Poupee Summer Festival 2011

Yippie my favorite event of the year!

Man I splurged!  I loved a lot of the stuff especially the cotton candy shaped like a bear and the piyo yoyo (´^ω^`). And what would a natsumatsuri be without Ken? 😆

Lol oh Katherine you.

Poupee Summer Festival 2009
Poupee Summer Yukata Event 2010

Spinning that wheel.

So I decided to try the Pangya wheel spin event aiming for the watermelon comets more than anything honestly…

On Day 1 I got the login spin so I’m like why not?

Great. That 500 pang went into me sending a Lucia mask to someone. Alright everyone else I know got 500pang too so could just be a bad day. Tried again today:

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Tartaros August Macros

Well July’s almost over so it’s time for new macros! I think it’s really great that they give us a new one every month….I wonder if this will be a new trend.

As usual, Cromodo is the best (´^ω^`)

In other news the new boss HP bar is really annoying and awkward to understand. I hope enough people complain that it’s returned to normal. Also the fading in & out music hurts my ears so I have to turn it off now. What the hell was the point of this update is beyond me….