Otome Game Review: Vitamin X to Z

So concluding my Vitamin Tour will be the fandisk for both Vitamin X AND Z! That’s right D3P decided to shove everyone together into one game and throw it on to the PSP! The good news is since both games have already been ported to the PSP this included adjusting some of the stand in pics for X as well as adding new ones in. The game came out this year so the artist has significantly leveled up and so the CGs were quite pleasant to look at. Best part of all – each guy’s route is only 4 chapters and *gasp* NO STUPID EXAMS! Yippie! The story takes place “in the middle” of the scenario of the original X & Z games but the endings then take place AFTER the endings of X&Z. Basically the gang of X go to a winter lodge for a week before new years while the Z gang then go visit the same vacation house in the summer along with GTR, Kagetora & Kamijou + the bears. Both Yuri & Manami are in イケメン heaven as they get to いちゃこら while enjoying a relaxing time in the hotsprings or going wild at the summer festival.

Makabe Tsubasa – Ah I missed looking at the B6 guys with their old hair – especially Tsubasa. His Z hair made me rage so much (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ So when they get to the lodge Tsubasa forces Yuri to be in the room next to his. Yuri continues doing studying with him and Tsubasa still apparently can’t write his own name in kanji 😆 Ginji sensei needs a room to stay in and he ends up staying in Tsubasa’s but they play a card game to see who will get the bed – but both end up falling asleep on the couch. Yuri also has to show Tsubasa how a buffet works since he has never gotten food for himself before as Nagata is forever his slave lol. This time around Yuri’s faults are a bit more obvious as not only does she fail at cooking but she also fails at skiing! No matter how much they try to teach her she just sucks and she doesn’t learn in time to ride the “general course” for the new year count down. She even has trouble riding the skii lift and so while she’s freaking out on it, Tsubasa tells her to calm down and look at him instead of looking down. She stares at him and he’s like (〃▽〃) Don’t look at me so hard!! So then Yuri closes her eyes and Tsubasa uses the opportunity to kiss her ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑  She opens her eyes in surprise but Tsubasa says it was just an accident. When Yuri tries the general course she runs into  Toge who is a pro skiier and wears earmuffs in his standin pic too xD. Anyway she of course fails and falls on her face and is saved by Konokage sensei who then brings her back to the lodge. Tsubasa sees him carrying her and immediately rushes back as well only to find out she injured her leg.

He then admits that he was jealous that she went skiing with Ootori sensei and that’s why he left her alone for the day. Since she can’t see the new year countdown with her injury, Tsubasa instead takes her down the course on a snowmobile. When they are going down he confesses to her but since SUKI sounds like skii she pretends like she didn’t hear it even though deep inside she wants to hit that shit really badly 😆 In the perfect ending a few years after they’re dating they visit the lodge again during summer time when all the snow has melted. Tsubasa then tells Yuri how he found a music box that belonged to his mother and he gives the music box to Yuri – which contains a ring and a letter. The letter is from Tsubasa’s mom saying that this ring is for the person Tsubasa loves the most and so Tsubasa asks Yuri to marry him and they kiss as he slips the ring on her finger. (*´ω`*) In the dream end, Yuri & Tsubasa return to the lodge 7 months after he graduates. They go on the snowmobile again where Yuri drives….them god knows where. Tsubasa gets all annoyed that she drove them off course but Yuri takes action and sits on his lap and kisses him to make his mood better. Tsubasa’s like (〃ノノ) and they get all ichaicha and make out on the snowmobile pretending to “wait for help to arrive” even though Tsubasa has a cellphone in his jacket and can call any time..but Yuri’s gonna keep that a secret ;D. In the Normal ending Ginji & Tsubasa fight for Yuri’s affection by having a skii race. Ootori blames Yuri for being so indecisive so I’ll just call this the 3P ending lol. Tsubasa’s dream ending made me (*´д`*)ハァハァ like whoa. The CGs were so much nicer this time around, I feel like all my effort up to now was worth it lol.

Kusanagi Hajime – So in Hajime’s route Yuri stays in the room next to his because his cat Tama is just such a cute baby nuko (*´д`*)ハァハァ and she just wants to visit him every day because of that. Ootori’s not having any of that shit so he stays in Hajime’s room but I guess Tama has taken a liking to him so he sleeps on Ootori’s lap. In the meantime Yuri changes into her pajama making Hajime blush & have dirty thoughts as they do their extra lessons (while Ootori cockblocks lol). At one point Tama eats too much so he gets sick and so they rush him (literally as Ootori drives like a maniac) to the nearby vet. Hajime goes out then to buy Tama some diet medicine while Yuri goes shopping for souvenirs. While she’s alone some idiots hit on her and Hajime comes and beats them up. Yuri then sees a snowman nearby and for some reason puts her gloves & scarf on it 😆 Hajime’s like “then I will hold your hand to keep it warm” and they also share a scarf as they get back to the lodge ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ There’s a skii race that Yuri promises a kiss to the winner but I dunno what happened with this scenario lol. Instead Hajime found some injured white rabbit and decided to keep it as a pet. He named it しろいの which is like naming your rabbit “Whitey” 😆 He then admits to Yuri that he wants to play soccer again. So then the night before New Year’s, that snowman Yuri gave her clothes to, shows up at the lodge’s front door. Suddenly Yuri & Hajime are taken to snowman land where the Yukihime gives them lovers rings that will give them eternal happiness!

