Eternal Dungeon Floors 1-10

It was going well until we got to floor 10 where JP got pwned twice and the boss decided to play soccer with my Cromodo 😆 Oh well you can hear Namikawa Daisuke go うあぁっ! like 10 times at least lol xD.


Poupee Rainy Day Event 2011


Lol I ended up spending about 3000 ribbons by getting 4 rainy sets haha XD Mostly got just Pancho, Boots & Umbrella. The frog set is probably the only set I got the most items from. This is probably the first year I wasn’t completely broke.

Rainy Event 2010
Rainy Event 2009

Celestial Gods Event

First of all SGI must have read my mind (or my blog) because I said I didn’t wanna buy Lucia’s other kimono and instead was going to wait out on her miko outfit. Lo  & behold this update they bring out her miko outfit. I bought it instantly ;D

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