Otome Game Review: Armen Noir

The story is about a girl named Nazca also known as Armen Noir. She is an A class bounty hunter who lives and works for the Bountiers chief Zecs. The thing is, despite her being an A class hunter, she cannot kill anybody. She rose to A rank because she has been able to defeat her enemies well without having to kill them. Zecs begins to get very disappointed in her because he really wants to her to be his little killing machine. Uh yea that’s about it for the back story…more after the jump ε- (^ω^# ).

Sword – Without completely spoiling stuff in the intro paragraph Sword is actually the token childhood friend. UNFORTUNATELY unlike most childhood friends, he doesn’t actually do all those great cliches we love about childhood friends. In fact Sword unfortunately is a very dislikeable character whose potential was just thrown out the window by the writers. She met up with Sword when she was 6 and taken to the Bountiers where he helped her become a bounty hunter. Noir has no previous memories of who she was prior to that so up to now Sword was basically her life. She used to sleep in his room when she was younger and he would spoil her a lot. THIS IS WHERE THE POTENTIAL ENDS. Noir is sent on a mission to kill one of the “Farm” members by the name of Knives. She is told that if she doesn’t kill him, then she cannot come back to the Bountiers because they will kill her instead. Of course Noir can’t do it and because of that Knives defeats her. Before doing the final blow he notices that she’s a girl and decides to rescue her instead because he’s a gentleman and does not kill women or children! (*´ω`*)

So basically she spends her time at the Farm living with Knives and his gang there and having lots of fun while she heals her shoulder. One night Sword shows up and tells her that she has 1 last chance to redeem herself and that is to kill the Farm leader, Crimson – who fucking HEALED HER SHOULDER GOD DAMNIT (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻. So since this is Sword’s route I have to pick “Kill Crimson” sigh ( ´_ゝ`). I really wanted to kill Sword instead to be honest. So anyway she of course can’t do it (who could!?) and Sword knew this so he shows up and stabs poor Crimson instead 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 うえええん. So then Sword forces her to fight Knives and they kill the poor guy instead. If that wasn’t bad enough, Zecs takes Knives’ body and uses it to make a cyborg that will fight at his every command. Rain, from the Farm, shows up looking for Knives and Noir and ends up fighting the cyborg-Knives and kills him so that Knives cannot be used as a fighting machine anymore. (´;ω;`) So then one day Sword goes out to fight Rain and Noir is torn so she goes to interfere and instead gets stabbed in the shoulder. Zecs says he doesn’t give a damn that she can’t move her arm and he forces her to then go fight Scrapper. She defeats him but gets hurt really badly to the point of passing out. Kowloon finds her and then with Sword’s help bring her back to Bountiers.

Sword finally fucking realizes that “oh gee wiz this Bountiers place isn’t so great after all!” so he decides that the 2 of them will run away. So of course they do and Zecs is pissed and he puts a bounty on their heads and sends Elle after them. Sword kills Elle (god everyone is dying) but does it so that Elle’s body cannot be reused for fighting anymore. Elle thanks him for doing this and dies. (´;ω;`) They run off to some apartment where suddenly ITS LOVE TIME IN CASE YOU FORGOT THIS IS AN OTOME GAME /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Sword babbles about some shit hat he’ll give his life to her to make up for her “losses” (not good moron) and kisses her. Suddenly Noir transforms into your stereotypical stupid weak otome heroine and from then on all she does is watch over him while he acts like the big hero. The final battle is between him and Kowloon who he defeats and Kowloon says his body will cease to function in like 1-2 minutes. Noir rambles about how Kowloon was a brother to her ( ´_ゝ`). Zecs shows up, gives the typical bad guy speech and then leaves saying that they can run but they can’t hide. Whatever douche. So basically now they’re just on the run and in the epilogue she randomly goes HEY SWORD I LOVE YOU WHY CANT WE SLEEP TOGETHER and he’s like well MAYBE WE CAN IF THIS WAS A PC GAME and then he kisses her. (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ Bah screw this route. So much fucking wasted potential! So much hate! You know a “romance” scene of a character you just DON’T LIKE isn’t so romantic after all.