Hajime’s like “but we’re just student and teacher” and Yukihime tells them to forget their positions and be honest with their feelings. So they put the rings on and confess and then Hajime kisses her on the cheek (surrounded by huge snowmen lol.) Suddenly they both wake up in the lobby of the lodge and Ootori’s like “sleep in your beds you weirdos lol.” In the perfect ending they visit the lodge sometime after Hajime graduates and they make a snowman together. They then remember they had a dream about this snowman but they can’t speak of it or else that happiness magic will go away! So instead Hajime asks Yuri if she will marry him in the future and she agrees. They both promise to be happy together as they kiss and the rings on their fingers from that dream are visible. Lol maybe it wasn’t a dream after all. Honestly what the hell Rejet 😆 In the Dream end, Hajime’s rabbit Shiroino and cat Tama fight over Yuri’s attention with him. Hajime’s like “wtf man do you know how much I had to go through to get her to go out with me!” Yuri’s all like to herself “You’re so dumb Hajime I didn’t come to your place to play with your animals orz;;” (*´ω`*) Hajime then has her sit on his lap as he hugs her from behind saying that Yuri belongs to him, back off furries! In the Normal end, Hajime & Ootori sensei have a table tennis battle over Yuri’s heart while Kiyo’s like “if you lose Hajime I’ll take her for myself!” (#゚ω゚ ) お断りだぜぇ. Um yea Hajime’s route was something else…magical snowmen…right xD; Well at least his dream ending with the animals was cute lol.

Nanase Shun – So unlike everyone else who came to skii & have fun, Shun came because he intends to work at the lodge as a part time job! Konokage tricks him into doing volunteer work for Yuri with the deal that Kiyo can’t harass him. Actually now that I think about it since Shun was busy working there was pretty much 0 extra lessons with Yuri! At one point there’s some kind of hole in Yuri and Shun’s rooms and their stuff gets buried in snow. Shun then decides to dig it out since he’s getting paid for it but then a drunk Konokage decides to join in the fun. After that Shun is so sore from digging out like 100kg of snow that when Goro & Kiyo tickle him he laughs & screams in pain at the same time 😆 When they go to a foot hot spring ( you only dip your feet in) Kiyo of course shoots everyone with waterguns. During souvenier shopping Kiyo dresses up as one of the salesguys and sells some nasty Wasabi manju to Shun who then rages and shoves it down Kiyo’s throat. m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ So then the man who actually made the manju asks if Shun & Kiyo can help him sell the manju since they made a mess. In the meantime the old man offers for Yuri to make her own manju but yea you know Yuri & her cooking skills…needless to say Shun then rages at Kiyo for giving him more poisonous manju but Kiyo’s like “lol it wasn’t me 😆 ” xDD Yuri’s cooking strikes again. Anyway Shun continues his waiter job as usual. At one point Yuri goes looking for him in the mansion but somehow ends up in the wine cellar which is also the owner, Shinonome’s room. For some reason he gets all weird and starts hitting on her until Shun comes in and is like “wtf are you doing here?” Shinonome then leaves and that was the end of that I guess! Shun & Yuri then sit in a tiny kotatsu together and play footsie. For new years they go out to get fortunes at a nearby shrine and Shun’s is completely blank. During a blizzard Shun & Yuri get stuck alone in the lodge while everyone else gets stuck at the hot springs.

They decide to stay put until the blizzard passes and since the electricity goes out in the lodge, Yuri & Shun cuddle together by the fire in his room. He then confesses to her that he likes her and Yuri’s all like “noo I’m a sensei” and then she gets a fever and passes out. I dunno man like you coulda done so much with the whole trapped-ina-lodge scene – I expected something more ero from Shun! So then Yuri wakes up and Shun says he’s glad she’s ok and that a doctor is coming. Before he leaves the room he kisses her forehead ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ In the perfect ending some years later Shun is a rockstar & travels to Europe a lot bringing a ton of european foods to Yuri. She’s all like “I want love not Olive Oil!” and demands Shun kiss her. He then throws a surprise on her saying he bought a freaking castle for her. MR. CHEAP ASS SHUN BOUGHT HER A CASTLE! (  Д ) ゚ ゚ He then gives her the key to it and asks her to marry him so she can be like a “princess” lol give me a break XD. In the dream ending, 3 years later Yuri is living with Shun in his apartment. Goro & Hajime come visit before they go off to watch the new years countdown. Shun shows up late after some concert and then gets mad at her for saying he’s cute and petting him on the head. So then they kiss and make up. Meh. ( ´_ゝ`) In the Normal ending Shun, Konokage & Yuri are all under a Kotatsu while the 2 guys fight over her….but somehow the ending felt like a Konokage end cause he proposed to her and said “lets be happy together” wut. Meh Shun’s route was disappointing to me. The snowed in scene coulda had more in it and Shun’s endings were just ..meh. I dunno the whole buying a castle is just so OFF of what he’d do like wtf? Cheap Shun buying a castle 😯 Yea. Also Konokage almost had no interest in Yuri during the whole route so it was weird how he suddenly shoved himself into the Normal route just cause in every Normal route the sensei hits on her lol. At least Ootori and Katsuragi obviously had interest in Yuri from the start.

Madarame Mizuki – When the route began and Mizuki’s BGM kicked in I sat there wondering how the hell I managed to make it through all of his endings in the original game 😆 Sanada sensei as always is of course in love with Yuri so when he finds out that she will be in the same suite as Mizuki immediately he’s like ME TOO. Since Mizuki would rather sleep than do anything else all day, Yuri wants to get him out there so she asks Sanada sensei to teach them all how to snowboard. While Sanada goes to show them how, Mizuki uses the opportunity to run off to the lodge to sleep. That night he climbs into Yuri’s bed and falls asleep. His intentions were actually to show her Toge’s pajamas 😆 Sanada then shows up and rages at him for sleeping in Yuri’s bed and drags him out..but soon as Yuri returns to bed she finds Ginji in there lol. The next day Mizuki comes to wake her up for a teachers meeting but since Yuri just doesn’t seem to be getting up, he gives up and crawls into bed with her again! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Sanada runs in there raging that it’s his job to wake up Yuri and then argues about it with Mizuki while Toge goes and wakes her up instead XD. They all go to the hotsprings together but I guess only Yuri is wearing a swimsuit lol. Mizuki is greatly disappointed and when she offers to wash his back all the other mans are like “hey that’s not fair I want my back washed too!” but Mizuki keeps hugging & falling asleep on Yuri so nobody else can get to her x3. Later they both get some kind of souvenirs from a god that gives good luck to married couples. The townsfolk say Toge is that god’s assistant because he’s albino. On the way back they run into some homeless loli and Yuri gives her her coat while Mizuki gives her his gloves. They both then walk back to the lodge together inside Mizuki’s coat to keep warm. (*´ω`*) Mizuki continues to refuse to learn how to snowboard so Yuri gives in and goes sledding with him. However as you read above you know how her driving skills are and she goes on the sled REALLY FAST. So fast that Mizuki passes out and then cries wishing he never went sledding with Yuri again 😆 So then a blizzard hits and an avalanche rolls their way. They get knocked off and Mizuki takes her to a nearby abandoned resting lodge.

