just Kishio’s voice? He did sound a lot less deep when he was in human form than frog form so I can definitely say I wished for more human scenes. Then again, I should just shut up because this route had more kissing than any other one…but I guess it can’t be helped since it was kinda required XD.

Sleeping Beauty – Rosen is our sleeping beauty. While at first it seems like she needs the kiss of a prince to wake up, she wakes up, and then sleeps a little more until she wakes up bitching on where her prince is. She’s a total bitch until her dad shows up and explains that the sleeping curse affected everyone in the castle so they all slept for 100 years. The reason was because Rosen’s older brother begged the magicians not to kill his sister. Because she has the golden key, she asks to travel with Henrietta and co until she can meet her prince – since she doesn’t believe that the frog is the one who kissed her プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ She’s also on a journey to find an appropriate princess for her brother so that he can wake up too. Rosen’s personality is the typical ojousama but she’s pretty ドS and she wants her men on a leash xDDD. The route was pretty much the same as frog prince’s with the addition of all the yuri crap along with naked ladies fanservice that I really couldn’t care less about ( ´_ゝ`). In her route, Henrietta also helps Rosen confess to the prince and cheers her on. Sadly for her, the prince tells Rosen that she’s a raging lesbian for Henrietta and that he cannot be her “destined prince”. Soon as he turns back into a frog in front of Rosen, she freaks out, especially after hearing that he kissed Henrietta to turn back into a human. Just then she gets captured by the 13th magician like in the prince’s route. When they get to the castle to save Rosen, they run into the 13th magician and try creating a fake Henrietta to go into the mirror but it fails and she’s as dumb as a brick xD; So then Henrietta goes into the mirror to rescue Rosen on her own, and they have their yuri moment when Rosen admits she’s les for Henrietta. (ಠ_ಠ)After they come out, the 13th magician Monat apologizes for being angry and casting the spell on her for not being invited to the party. Rosen tells him to forget about it because she doesn’t want him stalking her in guilt the rest of her life, and says that the invitation miss was her father’s fault anyway. So then they go fighting Wilhelm & Jacob as before and defeat it as in the prince’s route. Afterwards, Rosen is taken back to her castle while Henrietta and Ludwig move into a house together in another town. So one day Rosen visits them demanding that Henrietta come to her castle with her because she’s bored with her yurifest and she then fights Ludwig over her. (´・ω・`;A)She then adds that Henrietta will kiss & wake up her brother, so the 2 will marry and she can Henrietta can be bff (yuri) sisters forever. When they get to the castle Henrietta becomes Rosen’s dressup doll lol. Well anyway meh I didn’t like Rosen as much as I liked Rapunzel and I couldn’t tell whether she wanted Henrietta to be her barbie doll or…blow up doll if you get my drift lol. Oh well whatever. Unnecessary mountain I had to climb over to get with hot mans in the game lol.

Ibara no Ouji (Sleeping Man Beauty) – I had an entire paragraph written for this guy but it was fucking late at night and I forgot to cut & paste it out of my notepad file…until I stupidly erased it the next day and shoot me in the head if I remember anything from his route. A lot of it was pretty much copypasta from Sleeping Beauty’s except for the very end. Our sleeping man beauty, also known as Dorn, is the king of ドS and when anything pisses him off he’ll whip them with his rose whip. So then the 13th magician shows up and this time he puts Dorn into the mirror and it’s up to Henrietta to get him out. When she goes into the mirror thanks to Hel, she finds him there emoing over his past lover. Apparently he was in love with one of the castle servants but because he was a prince and she was a servant they weren’t meant to be. She went off and had a happy marriage but he only found out after he saw her in the underworld. Apparently Dorn is a regular visitor of the underworld, to the point that the lord of the dead considers him his bff. So then Henrietta tells him to stop bawwing over his lost love, but he then admits that he likes Henrietta for who she is, not as a replacement for his ex-girlfriend. They get out of the mirror thanks to Rapunzel’s hair, along with a passed out Rosen. After Dorn fights Jacob and defeats him, he’s unable to go back into the rose spell and instead his soul goes into the underworld. The only way to get him out is to go there for him (lol Hercules flashbacks.) Henrietta then runs to the underworld and finds him sleeping in the castle there. She kisses the sleeping man beauty and this wakes him up. He’s so happy that she came for him as proof he asks her to kiss him again ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪

Before they can leave, the lord of the dead says that Dorn’s not going anywhere and the only way to get him out is to stand trial for his sins. Unfortunately at the trial he acts like an asshat and says that he only saved his sister so that he’d be the only one who can pick on her, and the only reason he beat up Vorden is because the guy just pissed him off プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. The underworld’s like “omg get out lol” and so they both return to earth. When they come back, he’s being ドS to her as usual and so she passes out and sleeps for a month. When she wakes up he says he’s busy now but he’d like to marry her and make her his queen. He tells her to wait just a bit more as he gives her an engagement ring, and makes her promise not to give her heart away to anyone else or else *cracks whip* 😆 And so the following spring at their engagement party, some jealous ho pushes and trips Henrietta and he rages so hard he starts throwing his whip at everyone xD. Dorn then pretends to fall asleep to get everyone to leave him and Henrietta alone to ichaicha. In his 2nd ending, he plays an April Fool’s joke on everyone saying that anyone who can make it through his mass of thorny roses will get a kiss from Henrietta. Of course the only one who makes it through is Frosch prince and that’s where Dorn admits it was all a joke. They then take off on his wild steed off to the countryside where they have their 2nd vacation home where they get to いちゃこら away from all the hustle & bustle of the castle. Lol man I had to rewatch & scan through my broadcast to rewrite this paragraph but as you can see, there wasn’t much to write about. Sadly while I thought Dorn was deliciously sexy, he was pretty much shafted the moment they threw in sleeping beauty to eat up half his route. Honestly I would have preferred sleeping beauty to just not exist and instead just have Dorn be the sleeping beauty so that he would get a longer route.