Elle – Elle is the cyborg with a heart. He’s that knight who wanted to have a heart and finally got it but unlike the Wizard of Oz he sadly did not get a happy ending. Elle’s route was essentially the same as Sword’s but unlike Sword he showed a lot more care and concern towards Noir’s well being. When he realizes that Zecs plans to make Noir fight until she dies and turn her into a cyborg he decides to run away with her. They end up escaping but then stalker Sword finds them and tells them to go back to Bountiers because eventually Elle’s power supply will run out and he will cease to function – and Zecs will put a bounty on Noir’s head. Noir doesn’t want Elle to die so she decides they will go back and talk to Zecs (like that douche will listen.) When they return Zecs tells them that the reason Elle has emotions is because he was originally a human – not just a robot created from scratch. His real name is Noah and his creator is no other than….DUN DUN ECLIPSE. What a twist! Her real name is Dr. Moon (lol?) and she left some emotions in him when creating him. Elle decides he will destroy the “Nameless” machine which was used to create these cyborgs. In the meantime Sword and Kowloon face off with Zecs (and then drop off the face of the earth.) Dr. Moon shows up saying she wants Elle to kill Noir so that he won’t have anymore “emotional blocks” but tha powa of rabu takes over and Elle kills Dr. Moon instead. He destroys the machine and then they escape someplace. A few days later, Elle asks Noir to call him Noah while he calls her Nazca and then he asks her to never forget him as he kisses her in the sunset….THEN HE DIES. AFTER ALL THAT HE DOESNT EVEN GET SOME MIRACLE ENDING OR SOME SHIT. He just dies. (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

Knives – You know I am on the 3rd guy’s route here….is it THAT hard to ask for a good ending? I don’t mean an ending where there’s a kiss scene. I mean an ending where the fucking character I’m going after DOESN’T DIE. Is that so hard to ask Otomate? Sigh. So Knives is the super gentleman. Whenever even the shota attempts to do such as wash Noir’s back at the Farm, he rages and says that she is a woman and that cannot be allowed. He stays awake all night outside her room protecting her and making sure nobody comes. Once she wakes up is when he finally goes to sleep. What a guy ;_;. The only reason he became a criminal is because he once tried to protect a criminal girl because he didn’t want to see any women/children getting killed. Because of this he was labeled as a criminal and as more and more dudes went after him, he would kill them and his rank would just keep rising. Sigh. (´・ω・`) So then when that douche Sword shows up and threatens to kill Noir, Knives comes to save her but sadly the poor guy gets killed…in his own route. ( ಠ益ಠ ) As in the other routes, Zecs makes a cyborg out of Knives and he is sent to attack and kill Rain. Rain is confused but fights him and when Noir tries to intervene suddenly Knives has a memory strike and remembers her name. This gives Rain a chance to knock him unconscious and bring him back to the farm for consultation with Crimson.

Crimson explains that Knives had a chip put inside of him which is what’s keeping him alive since he was stabbed through the heart – but basically he’s been cyborged the same way Elle was. Yea you should know where I am going with this. Noir ends up fighting and killing Elle (poor guy T_T). When she goes back to Bountiers she’s stopped by Sword who starts attacking her (since he’s a fucking dickface) and just in the nick of time Knives comes and saves her. He runs away with her into her room (why u do dis?) saying he didn’t know why but he felt the need to protect her. So then after they’re done having a nice chat in her room, they come out only to meet up with Zecs who’s like “oh hai you’re a cyborg.” Zecs starts fighting and kicking their asses but then Rain comes and tells them to run away together while he buys them time. They do and while they do Knives suddenly remembers everything and is like ZOMG I LOVE YOU, I HAD TO TELL YOU THIS WHEN YOUR DUMBASS CHILDHOOD FRIEND STABBED ME. Noir’s like zomg I love you too and they instantly make out and run to the room with the Nameless machine to destroy it /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. They run into Miss Big Tits (Eclipse) and Knives rages that she’s the one who put the chip into his body. Zecs then shows up saying he “took care” of Rain. They fight again but then Crimson shows up and starts kicking some serious asses! Crimson tells Knives and Noir to run away back to the Farm and wait for him. Sadly neither him nor Rain ever return. A few days later while Knives is sleeping on the roof Noir puts his head on her lap as he dies in her arms tonight while the sun sets. (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

