Otome Game Review: Kaeru Batake De Tsukamaete

Happy New Year! Following last year’s tradition I bring you an otome game review as the first post of 2011! The story is about a girl named Sagano Fuu who is in the broadcasting club. They decide they’re out of stuff to talk about so they go out looking for the 7 wonders of the world. They stumble upon some frog shrine and being the typical stupid teenagers they break a stone disk inside of it. The frog god curses them and they all turn into frogs. 😯 Suddenly a 3 tailed cat spirit named Touya, shows up and makes them a deal: he will return them into human form but only if they repent by cleaning/taking care of the shrine and the eco system. So from here on Fuu and her dumb male counterparts are forced to stay at the dorm together and take care of the eco system for a month in order to not turn into KeroKoi. What happens when you put 4 guys into a dorm with a girl? Should be pretty obvious 😆 Skip to my final thoughts to avoid spoilers~! Also I apologize in advance if the review sounds wonky because I started this game the day I got my wisdom tooth taken out so I’ve been on meds the entire time I was playing it エヘヘ(●´▽`●)ゞ Continue reading Otome Game Review: Kaeru Batake De Tsukamaete