Ludwig Grimm – Ludwig is one of Henrietta’s 3 cousins, but they’re the same age so they were raised almost like a very close brother and sister. Ludwig’s special skill is painting objects that come to life which he often uses in battle. Starting Ludwig’s route, during the fox scene, Henrietta peeks while Ludwig is taking a bath with some nuko xDDD. She gets caught and is like “you’re right, no matter how sexy you are I shouldn’t be peeking プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Anyway in the sad ending, Hel attacks Ludwig but then says she didn’t mean to hurt him and runs off. Henrietta then realizes that Ludwig hurt himself on purpose because Henrietta made it seem like she’d pay more attention to him if he did so. Henrietta then tells Ludwig that if he doesn’t recover, she will stay with him until he gets better. Several days later they say goodbye to everyone who then continues their travels while they stay back. So then Incubus shows up telling Henrietta that she kissed him and now he’s posessing her in his dreamworld. In the regular route, the newest scene starts when Ludwig & Henrietta get separated in the forest and she runs into Hansel and his candy house. Henrietta calls him a siscon and he rages that he’s the #1 baker and tells her to try some of his cakes. He then says he’s under a witch’s spell and he can’t leave the candy house. Because of this he’s bored and lonely and his sister Gretel’s been MIA for a while so he begs for Henrietta to come visit him again. When Henrietta comes out of the forest, Ludwig is all jealous that she had a kyakyaufufu time with another guy.

The next day when Henrietta goes to Hansel’s house again, Hel shows up raging at her for taking her ikeman, but then Gretel returns telling Hansel to burn the candy house down. Ludwig also then shows up because the idea of Henrietta being with another guy makes him rage so hard ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ and he helps them fight off the witch. After the fight Gretel explained that the witch kicked her out of the candy house because she only wanted ikemans so Gretel lived with a family who adopted her. Further down their travels it’s up to Rosen to smack some sense into Ludwig and tell him that if he’s not gonna TAKE Henrietta, then he should gtfo for other people to have a chance ;D. Ludwig’s like oh sheit, and then he goes after Henrietta who got lost in the woods. Suddenly, a guy in a cape appears and gives them a letter from their brothers. The guy is obviously Wilhelm and he tells Henrietta and Ludwig to stop playing love games because they’re “family”. He then tells Ludwig to get away from the Rakuen no Otome, and before Ludwig can continue to refuse, Jacob shows up saying that Henrietta belongs to him. He beats up Ludwig, but then Ludwig says he has the same blood flowing in him as Jacob, which means he can get the dark lord’s powers too. He then grows older and as proof of his loyalty to the dark lord, he attacks Henrietta. (  Д ) ゚ ゚ ← my face when I saw him grown up lol. Henrietta then gets captured and taken to Jacob’s castle where he plays his “family” game again but Henrietta’s not the least bit pleased.

She then gets thrown in a cell along with Hamel and co, but they tell her to run away because it’s the only way to save everyone. Henrietta cries but then runs off until she’s stopped by Ludwig in the rain. He takes her to a nearby shack and tells her to stand still while he sketches her. He asks her to smile for him but she refuses saying she’s unhappy. He says that to protect her, he sold his sould to the devil, but he doesn’t care as long as she’s alive. That night he leaves her in her room and then leaves without her turning to face him. Henrietta doesn’t hear his footsteps so she says that this is her “talking to herself” and tells him that she’s always looked at him the way he looked at her, and that she knows that even though he sold his soul, he’s still gentle to her. Ludwig can’t hold back his feelings anymore, and he bursts back into her room and hugs her. He then spills out all his true feelings to Henrietta and kisses her. He asks if even a lie, she could tell him that she loves him, not as family but as a man. Henrietta says that she’ll save those words for when the 2 of them can truly be happy. He gives her his golden key and tells her to escape. Afterwards he goes to talk to Wilhelm who is happy to hear that Ludwig didn’t actually betray them, because Wilhelm’s been trying to get Jacob to overcome the dark lord within him. So then while they distract Jacob, Henrietta manages to escape with Hameln & co. and they wait for Ludwig to meet up with them, Hameln & Frog Prince tell Henrietta that Ludwig won’t be coming. Henrietta whines a bit and everyone decides to help save Ludwig, who in the meantime is fighting Jacob.