Apparently Yuri was passed out for like half a day but then she wakes up and cuddles with Mizuki and a poor sleepy Toge. After Mizuki falls asleep in Yuri’s lap, some moments later Yukihime appears once more saying how pathetic he is. She then says she will leave only if she can have Mizuki to herself. Yuri’s like “NO BITCH HE’S MINE” and Mizuki’s like 😯 so then Yukihime’s like “lol just kidding here’s your coat & scarf back, bye!” She then leaves and Mizuki tells Yuri that he loves her as well and they smooch until the sun rises and they can return to the lodge. In the perfect ending Mizuki comes back from America but his sister’s kicked him out of the house saying he needs to be a man and live on his own. He instead then goes to Yuri’s place and becomes her chore man, cooking & cleaning for her. He makes some omurice for her as he kisses her to taste it ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ The dream end pissed me off though. Mizuki has been dating Yuri for a year and is like “I wanna move in together” and she’s like Noooo and then he comes over to cuddle with her and she’s like “noo I gotta do laundry” BITCH WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM ( ಠ益ಠ ). He then grabs her and sniffs her saying she has some nice phermones or something rofl. God so dumb honestly. The Normal end was hilarious as Sanada & Mizuki fight for Yuri’s affection, Mizuki of course uses his head more than Sanada does. He calls Sanada a little angry puppy when Sanada rages that Mizuki told Yuri the only thing he “can’t do” is “make babies on his own” 😆 Sanada challenges Mizuki to a sled race but he crashes and flies off – so then Mizuki catches him ohimesama dakko style XDXD. In the meantime Yuri is laughing her ass off in the background. Hm so Mizuki was alright. When he got chatty in the lodge it was a lot more fun. The first 2 chapters were kinda difficult to go through though cause of him constantly falling asleep but I guess that’s just Mizuki. At least thanks to them being at a winter lodge, there were a lot less albino reptiles ( ´_ゝ`).

Fumonji Goro – I kinda wanted more manly Goro but sadly there was too much trap Goro…still it wasn’t a bad route. I also like how it was obvious from the start that Nikaido loves Yuri and so when Goro’s like “let’s sleep in the same bed” Nikaido instantly goes to cockblock. Yuri sometimes forgets that Goro is a trap 😆 Goro then says “ok then we will pretend to be girlfriend and boyfriend while on this study trip”. So pretty much the entire time he’s hugging & kissing Yuri every moment that Nikaido’s not there to cockblock him. Since Yuri fails at skiing and snowboarding, Goro offers her to instead go ice skating. This seems to go well until the lake they’re on has some kind of earthquake and out of it bursts a geiser. Because of this, everyone pitches in and helps create a hot spring where that lake is. Sadly that means Goro and Yuri can’t go ice skating anymore. One night Yuri can’t sleep so she decides to go to the hotspring alone….however she’s not alone when a towel clad Goro glomps her from behind and gets all ichaicha with her イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! They have a chat about everything and Goro says his dream is paint skies all over the world. He also admits to not being as genki as he makes it out to seem. For New Year’s everyone goes to the temple and Goro & Yuri get all いちゃこら by tickling each other until the other admits what they wished for.

As they’re shopping for souvenirs some dude there convinced them to enter a beauty contest saying that only married old babas keep entering and he wants some single beauty to enter lol. Goro signs up both himself & Yuri but sadly he loses cause the judge is like “you can’t fool me“. Goro then gives Yuri a congratulatory kiss on the cheek. In the Perfect ending they return to the lodge a few years later and go into the hotspring that they named 愛ラブ湯 😆 Then Goro gets all エロイ and starts making out with Yuri. The CG was really weird with the hands though (´・ω・`;). In the Dream end I was disappointed as Goro stayed in his female trap form and then made out with Yuri in front of all her fanclub members…who then thought that she’s a lesbian sigh =_=;. In the Normal end Nikaido adopted one of Pau’s puppies and named it Chopin. After they look at Goro’s worldwide paintings, Nikaido confesses that he liked Yuri and that he was just tsundere in showing it lol. He adds that if she accepts his confession she must except a baby doggy to come along with him XD. This is like the first ending I’ve done where the student & teacher didn’t have some kind of fight over Yuri lol. Eh honestly I liked Goro’s perfect end the most and I wish there was more sexy manly Goro cause Kishio does such a great job of it… (*´д`*)ハァハァ

