Otome Game Review: Uso wo Hitotsu Dake

I’m currently waiting for  TYB Dark Cherry to come out so I didn’t want to start on any long games. With that I decided to go through my doujin & free game folder! I picked out a game called “Just One Lie” which is made by Wild Strawberry and also available to download via Freem. The story is about a 16 year old girl named Haruna Raika (god knows if that’s actually her name) is in the hospital and she’s destined to die before she’s 20. One day an angel comes through her hospital room window saying she will die tomorrow. Before she kicks the bucket, he says he will make one of her lies come true, but it may only affect the destiny of ONE PERSON! Also apparently it’s April Fool’s lol.

Tomoya – I attempted to do Tomoya’s route first and the first thing that happened was he fell down the stairs at the end of the day and died. Wtf xD Instant bad end! Lmfao. Redoing the route uh gives you his happy ending where he confesses to Raika and asks her to give him an answer after April Fool’s.

Raimu – Raimu is Haruna’s twin brother stalker. He sits in the freaking courtyard all day staring at her hospital room window like a creeper until she goes out to the courtyard to entertain him. Like with Tomoya, for no apparent reason he jumps out the window and dies the first time around so you have to do his route twice too. 😆 Actually maybe he was so angry when he found out some white haired dude is in his sister’s room saying she’s gonna die soon he decided to end it all? Lol who knows. So the 2nd time around Raimu starts bawwing saying he always wanted to switch with Raika because he was healthy but she was always sick. Raika then asks Mr. Angel to make her destiny a lie so that she can be together with her oniichan in a glorious incest ending!

Tenshi – So in this guys route Tomoya decides to be an asshat down the stairs again and doesn’t listen to Raika when she warns him…sending him flying down the stairs & dying again! So Raika decides to rescue the moron and asks Tenshi to switch places with him since she’s gonna die anyway. That’s the bad end for this route since you can’t really kill an angel lol. In his 2nd ending Raika dies wut. No happy ends with Mr. Angel. Bummer!

I made a walkthrough out of boredom 😆

Tomoya 2x
Raimu 2x
Tenshi End 1 Tenshi End 2
Go to lobby Go to courtyard Stay in hospital room Stay in hospital room
Stay in hospital room Go to courtyard Go to lobby Go to lobby
Go to lobby Go to courtyard Stay in hospital room Go to courtyard

So basically Tomoya & Raimu you need to play twice to get good ends. I feel so special. Usually I’m the one following guides! *sheds manly tears*

Well I suppose that was a fairly entertaining way to kill time this evening. The game took me enough time to finish my dinner and have a cup of tea 😆 There’s only 3 CGs in the whole game and as you can see by my guide, not many choices either. The game was not voiced at all and although my kanji knowledge stinks but I was able to read and understand the game without any problems! (Or maybe I’m grossly underestimating how far I’ve  come the past 10 years ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪) Anyway my favorite part of the game is probably the music (nice stock BGMs!) and the stand-in pics. I think this was a group effort so I secretly wish the person who did the stand in pics also did the CGs since the quality differences gave me some flashbacks. The op screen music was some vocaloid song that I just couldn’t figure out but it sounded like Megurine Luka to me. Anyway if you need to kill a few minutes then check this game out, after all, it’s free!

7 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Uso wo Hitotsu Dake

  1. Hmm, I tried this site you gave the link, I hope I found the game LOL Is it onlu 29 Mb?
    The only reason I’ll try this game is the guy with white hair…xD

  2. So you have a folder full of free otome games, ehhhh? Any hope for a list/linkage to the others 😀

  3. I will prolly review others eventually lol. The Freem site is a site full of free games if you wanna dig through and find them on your own before I do

  4. Lolol. This game sounds so entertaining. 8D Roflmao. Oh, Free games~ Haha. 8D Too bad you can’t get Tenshi. -shrugs- Pff–

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