When Henrietta gets there, Ludwig’s on his last breath and he turns back to his 15 year old form in her arms, saying how happy he is that she came back for him.He then whips out a sword to stab Jacob with and says that if he can’t protect Henrietta it doesn’t matter if his hands are for “drawing”. Just then Jacob starts QQing and drinks a glass of wine which had some kind of poison that Wilhelm put into it. This seems to work until he quickly rebounds and so Henrietta summons the golden dragon with the power of Brunhilde and seals him as usual. They all return from the castle and frog prince returns to being a prince while everyone runs away from the okama skullman. Ludwig & Henrietta go off alone where he falls asleep on her nap, tired and injured from all the battle. Half a year later, Henrietta is visiting graves for Wilhelm & Jacob and she’s upset that because of the battle, Ludwig can’t paint anymore. She cries (and omg I was trolled so badly thinking Ludwig died orz) until Ludwig comes up behind and hugs her saying that he just wants to be by her side. They then go make some tarts at their house, and then Hameln & co. barge in saying they were bored and wanted to visit xD. Then they all tease Ludwig saying they’re gonna take Henrietta from him to get him to say his feelings for her. Then they laugh and leave the 2 alone (*´ω`*). They then go out into a flower field where Ludwig uses his artwork to make some flowers appear for Henrietta. He tells her that he started drawing again and after some practice he was able to properly paint spells again. In addition, he sold his paintings, and bought Henrietta ring. He then says he loves her and before she can answer he leans down and kisses her ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪

Incubus (Alp) – Incubus is referred to as muma in the game but Jim Breen says it also means Incubus so I’m going with that! Basically to get into his route you have to let the timer run out on a lot of your choices and not buy any magic items. (Remember all fo Karin’s games have timed choices.) When Henrietta realizes Alp is just a ronery wolf, she asks if he wants to hang out with her and he gets all tsundere on her 😆 When she asks him why he keeps appearing in front of her, he says it’s because he likes her. He then steals her magic book to get her to come into his dream world with him. When she realizes that he’s injured she tells him she wants to treat his wounds but he pushes her down on the couch and tells her if she really wants to help, to give him a bit of her dreams. He then tells her his past in which he was a cat who was on the brink of death and he slept next to a woman who was also lonely and somehow he became an incubus. For hundreds of years he would be able to change into any form and he would survive by eating dreams of women. One day when he was in his cat form in the forest, he ran into a loli Henrietta and she took him home and gave him some milk and a fluffy bed to sleep on. That was the first time he felt like he had a family and he stopped eating dreams for a bit. Because he didn’t eat dreams for a while, he turned back into his incubus form but Jacob saw this and misunderstood thinking that he just wanted to eat Henrietta’s dreams.

Jacob then told Alp to GTFO and never show himself in front of Henrietta again, but he knew that eventually when Henrietta would grow up, he’d probably try to eat her dreams. Henrietta would come out of the house and cry looking for Alp, but he would turn around and not look because he’d be afraid he’s change his mind about his decision to stay away from her. After this Henrietta tries to run outside the room he’s keeping her in, and then gets attacked by wolves. When Alp tries to save her, he’s badly injured so the best they can do is run back. Henrietta then offers to make him some soup and he says that he only eats dreams, not human food, but she’s like I can’t just give him my dreams so the best I can do is make him feel better. The injury he has is like a huge hole in his chest from Vorden (dark lord). She makes him some nasty soup but he’s so happy that anyone gives a damn about him that he eats it anyway (´;ω;`). While Henrietta continues looking for her spellbook, to everyone outside her dream, she’s just sleeping without signs of waking up so all they can do is wait. Alp then tells Henrietta that he won’t return the spell book to her because he doesn’t want to see her fighting her family, and instead he will go in her place. Sadly before that, Jacob finds them, and starts attacking so Alp says he will fight and protect Henrietta. They then run into the dreams of frog prince’s father and ask if Alp can eat them in order to get power to defeat Jacob. The king of course agrees and thanks them for always taking care of his son.

They then return to Dark Lord’s dream where they fight him, and Alp decides to drink the star potion, like from their favorite fairy tale. The prince who drank it ended up being trapped in the dream world forever, and Alp says that he just wants to me Henrietta’s prince. He kisses her, and says goodbye, so that Henrietta can wake up from the dream. (ಥ_ಥ)After defeating the dark lord, Henrietta meets him once more on the edge of reality and dreamland. She begs to be with him but he says that they live in different worlds and are destined to not be together. He then disappears and instead gets his mug imprinted inside her spell book. Basically she’s not able to summon him anytime like any of her spirits now, and of course she summons him when she needs her boyfriend hehe (*´ω`*). He then tells her that the star potion he used to seal the dark lord, not to disappear from her forever. He puts on a suit and gives her a dress saying that she better learn what kind of girl he likes because from now on he’ll always be by her side. (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪ I noticed I was missing a few CGs so I went back to his “sad” ending. In his sad end, Alp protects her from Jacob and then takes her to his house again. He then asks if there’s a guy she likes and he will take shape of that guy. Henrietta tells him to be the way he is which makes him be all (〃▽〃)ポッ We then see a dream of when Alp had to take the form of Vorden and go inside of Brunhilde’s dream. Brunhilde then asked Alp to show her his true form and told him that one day someone will appear who will love him for who he is. Daww this was such a sweet route. Alp kind of annoyed me at the beginning appearing & disappearing in like every route, but I had a feeling there was more to him because he always looked so upset when Henrietta yelled at him. The only thing is like, why the hell did he put her to sleep for 5 years when she was 10??? That was never explained in this route (´・ω・`;). Or if it was I missed it..

