Poupee Wonderland Forest Event 2011

Gah I’m so tired of all these forest events!!

Seriously out of all the events she brings back she keeps bringing this back. Does Japan love forest fairies or some crap? Or do they enjoy dressing up as squirrels and dwarves? =_=? If at least she included something like maybe little red riding hood outfits..but eugh, not buying a single thing. I guess rather than repeating the actual forest event the “nature background” just keeps giving me flashbacks of:

Fairy Event
Harvest Event
2010 Forest Event
2010 Fairy Event
2009 Forest Event

Gah enough of these stupid vegetation events Kath! ヽ(;´Д`)ノヤメテー

7 thoughts on “Poupee Wonderland Forest Event 2011

  1. I guess it’s in response to all the Mori girl trend in Japan?
    But yea being a Mori girl doesn’t mean that they have to be in an ACTUAL forest lol. As for the fairies.. looks like it becomes a fixed event in poupee ._.

  2. A Wonderland forest and it has faries and squirrels? No tea party costumes, or various animal costumes? There’s not even a white rabbit in the background? Well, either I’m obsessed or that is a misleading tittle and Katherine lost a good opportunity. Probably both.

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