Sendou Kiyoharu – Ah I left Kiyo for last but strangely somehow it fit, so I recommend playing Kiyo last in the X batch. Anyway Kiyo was originally gonna be far away from Yuri but because he & Kinugasa sensei kept shoving hundreds of insects into each other’s rooms, their rooms got so nasty they had to move next to Yuri! Kiyo acts like a dick but he does save Yuri from a mirror that almost falls on top of her even injuring himself. She ties a bandage around his injured hand but does a crappy job…but Kiyo doesn’t care and even kisses it later on |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Yuri told Goro to make sure Kiyo had no prank items in his bag but he went and put his prank items into other people’s bags instead lol. One night he comes into her room and then kisses her forehead, before taking a photo & running off lol. They have a snowball fight because Kiyo ran away from the study lessons and then all the other teachers join in. So then Kiyo pulls out his snowball shooting bazooka (c/o Mizuki) but Kinugasa has his man shield Ginji (who gets easily defeated.) Kinugasa tells him if he can beat him in the snowball fight he can skip the afternoon study lessons. Kiyo then tries to distract him by telling Yuri she has to kiss him to make him feel better about his injured hand. Yuri surprises him by kissing him on the cheek and Kiyo is so shocked that she actually did it that he somehow magically aims & shoots Kinugasa in the face 😆 While Kuze is giving Yuri some snowboarding tips one day, Kiyo comes over and takes Yuri out saying “Do you wanna turn into a tomato?” Yuri has no idea what he’s talking about but throughout Kiyo’s route they keep finding a lot of tomatoes and people keep randomly disappearing. One day they run into a panicking Toge and to translate his speech they go to Hajime’s room – only to find it spewed with ketchup all over the place. They then go to Kinugasa’s room and he’s not there either so they do some studying until Kiyo ties her up and runs away. One night Kinugasa comes to Yuri’s room asking her to help him with Kiyo who’s in his “neboke mode” and he’s turned into a cat. He only wants to play with Kinugasa so he thinks that maybe Yuri can calm him down. She reads Kiyo-nyan a book and he falls asleep and cuddles in her lap lol. So after like everyone’s disappeared, Kiyo & Yuri go looking for them and they find a secret passage to the basement where Shinonome is doing some weird ritual. Turns out it’s not Shinonome Takuma the house butler but Takumo, his twin brother.

Takumo apparently got dumped by that Yukihime chick and so he wants to concoct some magic spell to get Yuri to fall in love with him by…turning everyone into a tomato apparently. He hypnotizes Yuri who goes into a dream sequence of being at the Seiteisai where the next day she will marry Takumo. Takuma uses his powers to transfer Kiyo’s voice into Yuri’s head and Kiyo’s like “bitch you mine, you know you love me as much as I love you!” So this snaps Yuri out of it, and Kiyo comes up to her and kisses her telling Takumo that no matter what hypnosis he uses and how appealing he makes himself, Yuri’s heart belongs to him. So then Takumo rages saying he’ll eat all the tomatoes and then all the people who turned into tomatoes won’t be able to turn back to humans. Fortunately Kinugasa replaced the tomatoes with REAL tomatoes so when Takumo eats them nothing happens and then everyone beats him up until he faints. Takuma apologizes for everything and says that the 2 of them are actually the married couple gods in this town and Takumo apparently had a spider demon attach itself to him which is why he got all evil. So then everyone who was a tomato magically turns back to normal and wakes up in the hotspring fully clothed & confused. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ In Kiyo’s perfect ending, he tricks Yuri into thinking he took her to America while she was sleeping by putting up boards painted with what looked like his room. He then gives her a wedding dress set which is his backasswards way of proposing to her. Yuri of course is like “yay I’ll throw my life away for you!” (ಠ_ಠ) What an idiot lol. ドM? In the Dream end, Kiyo & Yuri return to the lodge some time later and she gets all jealous that Kiyo keeps giving his attention to Shun lol. She runs off to cry and then Kiyo finds her and brings her to the most advanced snowboarding trail where there’s nobody else. Yuri is so terrified she clings on to Kiyo and he’s like “See we’re alone now 😉 And if you wanted to be alone with me you shoulda said so!” お前に言えるかっつの!Щ(・`ω´・Щ) In the Normal end Kinugasa tries to whisper hypnosis to Yuri to get her to go out with him while Kiyo megaphones into her ear to break it up lol. For some reason, Kiyo didn’t get a kiss CG in any of his ends! Shocker! I guess they figured since he got a bunch in the original game, he didn’t need any this time around? XD Eh Kiyo was Kiyo as usual, but at least he wasn’t fugly like in Z and when Yoshino does that sexy deep voice… (*´д`*)ハァハァ

X Bonus Scenario – In this one the B6 breed some golden butterflies at the Bakasayu and then Shun plans to make money from it. In the meantime we get a nice transition into Z when we get a flashback where Ginji and Kagetora were partners. Ginji was supposed to inherit the school from his grandpa but because he got in a fight with him, he lost the inheritor spot. Due to this everyone he knew left the school and he was left all alone so I guess he gambled out of depression. Kagetora urged Ginji to apologize but Ginji didn’t want to and so Kagetora said he’ll be the next inheritor and for Ginji to leave and never come back. Kinugasa gives him some words of encouragement and says that since all of the senseis are after Yuri, they will wait for him to clear his gambling debt so they all have a fair start XD. It was short but a nice explanation as to why Kagetora randomly took over the school when I played Z.

Narumiya Tenjurou – So in the Z route, since the B6 are also staying in that house, Ten and the A4 build a side lodge to stay in to make sure everyone has their own room – except Manami who then gets to stay in her own room but share a suite with man of choice! As usual the A4 have no intentions of studying and then run off while Ten carries Manami in his arms to the nearby river. He splashes in the water like a little kid and tells Manami she should come swimming with him. She says she has no swimsuit so he gets his army, well his sister’s army, to come with a swimsuit for her and make up a wall so that she can change. Ten says he definitely won’t peek cause they’re his sisters army and they’ll beat the crap out of him 😆 When she changes Ten freezes and Chisato has to shake him out of it 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 So later on Ten catches some fish for Chisato to make dinner out of. The next day they go into town but unlike in the B6 stories, the town appears to be deserted. Ten decides the best way to get it to be more lively is to have a summer festival. He gets his group to set everything up but…nobody shows up! Not even to Yakumo’s concert! Ten is so upset that he runs off to bawww while Manami runs after him and comforts the poor little baby ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ So anyway he decides that he’s not gonna give up, so he comes up with the idea of making it a “bride finding festival” to appeal to single dudes trying to find a 嫁. Tsubasa helps them hand out flyers and when Manami thinks about the fact that the winner of the beauty contest will have to kiss the MVP winner (and obviously that will be Ten.) That night Ten asks if she’s okay and then gives her a “renergizing hug” (*´ω`*) So then during the festival a lot of people show up and it’s a success.