Wilhelm Grimm – Wilhelm is the 2nd oldest brother to Henrietta, being 8 years above her. He’s the gentle brother who loves both Henrietta and Jacob a lot (not so much Ludwig though XD.) He seems like the smart type, but he’s rather airheaded and has an awful sense of direction. When both he and Jacob found out that Henrietta was the Rakuen no Otome, they realized the keys they had were to protect her. Unfortunately in their research, Jacob got posessed by Vorden, the dark lord and he told Wilhelm that soon he will lose himself to the dark lord’s will. He then asked Wilhelm to give his key to Ludwig in case of emergency. When Henrietta meets the man in a cape in the forest, this time she quickly figures out that it’s Wilhelm and tries to rip off his cape xD. He then gives Henrietta the info dump about Brunhilde, Rakuen no Otome, the 7 golden keys and the Golden Dragon. I mean by now, I kinda know the plot so I guess there’s not much to reveal in these last 2 routes. When they’re walking on the beach at night, Hel appears raging out of jealousy that she’s Wilhelm’s biggest fan and Henrietta’s in the way プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Wilhelm admits he “played games” (card games ww) with the witch to pretend like he’s on the dark lord’s side. And so then that homo skeleton appears and he and Hel fight over Wilhelm while Henrietta’s like ( ´_ゝ`) in the back. He takes Henrietta to the dark lord’s castle, and when he realizes that Jacob is fully posessed by Vorden, he asks Henrietta to run away with him and try to figure out a way to save their brothers. Wilhelm then admits that he’s not as nice as she thought and he always wanted to take her away from everyone all to himself. Henrietta then hugs him telling him that she will accept him as he is, as long as he accepts her, because he’s her 大好きやさあしい兄さん~. So then momentarily Jacob overpowers Vorden and gives Wilhelm and Henrietta the 7th key so they can defeat him. Since this is Wilhelm’s route, he doesn’t sacrifice himself with Jacob and ends up surviving, and apologizing to Ludwig.

So then the island where the dark lord’s castle was begins sinking and Wilhelm calls out the homo skull captain to save them but while they get on the ship, Henrietta drops her freaking spellbook into the ocean. Way to go dumbass lol. Needless to say she falls into the water herself, and when she gets out she’s by herself on a sinking island. Then instead of like using her spell book to summon some spirit to carry her to the boat she just sits there going Oh noes I’m going to die. Sigh Henrietta I am disappoint. Wilhelm then swims back to her saying his Grimm powers are completely gone so he can’t save her. Great. ( ´_ゝ`) So then Wilhelm tells her to close her eyes and says they’re now lovers as they drown in the sea together. Dafuq honestly. Couldn’t the stupid ship turn around and come back for them? 🙄 So some time later, they’re both alive because witch Hel saved them, being an obvious Wilhelm fanbaba. She comes to see Wilhelm sleeping by the tree, with Henrietta next to him and she then kisses him on the cheek to wake him up. Hel then rages that Wilhelm picked that KOMUSUME over him プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Apparently she was only going to save Wilhelm but he had a death grip on Henrietta so she had to save both of them xDDD. Then Henrietta gets jealous that Wilhelm is so nice to everyone but when he sees this he kicks the baba aside and gets all ichaicha with Henrietta. The baba then gives up and decides to start chasing Ludwig instead. アッヒャッヒャ!ヽ(゚∀゚)ノアッヒャッヒャ! So then Ludwig gives Henrietta a fake letter from the frog prince saying he wants her to come and marry him and Wilhelm’s like “NO SHES MY WAIFU” so Ludwig’s like lol sigh whatever. They then have a tea party with just the 2 of them and Henrietta makes Wilhelm a flower hairband as proof that she will be his waifu. Meh I realize he’s like 23 and she’s 15, but I would have liked to see a less half assed kiss CG. I liked Wilhelm but I feel like his route was just some division of Jacob’s and it didn’t feel like much had happened when I finally got to play it.

Jacob Grimm, Vorden & Grand Finale – Well Jacob is the final boss and ever since I started doing characters in the Maou route it was pretty obvious that he was posessed by Vorden and became the dark lord. While I’m not a huge fan of him since he’s a massive pedobear, being 13 years older than Henrietta, I do kinda pity the dude for getting defeated like 7 times in this game xD. Ever since the game began he was like telling Henrietta to become his waifu and “come into his room so he can give her some CANDY” …and that’s when she was 10 ww. He knew that he’d get posessed by Vorden so that’s why he gave Henrietta the magic book and why he comes into her dream asking her to take the 7th key from him. When she gets to Jacob at the dark lord’s castle, he pounces on her saying “women love when men do this” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Fortunately before he can commit any crimes, the real Jacob’s will fights through and stops his body from doing anything he’d regret. He then asks Henrietta to kill him. Vorden then takes over and tells Henrietta that he used to be a god but he became evil and instead turned into the dark lord. That night Henrietta bawws in her bedroom in the castle that she doesn’t want to kill Jacob and that she hates Brunhilde. Wilhelm slaps dat ho and tells her there’s no time to whine and she gotta listen to him. The next day when Henrietta talks to Jacob, he says he’s glad that Vorden chose him to posess instead of Wilhelm or Ludwig and Henrietta just bawws. So then Vorden comes out raging, and when everyone goes to fight him, Henrietta acts like a dumbass and shoots fire at everyone to help him escape. (ノ_-; )ハア… But then Jacob tells Henrietta not to waste all his damn efforts the entire game and so she finally summons the golden dragon to defeat Vorden. As the castle begins crumbling, Wilhelm & Ludwig start to run for it, but Henrietta gets delusional and says she will stay here with Jacob. Lol I know it’s his route but seirously Henrietta, you suck in this route 😆 So then there’s a flashback when Henrietta got in a fight with Ludwig and ran away into the forest until Jacob found her. He then continued his pedobear monologue about how he wishes to be together with her forever and not as her “brother” (#゚ω゚ ) お断りだぜぇ.

