Otome Game Review: Hakarena Heart ~Kimi ga Tameni Kagayaki wo~

The story is about a girl named Himemiya Yukari who lives in a huge house with her loli mother and Gendo Ikari father. Everything seems normal until one day after school she runs into some guy who grabs her by the arm saying he “needs her” and then suddenly a phantom thief on a horse shows up and saves her!? Everything just gets weirder from there when suddenly the guy who grabbed her comes to live at their house claiming to be her “cousin” whose family is “abroad and wants him to study Japanese culture”. All of a sudden an army trap, the phantom thief, a shota angel, a ninja and some crazy dude who wants to kill her – all move into her house! They’re all after her special magical stone which she has no idea about. Now she has to spend the rest of her days as everyone fights over her while trying to be your average school girl! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Hakarena Heart ~Kimi ga Tameni Kagayaki wo~”