Galge Review: Kanon

Taking a break from otome games I decided to replay Kanon the PS2 version. I played in about 10 years ago, the PC version with no BGM, no voices and my Japanese level was pathetic where I didn’t understand anything anyway. I’m sure everyone & their grandma knows the story and/or watched both animes (i.e. me) but I figured I’d treat this like I treat all my reviews so expect a novel below! Please note this is the PS2 version so everyone was voiced (except Yuichi) and there was no unnecessary porn. The story is about Aizawa Yuichi who moves in with his aunt and cousin back to a town that he left 7 years ago. Due to a possible PTSD he’s forgotten a lot of stuff that happened 7 years ago and as he spends more time living there it’s all coming back to him now. Continue reading Galge Review: Kanon