So then Henrietta sees a happy dream where she and her brothers are living together happily. Suddenly we’re back to reality where Wilhelm & Ludwig are raging and crying that Henrietta and Jacob are gone. Suddenly they see a golden feather fly from the sky and then a bloody Henrietta & Jacob appear before them. I think Jacob died though…the end? ( ´_ゝ`) Doing Vorden’s “true” ending actually opens up a new scenario. They visit Snow White’s dwarves who want to be stepped on and whipped by Sleeping Beauty. Ludwig, Frog prince & Henrietta eat some apples and shrinks which is why they were with the dwarves in the first place. Then they all admit each other’s fetishes, including Ludwig who admits he gets off being insulted by Henrietta 😆 So then the dwarves asked to be smacked around by Henrietta and instead she gets one of them to kiss the frog prince which turns him back into a human. The dwarf then cries saying he cannot be married now and runs off crying because it was his first kiss プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵  The apple effect wears off so they all leave the dwarf village. Anyway the rest is a skip marathon until Vorden’s ending where, he basically captures Henrietta and keeps her in a cage calling her Brunhilde. The CG he turned into Vorden’s true form and looked like a massive pedobear lol. I mean honestly it’s gross no matter how you look at it – he’s Brunhilde’s FATHER *puke*. In the Grand Finale ending, we basically skip the entire game and immediately jump to the battle with Jacob. He then turns into Vorden’s true form, and as Henrietta kills him, Brunhilde admits that Vorden was her father. He then goes back to heaven with Brunhilde while Jacob returns to Henrietta. So then Jacob begins spitting blood saying that this is all because he’s had a demon inside him for too long. A few years later, Jacob recovers as Henrietta pushes him in a wheel chair. Afterwards everyone shows up fighting over Henrietta’s attention. Then when Henrietta opens her magic book, she finds that both Vorden and Brunhilde are now inside of it so she can summon them like her other spirits. Then they all watch the fireworks, which apparently what Henrietta’s brothers have been researching. Really? You had to get posessed by the DARK LORD just so you could make some fireworks? Lol I don’t even. Well I suppose this ending is better than Jacob randomly dying.

Grimm Brothers’ True Ends + Harem – I had a hell of time here because the guide I was following was all screwed up so I had to just make some educated guesses orz. They run into Wilhelm in the cloak once more, and when he’s revealed he hugs Henrietta in front of Ludwig make him rage. Then he takes them to the dark lord’s castle with Jacob, who tries to get Henrietta to do randy things with him alone but that ain’t gonna go so smoothly because Wilhelm & Ludwig want a piece of dat too. And so when they get to the castle, Ludwig turns into his older self again and Henrietta’s like (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ. Then they all end up fighting over her too (lol harem again!) such as her giving her good morning kisses. Then they all crowd around her with Jacob painting her nails, Wilhelm brushing her hair and Ludwig putting her boots on xDDDD. Talk about fanservice xDDD. They then have dinner with her and they keep staring at her so she’s like “why are you staring at me ;_;” and all the guys are like ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚д゚*)―ン。o+゚ and have to hold themselves back from pouncing on her xDDDDDD. Omfg lol. So that evening Wilhelm starts hitting on her saying they should take a bath together like before, and she gets so shocked & embarrassed that she pushes him away and breaks his glasses. He then tells her to take responsibility and be with him the rest of the night as a guide because he “can’t see” (lol fucking liar xDDD). He tells Ludwig to f off before he cuts him and then as they start walking away, Henrietta notices one of Wilhelm’s books is “how to ask someone out on a date” (○´^ω^`):;*.’:;ブッ Vorden is unhappy that he can’t see the brothers fighting over Henrietta anymore but then Brunhilde shows up telling him to get in touch with his HUMAN side. That night Henrietta goes into Wilhelm’s room but for some reason he isn’t there. Before she leaves she hears the sound of dripping water and bumps into her niisan right after he just came out of the shower (*´д`*)ハァハァ.

Then afterwards he goes to the bathroom to change and she waits outside wishing she saw more of sexy half naked Wilhelm xDDDD. She then decides to be brave and open the door while he’s changing but by the time she gets the balls to do it he comes out of the bathroom fully clothed XDXDXD. They take a walk on the beach that night together, and he hugs & tells her that he likes her. Before they can start making out suddenly they get a bunch of rocks thrown at them by Ludwig and when they go elsewhere instead Wilhelm falls into a hole that Hel created to trap him. Ludwig & Jacob get there telling Henrietta that she should go with them instead but Wilhelm rages saying Henrietta belongs to him /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. So then Wilhlem tells Henrietta to come closer to him because he can’t see if she’s hurt but when she gets close, he kisses her saying that his vision’s not bad at all イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! Everyone else, including Hell, all rage that Henrietta got taken (or that Wilhelm got taken lolol.) If you choose Jacob during the bed scene that Alp shows Henrietta, you can get Jacob’s true ending instead. It’s all the same until the end where Jacob is a huge pedobear and tells Henrietta to come to his room. She then says she was embarrassed when Vorden was sexually harrassing her, but at the same time she was like kyaa because it looked like Jacob lol. So then Jacob turns red like a tomato and hugs her from behind telling her not to look at his man blushing. So then they all go to some demon ball and Henrietta dances with Jacob..who actually doesn’t look like some fugly pedojiji for once. (Also all the boys in suits were extremely (*´Д`)ハァハァフンフンソウソウ) So then Henrietta gets bounced around between Wilhelm and Ludwig until she realizes Jacob is all jelly so she runs to him instead. Jacob then fights some demon thing who’s jealous that Jacob gives all his attention to his family and not some demon thing lol. So anyway Vorden somehow comes out of Jacob and he sends all the Grimms away from his castle. So then Jacob and Henrietta dance together and he kisses her saying he “wants to make her an adult right now” sigh lol. Well he did look better with his hair tied back but I think they purposely made Henrietta look older so that it wouldn’t look like he’s robbing the cradle >_>. Sigh it’s not that I don’t like older men it’s just compared to the heroine gahhh (ノTωT)ノ ┫:・’.::・┻┻:・’.::・おらっ~ Lol what am I saying older men Jacob’s like my age T_T.

