Working Poupee Event

I like how the jobs are like nurse, policewoman or army woman?? XD Like as if those are such common jobs to have 😆 Oh well the nurse background is actually kinda cool! I like 😎 All the ribbon events gave me a chance to get back to 1000 ribbons so I was able to afford the nurse stuff!


4 thoughts on “Working Poupee Event”

  1. nah I didn’t like any of it lmfao that’s why I only bought the nurse stuff. I figured I might as well start saving money now for the valentine’s day shit

  2. I lol’d at the title “working woman” after seeing the new stuff. xD
    Are you buying the police / army woman stuff too? I bought the bandage dress and the gun.. and after dressing up I look more like a burglar than a nurse / police lol.

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