Rain – Rain’s route was fortunately an improvement probably on all the routes I’ve played above. He’s often called hentai aka coat by Xian Tao and he’s the game’s tsundere (yippie!) He’s not really great at using his CA so most of his attacks are just really powerful that I guess this doesn’t come into play? He tsuns around but then he gets pissed off at the Bountiers for basically raising Noir as a killing machine. He takes her out on a date and buys her some ice cream since he knows she likes sweet stuff and we get the obligatory ice cream licking off face CG (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Anyway happy times over and cyborg-Knives shows up to kill them (after the whole kill Crimson or die scenario). Rain fights him with Noir but then he gets hurt and when Knives almost hits him, Xian Tao runs in and takes the damage. He gets badly hurt but fortunately doesn’t die….but seriously come on Otomate! (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻ Rain kills Knives while he is unconscious so he can no longer be brainwashed to fight for the Bountiers. He then is raging about this bullshit and he sets out to go the Bountiers HQ and mass kill everyone. Noir knows this is suicidal so she runs after him telling him she doesn’t want him to do this. She says she will do everything she can to stop him and he ends up fighting her in rage saying he’ll kill her. He realizes that she’s badly hurt and he just wants her to stop from getting up but it gets to the point that even Crimson has to interfere and be like “yo stop or Ima cut you.” Finally Rain gets it through his tsundere head that Noir is just doing this because she cares about him.

Soo now we got both Noir and Xian Tao who are injured. Since Xian Tao is injured they don’t have anyone to cook for them and so their meals end up being hot dogs and oranges for breakfast lunch and dinner. 😆 Anyway Rain feels like an ass so he ends up taking care of Noir as she recovers by sleeping in the same room with her and tending to her bandages as well as bringing her any food or water. He tells her after this he plans to go to his “other” place but as long as she doesn’t stop him from killing the people at the Bountiers. Noir is still in disagreement with this but anyway she leaves the room for a few minutes to go take a shower. When she comes back she finds Rain sleeping on her bed. She doesn’t know why her hormones are doing their thang but she starts playing with his hair and he wakes up and pulls her on top of him. He says that if she’s gonna “attack” him she should just go ahead and do it and she just says she wanted to touch his hair 😆 He tells her to open her mouth and then chu━━━(○´3`(●´3`(○´3`(●´3`(○´3`)━━━!! (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Sadly this happy mood doesn’t last too long when Elle shows up saying he wants to take Noir back to Bountiers. Just as Elle is about to be defeated, fucking douche Sword shows up and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t stop fighting. Additionally Sword tells Rain that he wants him to continue mass killing like he did before.

Rain now is on the same path as Noir and he actually doesn’t want to kill anymore. He knows that the only reason they want him to keep killing is to “evolve” their CAs so it would be just as keikaku. He says they should stop fighting and that Sword should stop fighting too. Sword says that if he doesn’t fight Rain, he won’t be able to take Noir back. Rain is like “oh I see what u did there. I guess this a man to man fight over a girl. Alright then I’m down with that.” 😆 So then Rain and Sword fight and it’s as if god finally heard my prayers fucking douche Sword has been defeated! ワ――゚.+:。ヾ(o・ω・)ノ゚.+:。――イ But since Rain is like the no-killing pansy now, he tells Sword to “come back and fight him for Noir as much as he wants”. So 3 months pass and during that time both Noir and Rain are considered criminals on the run as they fight off hunters – but never killing them. They run into Rain’s father who asks why his son is such a pansy now and Rain says he just wants to get out of this town and go to a place that’s more peaceful where they will never have to fight anymore. They leave him and I guess are staying in some dump while they think about ways to escape this city. Meh kinda open ended but at least the guy I was pursuing didn’t die =_=.

Crimson – Crimson is definitely my favorite guy but as much as I hoped it wouldn’t be, his route was total balls too ( ´_ゝ`). Crimson is the local doctor at the Farm but he’s actually also the number 1 most wanted criminal who is also known as the shinigami because his CA is a giant scythe. After the Knives Death Incident ™ Noir decides she’s gonna go try to stop the Bountier people on her own so nobody at the farm gets hurt anymore. Well yea we know how well that goes. Sadly she does kill Elle but while she is fighting Kowloon, Sword shows up bitching about how he has to be the one to fight her. So he of course intends to heal her since he’s a fucking douchebag that he is and just in the nick of time Crimson comes to save her \( ^o^)/ . Crimson kicks his ass and I’m all happy here and shit but THEN SHE FUCKING BENDS DOWN, TAKES SWORD’S HAND INTO HERS AND KISSES HIS FOREHEAD – RIGHT IN FRONT OF CRIMSON.( ಠ益ಠ ) WHAT THE FUCK DUDE. Crimson’s all like “Um..what the fuck are you doing dude this is my route.” He then confirms with her that her relationship with Sword is really a “brother/sister” one and Crimson admits he is quite jealous there 😆 WELL DAMN WHO WOULDN’T BE. (Also this solved my mystery of the missing Sword CG.) So anyway turns out Crimson was a bounty hunter 10 years ago, partnered with Zecs, but during a battle he got badly injured and during that moment his CA at the time, Nero (who is now Noir’s CA), abandoned him. Crimson was then rescued by a doctor and he decided not to bother going back to the Bountiers since he didn’t care where he was as long as he was alive. He then I guess learned under that guy and became a doctor himself.