So I left Ludwig for last becuase he’s a sexy beast. One night Henrietta follows Ludwig down the cellar and finds him reading books on how to ask a girl out and he sits there raging that all of them say you need to PUSH HER DOWN AND SHOW HER WHO’S BOSS プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He then practices as if he’s asking her out,…except when he asks her out he turns around and she’s right there with a ( ´゚д゚`) look on her face lmfao. XDXD She then she’s like “uh yea sure! that sounds romantic let’s go” Lolol. So then Ludwig’s like “my life is over. I hate you!” and he runs off lol. She runs after him and he starts getting all tsundere on her saying “not like I wanted to ask you on a date!!” (*ノノ)イヤン Just before they’re about to kiss and makeup, Homo Skeleton shows up raging saying that he will help them escape this castle because he’s pissed off at Vorden for saying xdressing homos are annoying. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He then gives them a date manual which requires them to say cheesy romance lines and be all ichaicha or else he won’t let them escape XD. They then run on the beach and splash water on each other but afterwards when Henrietta is wet Ludwig tsun’s but lets her sit close to him. Henrietta then asks him when his first love was, but he looks at her and then says “I won’t tell you” |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ When he asks who her first love was, Henrietta says it was some guy from a fairy tale 😆 So then she decides she wants to kiss Ludwig and before he can object she grabs him by the shirt and kisses him. Then she makes him say to her what she just did he’s like ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪ and starts tsundereing and saying that he’ll get her back for this one day. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ That night before they go to their separate rooms Henrietta says she doesn’t want to be away from him and she clings on to him, but before he can confess the older brothers cockblock and they’re very displeased lol. Ludwig then grabs Henriettas hand and they run off and hide in the bushes where they kiss until the skeleton guy sets off some fireworks for them XD. Ludwig then says he loves Henrietta to death and says that no matter what he’ll keep her all to himself and not let the bros have her. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 WHAT A CUTE ENDING. I’M SO GLAD I LEFT HIM FOR LAST OMMMGG ♡♡♡♡♡ New love for Ludwig has been created x33. I’m just glad at least the older brothers got proper kiss CGs…not that half assed kiss on the cheek shit from the original game lol. I guess now that I think about it, aside from the females, the only guy who really got a shafted kiss is probably Akazukin lol.