Manami then finds out Ten secretly entered her into the beauty contest and they get into a fight because he gets jealous of Yakumo and Arata praising her before he did. He calls her tanuki face and runs off. He wins the MVP contest and then they both make up and he tells her he wants her to win the beauty contest so she can give him a kiss. Somehow she wins lol and so Ten asks for his kiss but Manami is relieved to find out it’s only on the cheek. In the perfect ending, 1 year later Ten & Manami return to the festival where Manami is now the campaign girl and this year the MVP gets to kiss the campaign girl. Ten says he’ll definitely be MVP again and says he wants her to kiss him on the lips this time. He complains how he’s always the one kissing her rather than the other way around. I guess he doesn’t wanna wait any longer so he pulls her up on the Mikoshi & makes out with her in front of everyone 😆 She then kisses his forehead and puts her finger on his lips saying the “continuation is for after you win” |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ In the dream ending, they’re back 1 year later at that town and Ten keeps saying Manami is his 嫁. Some lolis are like “you gotta propose to her first! here have a ring, and you gotta do it in private!” So then Ten drags Manami off to some random part of the shopping district and proposes to her..but since its a child’s ring it doesn’t really fit on Manami’s finger /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ He jams it on her finger and then kisses her rofl. In the Normal ending Ten is being tsundere as usual saying he won’t let any of the other mans be with Manami but Tendou points out that Ten’s “flag” with Manami was dropped after graduation. LOL BURNED. XD Anyway Ten was cute as usual, I just loved his perfect ending it was too cute. Definitely one of my fav chars in Z.

Fuwa Chisato – Chisato runs away from his studies because he felt the sudden urge to go fishing. While Manami goes running after him she runs into GTR taking pics of themselves for their annual GTR calendar 😆 (Where can I buy a copy?) Chisato then agrees to do the extra lectures as long as its during his fishing time. When they get to the fishing area, Manami is terrified thinking she’s gonna fall since it’s just some rocks, so Chisato ties a rope around her waist to keep her steady lol. He then teaches Manami how to fish and when they walk back some frog jumps out at Manami clings to him again. (*´ω`*) One morning the A4 & P2 have a food fight that starts when Ten eats all of Yakumo’s food and everyone shoves their broccoli on Kei’s plate プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They start throwing stuff and Chisato rages and walks out saying he’s gonna live in a tent the rest of the trip. Manami’s like “What about your studies!” and decides to tag along with him. When they get to the star gazing site, there’s a dude there who offers a single tent for 2 of them thinking they were lovers. Manami freaks out and asks for a separate ten for herself. The other A4 and P2 then find Chisato and beg for forgiveness so that he can make dinner for them. He forgives them and they all set up tents there as well to stay over for the night since it’s a long hike. While making dinner Manami cuts her finger and Chisato does ye olde’ finger licking technique ™ ;D. Because it gets rowdy up at the campsite, Chisato & Manami go near the water where there’s nobody else around. They both decide to take a nap and when Manami wakes up, she wakes up in Chisato’s arms and is like (;゚д゚)ェ… Turns out Chisato used her as a dakimakura and said that if he didn’t hold on to her she would have rolled away into the water |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

So that night the campsite dude asks if they would “test out” his new tent called the lovelove tent which is shaped like a heart (Chisato thinks it looks like a peach lol). Basically it means they gotta share a tent for 1 night and he begs them saying he needs testers so while Chisato is of course okay (since he obviously likes Manami now) Manami freaks out but agrees. This is just as A4 and P2’s keikaku of getting Chisato & Manami together xD. They pretend to make lightning sounds and ghost sounds to scare her – which works rofl. She freaks out and starts wriggling in her sleeping bag but ends up falling over & apparently can’t get out. Chisato grabs the giant caterpillar Manami and hugs her telling her that it’s just Ten & co. being idiots and that he’s there for her (∩∀`*)キャッ So in the perfect ending, they come back to the camp site 1 year later. The campsite has become a place for “lovers” because of Chisato & Manami becoming a couple there. Because they were sorta the poster people for the site they get to hog the spot all to themselves first. So they both go into the lovelove tent and make out while Chisato says tonight he “definitely wants to do something” イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! In the dream ending 1 year later they’re at the campsite fishing in their swimsuits. Manami sits in between Chisato’s legs so that he can grab her to keep her from falling and while she’s got the reel in the water he uses the opportunity to kiss her from behind. He’s kinda pissed when a fish finally latches on & cockblocks him XD Actually in the CG since Chisato’s got short shorts swimsuit it kinda looks like he’s naked lmfao xDDD In the Normal ending 1 year later everyone’s at the campsite and Kirioka & Chisato have a battle for who can catch the best fish for Manami….and later on they argue about whether to make BBQ or Yakisoba. Chisato’s dream ending was like…….(*´д`*)ハァハァ Omg dude lol, dat Maeno. It’s so weird with the swimsuits though. Seriously looked like she was just walking around naked during the stand-in scenes lol.

