Otome Game Review: MIYAKO ~Tsukiyomi no Yume~

So a while back when I finished DCGS I was so pumped to hear Sanctuary had a new game coming out and then my hopes were crushed so hard when I found out it was to be a PSP only port! Fortunately they decided to be awesome and some years later they released it a PC port with an extra route! Best port ever! (´^ω^`) So our story starts when a girl finds herself summoned by an Onmiyouji who claims that she is his shikigami “created” to do his bidding. The girl has no recollection of who she is but she feels like she was a human and her name is Sayuki. Sadly her new master, Abeno Seimei, is pretty demanding and tells her that if she doesn’t accept her fate as a shikigami, she will disappear.  Seimei then brings her to Izumi at the capital to work, to do things like console quarraling married couples or deliver love letters. Unfortunately some of the jobs she has to do also require her to fight demons. Will she be able to get used to her new life as Shikigami #3? Skip to my final thoughts to avoid spoilers.

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