Poupee Girl Music Festival

Now an actual SNS game I give a crap about….

Lmfao huge tshirts and baggy jeans! Welcome back to 1993! 😆 It’s like the event was made for me lmfao xDDD Now my poupee looks like a trap. If you buy the wrist band your background changes to:

Hell yea disco ball baby! XDXDXD I only bought the shirt jeans & hat honestly but it’s still awesome lol 8D

Deleting my TinierMe Account.

In the next week, I plan to delete my tinierme account. However it would be a waste as I have vocaloid sets for Kaito, Luka and Meiko as well as over 600+ items in my closet that I’d like to give away to someone. I asked on twitter and since TM is so shitty nobody wanted anything….so I figured I’d ask if any of my blog readers wanted any of the items. At this point it’s first come first serve so comment below if you want anything specific….or if you just want me to send you everything (or only male items or only female items, only room items etc.) I plan to chuck the account this weekend so if you want anything speak up or forever hold your peace.