Tachibana Yakumo – Yakumo’s route itself was kinda bleh but because they added a random…tanuki as a character it was actually kinda funny lol. While Yakumo & Manami are out hiking they hear some voice saying they hate humans and to leave immediately. Yakumo says he’s just a bake-usagi and not a human. Turns out its some angry tanuki and then he and Yakumo have a “changing” battle. I have no idea why Yakumo wins even though all he does is change his clothes…the tanuki changed from Ten, to Arata, to Ranmaru lol. The tanuki then believes that everyone else at the lodge is a demon pretending to be human so he befriends all of them and he turns into Tanumi – basically a Takumi from GE but with tanuki ears 😆 For some reason the A4 naturally accept Tanumi as a friend (but I guess cause they’re ahos after all…) When Manami goes to the onsen with Yakumo & Arata, they run into the GTR who then strip naked to take photos for their calendar. Ranmaru manages to escape with Manami & co, leaving poor Kirioka to deal with Tendou’s sparkling.  Tanumi hears that Manami is a female and then decides to “check” when he immediately gets blown to bits by Yakumo’s bazookas 😆 The reason Tanumi hates humans is because apparently in the past they wanted to build some kind of theme park in this area and tear down the forest. Due to this Tanumi lost his home but since he’s a tanuki moving from place to place isn’t a big deal. Next day Yakumo takes Manami to the forest alone away from the others where they have a heart to heart. He tells her how he hates being short and that he’s glad Manami still thinks he’s cute despite his family being a bunch of yakuzas. At night Yakumo finds Manami asleep int he hallway so he tries to piggy back her to her room but it’s hard for him since he’s so short. He’s really mad at himself that his body’s not grown since he was like 15 or something. At the matsuri, Shun gives Yakumo & Manami some of the hirameki manju that we saw in Shun’s route back in the X part of the game プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Ten does his summer festival and Manami & Yakumo hang out together. They run into the other 2 GE members who are there to perform the concert with Yakumo and they have to tell Tanumi to turn into someone else so the real Takumi isn’t like “Wtf?!” Tanumi then turns into Ranmaru and decides to walk around that way instead. Yakumo then takes Manami to a place near the water where there are lot of fireflies. He says that he wishes Manami would just hug him randomly and she’s like “I can’t really do that since you are my student” and so Yakumo hugs her instead. After his festival concert she visits his changing room and gives him a good job hug. Yakumo is so touched he hugs her back and cries on her shoulder. (*´ω`*) In his perfect end, Yakumo & Manami return to the town for another festival and for GE’s live concert. Before the concert Yakumo becomes like extremely horny and demands that Manami make out with him right outside the stage (while random dream club girls are walking around…oh d3p you!) Manami’s like “you insatiable whore!” In the dream ending they return to the town 1 year later and go into the hot spring together where they make out and afterwards Yakumo asks her to come live with him in the future. Now the best Yakumo end is the Normal end when they return to the town, Manami is now harassed by Tanumi to have his tanuki babies, at the same time while Ranmaru totally wants a piece of dat as well as Yakumo and his “I FOUND HER FIRSTTTTT!!! WAHH BOKU!” So basically 4P end xDDD Also I have no freaking idea why Manami grows tanuki ears. That doesn’t exactly help to not convince Tanumi that she’s a human rofl. Lol I don’t even know what the hell Rejet? XDXD Meh as usual Yakumo’s route was kinda boring and ear grating. His perfect end kiss CG was so terrible that when the text name box blocked part of it, it actually was an improvement on the situation sigh.

Mine Arata – Sadly Arata got pretty much shafted as much as Yakumo did if not more. I don’t know why they just refuse to give Arata and interesting story but his story and endings just felt long & dragged out. Maybe its because Arata is always hitting on Manami so they can’t use that as a time waster like they can with other guys’ endings…so they then try to shove srs bsness scenes which only makes me fall asleep. (´・ω・`;) Arata’s plot is basically revolving around Ten’s festival story and how Arata now helps out with a lot of the planning. The one scene I liked was when he says how he’s currently “dreaming” and wants to continue being in a dream while they are on this trip and then he almost kisses her…until she punches him away lol. When they walk further into the forest, towards some mountain that has a rumored mysterious beauty…Arata gets caught in some kind of trance. I guess he sees his mom or something and almost falls into the water until Manami grabs & holds him back. He’s so happy she saved his life he kisses her on the forehead. When they head back to town they find some sick loli and take her back to the house until her parents come to pick her up. At the festival, Ten insists that Manami & Arata be carried on the Mikoshi as a thanks for all the planning help. Afterwards the 2 of them go near the lake where they look at the fireflies. Arata says he wants to come back to this town every year. In the perfect ending Arata’s at the town I guess doing some kind of medical internship?

He says he wants to give his dad’s hospital to his brother and instead open up a small clinic in this town so that the kids like the loli from before have somewhere to go. He proposes to Manami and they kiss. In the dream end they come back to the town and run into the loli again who’s now less sick. It starts raining and they share an umbrella. Now the Normal end was Arata was probably better than HIS WHOLE ROUTE. Basically Manami comes back to the town 1 year later and decides to take a soak in the onsen. Little does she know that the P2 & A4 were already on the other side before that. Arata’s naked-lady-dar picks up and he drags his fellow pervert Nachi and is like “isn’t it our duty to peek” and of course Nachi is like “of course me fellow エロ成人! So then they trick Ten into thinking that they should fix the “separator” wall which might fall down even though poor Ten thinks that peeking isn’t good…and Yakumo and Chisato are like “oh god don’t involve me” XD…Kei rages and Nachi and him run away when Ten goes up on the wall and no matter how you look at it…he’s peeking on her 😆 Manami screams and Tendou sensei hears and runs in. He realizes that the A4 have been “peeking” and he gives them some divine punishment. Poor Chisato was just a victim.. 😆 Lmfao it’s so sad that all I can remember about Arata’s route is probably the Normal ending. It’s a shame his route was overall just meh and not really special from his route in the original game. He did get a kiss CG but it was crappily drawn like Yakumo’s, oh well ┐(‘~`;)┌.