He then tells her the hard truth that he and Zecs actually had kept in touch via Eclipse the entire time that Noir was at the Farm. Apparently Zecs wanted her to get some experience being a hunter AND being a criminal. She is heart broken thinking that Crimson knew about Knives’ murder but did nothing about but she says she trusts me. He then tells her that he only knew about the part where he had to watch over her at the Farm but he didn’t know anything about their plot to hurt Knives and even Xian Tao. He’s pissed at Zecs for doing this bullshit so he says he has some beef with the Bountiers and was going to go here regardless of what Noir wanted to do. He decides that it’s a good idea to destroy Nameless and they walk to the room where it’s located. On the way there Crimson asks if she could give him the same “charm” she gave to that Swordshit. She agrees but before she can do that he grabs her head and kisses her |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Anyway they run into Zecs who thinks there’s nothing wrong with using dead bodies to make fighting machines for himself so Crimson fights him. He’s badly injured but Noir finally does something useful and she levels up Nero, which buys Crimson some time and he’s able to defeat Zecs (FINALLY!) Sadly he’s hurt really badly but he tells Noir he loves her and then he passes out. Suddenly they are back at the Farm and Crimson has lost all his memories (and his CA too.) Noir tells him that it’s okay to just start over like how she did back when she was found by Sword and she tells Crimson that she loves him. Bah. Yay reset ending! ( ಠ益ಠ ) They couldn’t just give them a happy end. Why does only Sword get the REAL happy end? A little fucking biased are we?

Zecs – Yes we all fucking hate Zecs but fortunately this route was mostly about Noir’s past and the conclusion of the game rather than any romantic dealings with that ossan. He’s the one who gave Noir her name when he found her. When Noir goes off to fight Knives before he can take her back to the farm, Swordy shows up saying he doesn’t want her to die and he fights Knives instead. (Wow about the only useful thing he ever did the entire game?) He almost kills knives but then Rain shows up and fights him instead. The two of them have an even match and end up killing each other. \( ^o^)/ Noir is so depressed that she emos around and Zecs decides to stay in her room and babysit her the rest of the route. Kowloon leaves Bountiers because his aniki is dead and he has no reason to stay there. One night she has one of her weird nightmares again and she wakes up to find herself strangling Zecs (yippie!) She’s not sure why but Zecs brings her to the place where he first found her – and suddenly memories flow back to her and she remembers that he was strangling her back when she was 7. She gets pissed and thinks that he killed her parents so she attacks him. Zecs doesn’t want to fight her so he runs off and then she runs into Crimson who’s all 萌え萌えきゅん♡ for her and takes her back to the farm along with Xian Tao. Crimson then leaves to go “talk to Zecs” and after sitting there alone she decides to go back to the Bountiers and take her revenge. When she gets there she finds blood everywhere and finds Elle is dead.

She then runs to the room with the Nameless in it and sees Sword and Zecs are there. However, sword has now been cyborged and barelye talks except doing his attacks. Zecs tells her that Crimson was here and he wanted to destroy Nameless so they’d stop creating these cyborgs but he had to fight both Elle (who he killed) and Sword. He was injured badly so he ran off back to the farm where he presumably died. Noir realizes she has to finish what Crimson didn’t and decides she will destroy Nameless. Before that though she has to fight sword. During the fight, Nero evolves and she is able to defeat him. Additionally Sword doesn’t kill her because I guess part of his human mind is left and he remember her but Noir knows that he’s no longer the Sword she grew up with so she kills him for real and he says “Nazca..” before passing out. Noir realizes this is no time for tears so she then goes to fight Zecs. She finds out that the reason her parents were killed is that they got involved in a crossfire between Zecs, Crimson and some Numbers 10 years ago. That’s when Crimson got hurt and lost his contract with Nero who then protected Noir and picked her as his next master. After her parents died, Zecs attempted to kill her because he knew she wouldn’t be able to survive on her own in this GRITTY town so he wanted her to “join her parents” in heaven or whatever. He couldn’t do it though because she reminded him of his dead sister who was about that age when she died (also killed by some Numbers.) He instead decided to take her in and raise her as a hunter to see how much she could evolve her CA.

