Pangya Lyrical Voice Clubs

Thanks to Rich for making this video:

I’m sorry but in my opinion the exceed voices were much better. Well the voice acting/actors are the same but the lines were just so much funnier. Lucia’s “I’m GOOD” and “That was HOT!” as well as her DB “O.M.GEE” just cannot be replaced by the crap in these clubs. Exceed clubs stats are also way better in my opinion. I definitely don’t recommend anyone waste time with this gacha unless you don’t own a pair of voice clubs and just want to have one. Those who own miracle & exceed, don’t waste your coins!

In other news, I have carpal tunnel (手根管症候群)…or something close to it so my right arm’s been out of commission for a week. Haven’t been playing Pangya or Tartaros, just making it through my otome game backlog on auto-mode.