Houjou Kei – I expected Kei’s route to be epic but I feel kinda let down! I guess maybe because in the original Z he didn’t get epic until the very end when he got all deredere so I pretty much only enjoyed Kei’s dream ending to be honest. So as usual the A4 don’t wanna study so Kei wants to send them back home and to do this they need Kagetora’s approval. Sadly for Kei, Kagetora goes MIA for a while and instead Manami & Kei walk around town for nothing. Then they run into Kirioka’s 2 sons who almost drown in the river and they save them thanks to Ten who was just passing by.  I mean honestly Kirioka where the fuck are you? You leave your like 8 & 3 year old child to play near a dangerous river? What the hell lol. They then decide to visit the local school in this town to get some teacher feedback and turns out Okazaki from Vitamin X is now a teacher there! He hears them mention the A4 & says it reminds him of the B6 of his time. Apparently he knows that the B6 are in town and says he has made plans to meet with one of them (probably Hajime) for luch. After they return back Ten teacher Kei how to sit indian style (or as they say Yakuza style) and Nachi gets all jealous. Okazaki also told them how they have delinquent students because they got 2 gangs who keep fighting with each other and destroying each other’s classrooms/ school buildings. Kei decides to infiltrate the school to find out what’s goin on by dressing up in the school’s uniforms with Manami. (Really, all Kei wants to do was to put Manami into a high school girl uniform 😆 ) When they get there they go into a classroom where they see some girl sitting there looking out the window. She’s like “There’s almost nobody at this school, I know that you are not students here.” They admit defeat and she explains that it’s basically just gang rivalry between her and the other leader lol.

So Kei decides to join forces with Ten to create a festival that both school’s students can attend and try to make amends.  While the festival is going on Manami says she wants to walk around with Kei so that he isn’t just working all day. The 2 school leaders meet up at the bonfire and suddenly their rivalry turns into love and they both dance to the folk dance. Meanwhile Manami asks Kei to dance with her and this becomes their summer memory~. In the perfect end, Kei & Manami return to the town 1 year later and Kei is all jelly of the current seitokai dudes who Manami works along with. They run into that gang leader chick and turns out that she and that other gang leader not only fell in love but immediately got married after high school and he immediately knocked her up /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Kei is like “zomg I mustn’t lose to them! Manami we gonna get married and have babies and also you have to come live with me!” Manami’s like “wtf dude keep your pants on Щ(・`ω´・Щ)” And then they kiss or something. In the dream end which I liked more, Kei is being super dere and kisses her in public to make sure everyone knows that she belongs to him (Suddenly Nachi flashbacks… xD) They go to an amusement park for their date cause Kei’s date manual says so. While they’re about to go on a ride, Kei drops his wallet and inside of it is a photo of him & Manami in school uniforms プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ LOL SEIFUKU FETISH KEICHAN |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  She’s like “we can take a new pic if that’s the only one you have of us together!” He’s all like NO I NEED TO HAVE THAT ONE lolol. In the Normal ending, Kei, Kagetora & Manami practice folk dances with the 6 bears lol. Well anyway yea kinda disappointed. Kei was too busy being righteous or hanging out doing stupid things with Ten & co. to have any cute tsundere moments so I guess I’m kinda unsatisfied lol.

Houjou Nachi – Nachi’s route felt like they spent 90% of it in the hot springs lol. At first Kei goes to visit the other school but he decides he will wakl 10 freaking kilometers there so Nachi fakes illness and Manami stays behind to care for him. He then turns into the usual Nachi and demands she “check” his temperature by touching foreheads (/ρ\)いやーん So then Nachi is bored and so Manami decides to explore the mansion with him to kill time. They discover an unused onsen in the back and Manami decides she will clean it up first before using it. Nachi’s all like mendokusai…and while cleaning Manami falls into the water and then Nachi joins her (in their swimsuits.) They decide to keep this onsen their little secret…until Ten babbles about how he found that onsen the next day! Nachi is not amused and doesn’t wanna go there with the others so Manami offers to take him out to town to make him feel better. Later on he’s sitting in his room reading the various books and pamphlets that he bought while they were out while everyone’s at the onsen again. Manami takes out her kappa puppet and smacks him with it when he says pervy remarks ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪ The next day he takes her out saying they’re gonna catch & drown a Kappa (poor Kappa..) but turns out he just brought her to an onsen that he found (which I think was the AiRabuYu from the X story lol). The 2 of them go in together and decide to keep it a secret…until Kiyoharu shows up! 人生オワタ\(^o^)/ For some reason though Kiyo’s kinda bro and doesn’t tell anyone o_O. So while they’re chillaxing they hear a bunch of annoying horn sounds. It’s some stupid biker gang and Nachi’s about had it with their shit so they get dressed and go out of the onsen to tell them to stfu. Biker gang leader gets into an argument with Nachi, so Nachi challenges him to a bike race.

Needless to say Nachi wins and he forces the gang to break up. Instead though, he suggests to the leader to go and become a pro racer. After that Nachi & Manami return to their hotspring! All hotsprings all the time! In the perfect ending, Manami & Nachi return to that onsen 1 year later and while Nachi wants to ichaicha with her she’s too busy cleaning it..again. Apparently he then put up a “beware of wild bears” sign in front as well as a bunch of traps to make sure they’re alone with each other. Manami was being a stupid ho saying “noo we can’t go in together” (Wtf woman you LIVE IN THE SAME APARTMENT (ಠ_ಠ)) Nachi’s like whatever ho, and he went into the bath and began pulling her towel off saying he’s gonna wash her back |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . You go Nachi! XDXD In the dream end it was kinda lame as all they did was just return to that town and just get all ichaicha but no real kiss CG or anything. In the normal end, Nachi  & Manami in the hotsprings part 10, but then Kamijou shows up with Chamomile to cockblock using some excuse like “Chamomile is too shy to bathe with the male bears” xD…well it works because now Kamijou, Chamomile & Manami are bathing together while Nachi is being attacked by the other bears & can’t get to them. Also it’s weird but like Kamijou & Manami were drinking sake even though in his profile he claims he HATES sake. Wtf? ( ´_ゝ`) Well anyway I really enjoyed Nachi’s perfect ending but the lack of a decent kiss CG stunk and his dream end felt so so lacking…like not even a freaking kiss sound effect lol. Like throw me a bone here Rejet. Guess if you really like Nachi, his original game routes are probably the best.

