Working Poupee Event

I like how the jobs are like nurse, policewoman or army woman?? XD Like as if those are such common jobs to have 😆 Oh well the nurse background is actually kinda cool! I like 😎 All the ribbon events gave me a chance to get back to 1000 ribbons so I was able to afford the nurse stuff!


Otome Game Review: Moujuutsukai to Oujisama

The story takes place in some European-escue country with our heroine Tiana. Tiana wants to be a pro beast-master like her mother but her mom and dad are always out somewhere so she sadly has to spend most of her time living and training on her own. She has a whistle that she uses to tame most animals so when a tiger gets lose in town she’s able to make it fall asleep with a blow of her whistle. One day while on her way home she runs into some man selling animals for “dinner”. The cage of animals contains a lion, a duck, a wolf and a rabbit – not exactly a 3 course meal here 😆 The animals look sick and tired and she feels sorry for them so she trades her treasured brooch for them. She figured they would be a great way to practice taming some beasts! XD When she gets home she realizes the animals are very tame and it’s almost like they understand everything she is telling them – then finally the lion speaks human language. Tiana is shocked but then finds out that they were originally humans who got cursed and turned into animals. They ask for her cooperation to help them turn back to human and so her adventures begin! Continue reading Otome Game Review: Moujuutsukai to Oujisama