Suddenly Nero inside of her tells her that she must KILL ZECS. He pretty much like takes over her mind and evolves into his ultimate form. This is where the asskicking begins and Nero pretty much chomps down on Zecs and kills him. However before Zecs dies he gives us a long speech about how he created the Bountier system in Mobius so that everyone would fight and level up their CA’s. This way if there was ever a world outside of there, they would be of some value or something 😆 Anyway Noir destroys Nameless and she leaves the Bountiers HQ and takes a dying Zecs with her. They’re on the roof top of some building and nobody comes after them. They both have a dream where they’re frolicking in some green fields like father & daughter or something ε- (^ω^; ふぅ Before Zecs dies he apologizes to Noir and tells her she is now “free”. SUDDENLY SHIT HITS THE FAN AND A GROWN UP XIAN TAO SHOWS UP. (  Д ) ゚ ゚ He explains that Crimson came back to the farm and died and Crimson’s weapon chose Xian Tao as its new master – and gave him a growth spurt 😆 Xian Tao then says he killed all the hunters with his Numbers crew and his goal is to just kill every last one of them. He says since Zecs is dead, which was his ultimate goal, he’ll just have to kill Noir instead since she’s the only hunter left. The game ends with him yelling at her to die. Suddenly after the credits Moon/Luna/Eclipse/Selene (how many goddamn names does this woman have) is talking to someone named Jupiter about some b/s saying how Xian Tao is a problem for their little ecosystem they got going here. TROLLED SO HARD OTOMATE THANKS ┗(^o^ )┓三.

Bonus Omake – This omake just made my day. Despite how much the game made me rage the omake made me laugh really hard that I guess I was able to forgive some of the balls plot in this game 😆 Basically Elle and Knives, who complain that they got like no screen time (since they were mostly….dead) go around interviewing all the characters in the game and asking them silly and embarrassing questions. Some highlights: Zecs’ real name is Alexandria Wiseman – which is a woman’s name. The last boss is named Alexandria プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ His weapon sounds like a loli or a shota or something. XD Sword’s story had some kind of raburabu Noir in an apron ending which was scrapped because it wouldn’t be badass enough for his personality. His real name is Travis and Noir slept in his room until she was at least 14 XDXD. Kowloon has some kind of sword love thing going on and his real name is Bunji. Also his weapon has a crush on Eclipse’s weapon. Knives raged when he was asked to tell embarrassing stories from middle school. Crimson apparently has a stripping habit and the obvious nurse uniform fetish – to which his weapon thinks he should go die in a fire lol. He hates Sword to death (which Sword apparently is unaware of?) because of the way Sword raised Noir to be all stoic and emotionless 😆 Also he has no doctor license lmfao ( ゚,_ゝ゚). Elle complained that he got killed too much and said the manicure is Eclipse’s hobby which he also suggested to Noir. Xian Tao hates Bountiers and feels like he’s Crimsons’ waifu because he always has to clean up his room and cook for him. (He also makes Elle go |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ ) Rain is silenced during his interview but is apparently a Knives fanboy プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Rain’s weapon is a tsundere loli which makes Knives rage xDDD. Knives also suggested that there be a fandisk where everyone goes to the hotsprings. IAMOKAYWITHTHIS.JPG

Well what can I say – trolled. Trolled so hard to the very end. By the time I got to Rain’s route I had already given up hope for a real HAPPY ending with anybody because that would just never happen. This of course was a positive because I quite liked the result of Zecs’ “Good end”. Probably the best “ossan route” ending I’ve ever played in any game! ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \The music while unoriginal, was actually okay because I really do like classical music. Sure it made me feel like watching the End of Evangelion but overall it was all good. The special effects were cool as well and it really made the game feel dynamic. They had cutouts of both front and backs of characters and they would often pan to Noir during fight scenes. This made it feel like you were sort of watching an anime or a movie rather than just reading a visual novel which was a refreshing change. The one “new” thing that this game introduced which I wish to never see again – DEM LEGS. Seriously at least half the scenes in this game were just legs. I mean dinner scenes were funny cause I liked the convo but honestly couldn’t see see FACES? It’s okay at first especially when Knives would kick Rain in the shins but after a while I was like….okay enough of this. Any time they were in a bar or having a meal at the farm – LEGS. (ಠ_ಠ) After this I don’t ever wanna see leg CGs again honestly lol. Overall I liked everything about this game – except the plot. Once you finished Sword’s route for example (or whoever the first character you did) at least HALF of the game would be skipped.  When I played Bloody Call, which had a very similar scenario, if you were doing the route of say the enemy, you would spend more time there than at the ally’s place. In this game, regardless of whose route you were doing, the entire scenario was the same so when I did Sword’s route especially I spent so much time at the Farm that I completely forgot about him and then he showed up to be a party pooper ( ´_ゝ`). The omake was hilarious and probably my favorite part of the game  – but when an omake is the best part of the game I think that’s an issue. The omake touched on a lot of great personality traits that the main route didn’t cover which to me is just a shame. They had such a great cast to work with, and so many potential plot elements they could have expanded on (Crimson’s hentai nurse fetish, Sword’s childhood friend issues) but they chose to kinda skip over it just to push the release out before Christmas I guess. Overall I recommend trying the game, but try not to get attached too much to any of the characters because their fate is not the happiest one. I really hope those hints in the omake signify that there really will be a fandisk and it will be like an alternate universe where everyone can act silly like they did in the omake. (*´ω`*)