GTR & R+ Bonus – Well this was kinda short. Basically the GTR bonus was when the GTR try to comfort sensei by giving her advice on the A4..and then during the summer festival they basically take turns trying to get some alone time with her. Needless to say, by the end I guess they give in trying to get her alone so they do their GTR routine together as they all watch the festival fireworks. What a pity I was really hoping they’d give like actual routes to the separate GTR guys since this is a fandisk after all…well maybe it would have been possible if they didn’t shove both X AND Z into one game lol. In the 2nd bonus, it was basically just Kagetora & Manami. She found him sleeping in a coffin in the basement of the mansion cause apparently he was tired (or like I said he’s a freaking vampire..) They both then go to the lounge and have some drinks until Manami gets drunk and passes out on his lap. It was a cute CG I guess…woulda been cuter if they stuck with Kagetora’s original character design (´・ω・`). While she’s sleeping Kagetora sings her a lullaby and a shocked Kamijou walks in thinking Kagetora was with the bears lol.

So that was fast! Incredibly fast! It took me less than week for both X AND Z! So yea I guess if the exams from the other games frightened you before this game is a lot easier. On the other hand, there’s a lot of great scenes from the original games that this game just didn’t live up to (I’m looking at you Kei & Nachi..) The great parts for me anyway were since I played the PS2 X, they did a lot of stand in pic improvement and so the standins here looked great to me. While Z kinda felt the same graphic wise, the art definitely got better compared to the original art in X so that was a pleasant surprise. Memorable moment includes Hajime’s “That’s street!” Oh Hajime 😆 I found the best way to play was to do all study in chapters 1-2, and then all love in chapters 3-4 to get the perfect end. After this just go back & redo chapter 1 for all love to get the dream end. Finally redo chapter 4 and skip all actions & pick study or -points choice and boom Normal end. Sadly this requires that you get EVERY single action point (only about 4-5 per chapter) so if you miss one you’d have to then redo 2 chapters for the dream route. I only ever missed this for maybe 2 chars and the rest I was able to get perfect. I don’t know why they didn’t give Goro any other outfits besides like his school uniform, pajama & his outdoor outfit. Everyone else in X had like skii outfits but Goro just looked the same the entire time. I mean really who walks around with a tube top at a freaking skii resort. (´・ω・`;) Some of the stand-in pics, since this is a PSP game, didn’t go low enough that you could see bath towels or swimsuits. That means at various bath scenes (which there were plenty of!) the guys looked like they were just standing there butt naked while the heroine was in her swimsuit and everybody was OKAY with this /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ.

There was this ongoing GTR calendar photoshoot story going on the entire time in Z but in the GTR route nothing came of it. Why! I wanted some joke about how  Manami received a complimentary copy or something! I liked how in X there was this consistent story about Shinonome & the mansion…but in Z the stories were kind of all over the place. The only consistent thing as Ten’s festival but everything else just varied and I guess it just wasn’t as interesting. Regarding romance, X definitely beat Z this time in that department. It’s so strange that in a scene in Z they will draw a CG of say Manami & Nachi in the hotspring but it’ll just be them kinda  sitting there. Yet during a moment where say he gets close to her and maybe touches her forehead with his,THIS IS WHERE THERE SHOULD BE A CG. WHY DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND REJET. Okay so maybe they DO understand for X but it’s like for Z they only cared about doing incredibly silly things and then were like “oh shit, this is called summer ROMANCE..we gotta add some romance now..damn..shoot…(;´ω`)>..” So yea needless to say the most (*´д`*)ハァハァ routes were probably Ten & Chisato’s for Z. For X I just loved Tsubasa, Hajime and parts of Goro’s & SOME parts of Kiyo’s (he felt a lot more tame this time around!) I’m not including Nachi in this simply cause Manami pulled a Tsukiko.  Since a lot of the scenario & endings sort of rely on you knowing what happened in the original games, you might find it “sudden” or “unusual” when the endings suddenly jump to what happened “after” the original games’ endings.  Overall I think it was worth playing just to get that last bit of Vitamin fandom out of my system, and it was short so I didn’t have to spend 2 months on it like before XD.

5 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Vitamin X to Z

  1. I like Vitamin X so much! But I haven’t played Z yet. I could see that the graphic quality is much better than in DS.
    So basically, Z has less guys than X right?
    Hmm….makes me wanna play it soon!
    X guys are cute, baka, and ecchi too ^O^ while the teacher isn’t some kind of weak heroine that want to be slashed. I found Yuri is funny and baka too, not boring at all.
    Oh I wish that Goro turn into real man! Damn it! It gave me the hell just because I want to play Nikaido’s route >_< My friends and I HATE shota, especially if that dude is prettier and cuter and girlier than heroine =_=
    Yes, the exams also a LOT of PAIN! I was searching the answers from my guide in almost every questions O_o
    THANK GOD this game didn't have exams.

    1. vitamin Z has more characters actually (since you can get with the teachers too)
      Goro does turn into a real man..did you read my Vitamin X summary ? o_o;

      1. So does with X right? We could get the teachers too. Hmm….this is because I haven’t played Z T^T
        Yes I read your summary. It’s just that I HATE Goro as girl >__<
        I know he changed into real man, but this time around he changed back to girl again right? Why can't he just stay as man? Huhuhuuu…….

      2. Well, in DS version we could get the teachers too you know. It’s short, like 2 chapters, but it’s really cute too. Ah…I don’t think X or any of lovesims PS2 cd is sold here. It’s hard to find one T^T

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