Pangya Lyrical Voice Clubs

Thanks to Rich for making this video:

I’m sorry but in my opinion the exceed voices were much better. Well the voice acting/actors are the same but the lines were just so much funnier. Lucia’s “I’m GOOD” and “That was HOT!” as well as her DB “O.M.GEE” just cannot be replaced by the crap in these clubs. Exceed clubs stats are also way better in my opinion. I definitely don’t recommend anyone waste time with this gacha unless you don’t own a pair of voice clubs and just want to have one. Those who own miracle & exceed, don’t waste your coins!

In other news, I have carpal tunnel (手根管症候群)…or something close to it so my right arm’s been out of commission for a week. Haven’t been playing Pangya or Tartaros, just making it through my otome game backlog on auto-mode.


7 thoughts on “Pangya Lyrical Voice Clubs”

  1. i almost had that kind of problem when i played RO haha
    that was the time when i left the hardcore gaming behind and started playing pangya hahah

    take a break and go read, do stretches and get some rest, it takes a while but it gets better.

    and i miss pangya T_T

  2. well I think the exceeds are fun (at least for Lucia & the guys) It didn’t take me more than 2 tries to win them so I think I’m good as far as voices go anyway.

    I remember I wanted the lyrical so freaking badly on Japan cause all the male voices were my favorite seiyuu but after like 12 tries I didn’t win them and ragequit 😆

    Thanks – I’m busy packing my place and I think I’m just making it worse orz

  3. I’ve never been interested in the Voice clubs anyway. I have more than enough clubs in my inventory (all from events, I’m such a cheap ass D:). Also, I’m a bit worried that Ntreev is running out of ideas, seeing as the recent Gachas have been pretty…eh. :/

    Also, I hope you get better soon.

  4. Your site is fucking lulz. Just read one of your reviews and figured I’d go in the latest post and suck-up.

    Keep it up. (>_O)b

  5. yuki> おおいいね! 私もマジで運動しないと手がともかく首や背中もあぶないOrz

  6. 手大丈夫。。お大事にしてくださいよ!

    素振り(Make a practice swing)をしたり打ちっぱなし(Go to the golf driving range)に行ってます!
    ジョギングをしたりして体を作っています(Build body)

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