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  1. Crimson was my favorite character lol so maybe save him for last? 😆 I’d get Sword out of the way cause he’s the biggest jerk lol
    I think the most horrid ends were for Knives & Elle xDD but I think they got happy ends now according to a friend whose played the port!

  2. Oh! The PSP version has some happy endings?? If so then THANK GOD. I started this game before I found this review and I am so totally attached to Crimson right now >< I'm not very far into the game yet, Noir just spent her first day at the Farm but I'm enjoying it so far – I was somewhat bored in the beginning though when she was with the Bountiers… The Farm is so much cooler lol.

    Anyways this news gives me hope, maybe Crimson will get a happy ending after all T__T Although in your review, I'm just glad he doesn't die. Memory loss is annoying and cliche, but at least he's alive and we can imagine our own scenarios where he gets his memory back…

  3. yea my friend played the PSP one I heard it was better but I still heard it was like WTF most of the time lol. there was way more romance added in from what I saw in the CG pack which pisses me off but I’m not about to replay this game lol

  4. Thank’s for the review 😉
    Played both PS2 and PSP, and have to say that I get hooked with the characters (make me cry after finished Elle’s PS2 end and rage after finishing PS2 ver. completely).

    For additional end, they basically only add one for each character (at least for Sword and Elle, cause I only finished them), the second ed completely same, only with minus one cg and epilogue. But it still a happy end so I won’t complaint that much lol.

    I also love how they added Sword and Noir flashbacks, it make Sword’s osananajimi (or maybe onii-san) side clearer. Totally love PSP ver ^_^

  5. well the good news is the PSP port added happy endings for everyone….but I don’t think I will bother with it lol

  6. Damn, so many deaths T______T Fuck this I want my flowery happy endz #$&$%#@ The art was so damn pretty too, but I can’t play it with so many sad ends 😦

    Odd observation: It’s rare to see a heroine whom short hair suits so well.

  7. well I can tell you for a fact the PSP port gave all the characters happy endings so hooray you won’t be stuck feeling enraged like I was 😆 I don’t have time to replay it (not that I want to orz) but maybe with there being happy ends it will give a new light on the game.

  8. I just played the portable version in this game, the story itself remain the same except there are some choices and it seems there is 2 more endings for each characters above that doesn’t exist in the PS2 version.

    I tried playing Knives route first using the walkthrough for the PS2 version and I got his 2 new endings where he is alive instead of getting the “Good Night” ending.

    I haven’t tried the other character routes, hopefully there are also better endings for them.

  9. I was more angry than sad – I mean why does Knives have to die in EVERY SINGLE ROUTE (´;ω;`) I completely agree with you lol.

  10. Wow! I play this game and is really awesome!! I like this game but I really sad because many of the characters die. And my favourite is Knives, I never cry because a game, but he is really a good man and made me cry a lot. Why he has to die in almost all routes?T_T.
    Sorry if something doesn´t understand but I don´t really good at english. But I try so hard to write.

  11. rofl I think you’d enjoy this game if you walk into it knowing that EVERYBODY DIES so then you can lol while you start making a death count along the way or something! 😆

  12. lmao wots with all dem deaths? kinda disappointed cuz i was lookin real forward to playin dis lol but oh wellz i do like death endings lol XD

  13. …I think I’ll skip this game… I still quite like my happy endings, somehow <_<

    …it never ceases to amaze me just how fast you play through these games. 1 game usually takes me, what, a month? XD

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