Omake – Henrietta & Ludwig are Orie and Ruisuke who are poor and live in an old timey Japanese shack together in the edo time period. Just then an edo version of Hameln shows up during a winter storm and sleeps in their house on a comfy futon he brought himself ww. So then Orie suggests he stay with them until the winter ends since it’s tough to travel during a snow storm. Hameln then goes upstairs to their knitting room and doesn’t come out for days like a hikki. He finally comes out with something he knitted and gives it to the two to sell so they can make money since they’re dirt poor. So then he goes in that room for a week and asks them not to bother him, but worried, Orie checks up on him. She finds out that he was that samurai dude that they ran into in the snow that day. He says now that his identity has been revealed, he must leave and so he leaves them. They both wait for spring to come hoping they’ll meet him again one day. That was certainly…unexpected but I’m actually kinda glad I watched the omake immediately before doing Hameln’s route because had I waited the whole game to do it it wouldn’t have been as interesting…since I am in Ludwig fangirl mode as I am finishing up this post XDD.Hollllyy shit what an awesome game Karin. Actually I think this pretty much knocks out the PSP version out of the water like how Princess Nightmare PS2 knocked out the PC one. Sometimes I think if Karin releases any new games, just wait a year and they’ll re-release a port that will be a million times better 😆 They pretty much gave everyone a happy ending, and added more CGs and routes. And omg those Grimm bros true ends 萌━━━━ハァ(* ´Д`)ハァ━━━━ぇ↑↑ おいヘンリエッタちゃんそこ変われ( ・´ー・`). I think they ramped up the music because when I listened to the PSP OST most of my favorite BGMs weren’t there! Even the OP/ED sounded different so I guess I’ll safetly say I liked the PC music better. The only cheesy thing was the character songs. I mean they basically sounded like you put the seiyuu into a Karaoke booth to sing some children’s show anime song. It’s not that the beat or singing was bad, it’s just the lyrics were pretty awful lmfao. “My name is Ludwig Emil Grimm~~♪” ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ I woulda loved if they made Cinderella and Snow White MEN and gave them routes and not bothered with Rapunzel & Sleeping Beauty. Okay you coulda made Rapunzel a man or made her a side character lol I don’t know but both female routes just felt like a waste of time cause I’m just not into that. It was especially bad with Rapunzel who’s entire goal in the game was for Henrietta to pull the right flags to get with her bishie so having her NOT pull flags and end up with an o/c Rapunzel was just weird to me. I couldn’t tell whether Rosen wanted to be super les for Henrietta or be with her oniisama or be with the oujisama. She kept changing personalities in every route so it was just a throw away character to me. The only thing that stayed in tact was her “ojousama desuwa” character type I guess. FAVORITE CHARACTERS: HAMEL AND LUDWIG zomg I could just replay their romance scenes over & over (*´д`*)ハァハァ. I loved the frog prince too, but only as a prince, not as a realistic looking frog. I mean every other animal char in the game was cartoonish, so why was he the only realistic looking brown warty frog 😆 Alp’s route made me grin so hard even though he annoyed me at the beginning of the game. Suwabe’s voice acting for Dorn reminded me of Last Escort 3, but since there weren’t any porn flowers, just roses, it was awwwright with me. Akazukin was cute but loud and while I enjoyed Wilhelm in his true end routes, he didn’t get much action in his regular route so he didn’t really leave a huge impression on me otherwise. Jacob…Jacob…you know in some CGs he looked pretty hot but his stand in pic and most of his CGs were just so..ugh. It didn’t help that he looked TOO MUCH LIKE LITTLE’S FATHER from Princess Nightmare so even though he was 28, I kept seeing him as this 40 year old man orz. If the heroine didn’t look like a loli maybe it wouldn’t have been as bad but ugh….maybe it’s just Narita Ken’s voice? I don’t know but it was like (*′皿`艸) most of the way down his route lol. As a heroine, Henrietta definitely had her up & down moments. In Ludwig’s route she definitely was a go getter but then in Jacob and Wilhelm’s she’d be miss damsel in distress…and then in the girls routes well meh… >_> I definitely liked her the best in Hameln’s and Ludwig’s and that could possibly be why they are my favorite characters lol. As far as play order I’d recommend the same one I did since you need to play certain routes before others and the way I played revealed the story the best. I’d definitely leave Ludwig’s TRUE END for last because it was the cutest (*´ω`*). Anyway despite having 10 characters to conquer and a bunch of routes, the game only took me about 5 days to complete so it’s not as long as I thought. I definitely recommend and I can’t wait to play Danzai no Maria DC ;D. Karin makes awesome games! My only complaint? Why no music gallery section! Why! Also please don’t forget all of Karin’s games have timed choices but you can quicksave during any timed choices so it’s really never been an issue for me.

22 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Zettai Meikyuu Grimm ~Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome~ Director’s Cut

  1. Thank you so much for the review! I’m being confused if I shall buy the Director’s Cut, since I have played it a year ago, and it’s so long. Reading at your review, I maybe looking forward to Grimm’s brother true end. It’s so romantic, make it better than the CG at their own route (Ah, but I think it have more than PSP, that I don’t know yet).

    My favorite story for it is also Ludwig. It’s unexcpected to see him grew in such an event, making me really surprised because I hadn’t consider and saw at his adult CG yet that time (It maybe is in the OP but I neglect it).

    I love Wilhelm too, ’cause he is the most gentle person I’ve ever known in otoge. His route is filled with caring atmosphere. But I know it doesn’t have much impression.

  2. *sigh* I should have waited in the end orz – I agree with you that the PC directors port is so much better LOL
    Speaking of which have you played Enzai Maria yet? They’re porting it over to the PSP and there’s going to be a director’s cut for PC too…
    Ludwig is my favorite character…and I loved his route the best. I also loved the frog prince too…both Ludwig and Frog Prince’s sad ends made me cry…
    I also cried a lot when I reach Jacob’s ending…
    Like you Wilhelm didn’t impress me that much and his endnig didn’t impress me that much either.
    Sleeping Beauty and Thorn Prince…didn’t impress me that much I felt too quick ^^;
    The Dream Demon, Alp, surprised me too – it was so bittersweet for me. I mean it was nice that Henrietta can summon him anytime but still I felt like he deserved better even though he was a jerk in the other routes! ;_;

  3. Ahh I’m glad I waited too. xD
    I agree, Karin makes great games and awesome ports. So if they make a new game, I’d just read the reviews until they remake the game with more happy endings lol. I hope Danzai no Maria DC gets happy endings too, since that game’s seriously depressing without them lol.

    Yuri routes aside, glad to hear you loved the game. I think I’m gonna play Grimm after I’m done with these games on my hands lol.

  4. Scarlet> I just didn’t play too many games by otomate 🙄

    Rin> Yea I definitely recommend! It’s prolly better than whatever everyone else is hyping up at the moment 😛 *cough Guess I’m glad the original Danzai no Maria never worked on my windows 7, it’s prolly for the best lol.

    Hazuki> I think Jacob’s pedo persona was so much of a joke for me it didn’t do anything but make me lol. Nothing in the game made me cry but I agree Frog Prince’s sad end made me so sad…that CG was just ;_; I haven’t played Danzai no Maria but like you said I am waiting for DC for that too xD

    twentyninenights> pretty sure DC has a lot more Cgs than the PSP game. (as well as routes and endings.) I agree with you on Wilhelm too, he was sweet and caring but when his yandere persona came out it was kinda sexy ;D

  5. Even though I haven’t played the PC version yet, I can definitely say that PSP version was still the best otome game I’ve ever played, even with all the bad endings. I mean this games does everything well, it’s funny, the story is good, the characters are amazing and even the usual Karin super thin art style worked well with this game. Karin just makes awesome games, even depressing Danzai no Maria was better than most otome games. And they keep getting better and better. I wish really good games like this got more recognition, instead of the more boring but decent Starry Sky that is way overrated, or the horrible Hiyo rape games.

    The problem you had with the Akazukin VA? I had the same problem with Wilhelm, he kept reminding me from Ace from the Alice series because they both had the same voice actor, the crappy sense of direction, and the bouts of yandere persona (Wilhelm not as extreme as Ace).

    Also, I believe Muma says at the beginning that Henrietta’s country went through a war, so she should be thankful he made her and Ludwig sleep through it. That’s the only thing close to an excuse I remember getting in the PSP version. And Muma looks so hot in that suit and his ending doesn’t make you cry a river like in the original, I must find this game ASAP.

    Here’s hoping Danzai no Maria DC let’s you have endings with some of the villains because most of the good guys were boring. They’re probably gonna give a happy ending to Joker, but I hope they also do something more with Zeed, maybe a 3P ending with Joker!

  6. gothicat> I’ve played a lot more Hirakawa Daisuke games and he’s usually the “older brother” role in a lot of them lol….so I had to just force myself to unattach myself but fortunately he was definitely the less extreme than his usual voice acting. lol I never played Danzai so I’m not sure which chars you’re referring to but I wouldn’t be surprised if the bad guys got routes/endings xD; If you haven’t already played it, I recommend Princess Nightmare for PS2 :3

  7. Hirakawa Daisuke definitely does not play an older brother route in the Alice games, and that is one of his most memorable routes to me, so couple that with the similarities in personality the characters had and I just could not get Ace out of my head.

    *spoilers* Joker is sort of a villain in Danzai no Maria, and he has an ending, but like with most Karin games, it’s not a happy one. Zeed is also one of the bad guys, and he’s a jerk, but for some reason I still find him attractive. It’s a talent that Karin has, making some jerks look attractive even to someone like me. Plus I sort of got a BL feeling from him towards Joker in certain parts of the game, which is why I want a 3P end, but maybe that’s just me.

    And yes, I have played princess Nightmare for the PS2, purely to get the hilarious Cheshire route (he got seriously shafted in the original), but all the other CGs and extra endings were also awesome. I think Karin is the best at making ports in the otome industry.

  8. I see, well off the top of my head his older bro roles were in LoveRevo, Da Capo Girls Symphony, and Garnet Cradle (while not an actual brother the heroine mentioned he was the nice older brother type)

  9. Oh yeah, I’d blocked out that part of LoveRevo and I almost forgot all of Garnet Cradle, probably because of the annoying fan disk.

    Also, this is more of a response to your tumbrl post about you preferring this Akazukin to Callamelia’s, I also prefer the dwarfs in this game compared to Mr Anal from Akazukin.

    That reminds me, are you planning on playing Vampire Sweetie? I’ve given up on anything regarding Sugar Beans and anyone associated with them, but I still want to know about their new games from someone who doesn’t think rape is fanservice. Most seem to get worse as time goes on, I want to know if that holds true for their new game.

  10. If they ever release it yes 😆 I heard a bunch of staff on that project quit (not surprising seeing what’s going on with Calamelia/Torte) so who knows when that game will be out. I have a feeling we’re gonna have rapists simply because yusa kouji is in it lol

  11. KJFDSJFIJWESLFK — WHY DIDN’T I WATCH THE BROADCAST WITH YOU?! //shot I.. was too busy watching.. drama. //shot D: This seems like such a cute game~ I need to get this. ; u; The cgs look adorable too. And.. I can’t wait to play Akazukin’s route. 8D //is a fan of shotas and Natsu’s VA. LOL. (●´ω`●)ゞテレ Fun, this game seems Fun. //shoots myself. Why was I too busy watching drama? (Actually, I was just too lazy to turn the computer on. //shot again.)

  12. @Hinano – *O* //didn’t think of that. You’re a genius. =w= -goes off to watch the replays by myself, oh so lonesome- //shot

  13. Oh Ludwig 8D I love him too!!! I had to play him first though LOL I couldn’t wait for all those other characters xD I had to do him first 😛 his route was so freaking cute!!! i love Karin’s games… they never fail to bring the goods XD

  14. that’s strange, according to the guide I used, you couldn’t do Ludwig’s route until you did the ragtag team first (rapunzel, hamel, akazukin) o_O maybe its different on the psp? I dunno but yea I love ludwig…but I think secretly inside I still love Hamel the most lol

  15. OMFG KARIN E ADDED SO MUCH MORE SHIT TO THE PC VERSION T.T lol this was def. btr than the psp persion goddamnit asfh9sodjfnadif

    muma ftw ❤

  16. lol well I feel the same way when they have PSP ports honestly (Da Capo Girls Symphony etc.) XDDD And nowdays most things are getting a PSP port with new content ;_;

  17. if only I knew that they were going to release a director`s cut…sigh. sounds like they`ve really added a lot of stuff for the pc ver. psp ver wasn`t too bad but…sigh. but for Danzai no Maria, I`ve only heard bad stuff…like most of the true eds are bad eds…maybe they will add some happy eds for the psp ver??

  18. There’s gonna be a PSP version and then 2 months later a PC Director’s cut version (which is what I’m waiting for.) I have a feeling based on Princess NIghtmare & this game, they will prolly give everyone happy endings. It seems like Karin loves to do that in their ports lol

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