Release the Kraken! (`・ω・´)キリッ

So after like 6 months or something we finally managed to beat the damn octopus 😆

And finally I think all my Berto quests are complete (`ゝω・)vィェィ

Otome Game Review: Edel Blume

Story is about  our heroine Mary who is an apprentice nun that does her daily nunly duties and helps out with the church and orphanage. She has 2 childhood friends, one who is a teacher. One day a man named Gerald comes and says he will take her with him back to the castle in the forest on her 16th birthday, as his wife. The castle is forbidden to all of the villagers and Mary doesn’t exactly want to leave all her nun BFFs and her 2 hot childhood friends behind. Whatever will she do? Continue reading Otome Game Review: Edel Blume


Otome Game Review: Princess Nightmare

I was really sad that I couldn’t play Danzai no Maria since Karin’s old games hate Windows 7 it seems…but since PN had a PS2 port I was able to play it (`ゝω・)vィェィ The story is about our heroine Little Draculair, a 114 year old vampire, who moves from Transylvania to Japan with her “father” Vlad Draculair and “brother” Radu Draculair. While her brother doesn’t want her going out to suck the blood of humans, she often sneaks out using her cat youkai as a decoy. Her father finds out but he lets her change into human form and attend a middle school for 2 years so she gets to experience a human school life. Fortunately unlike our typical otome heroines, Little has balls of steel and it’s her way or the highway (*’∀’*)ウフフフ♪ Continue reading Otome Game Review: Princess Nightmare

Phase System

Major change coming to skillsets in the next update. All characters will have the option to go 2 directions like in most MMOs. Typically a normall MMO you start as beginner then move to say swordsman, advance to Knight or Paladin. In this game you just had different set of “classes” to play but now each character will have 2 sets of “types”. If you watch the video above it will show examples of each type. I read about this last week on 4gamer…and from what it looks like it’s a “defense” and “offense” type. With Pinko for example the defense will absorb damage from party members etc. The offense will obviously spew a bunch of rockets. The biggest question remains is – how will this affect those that are already at high level? Apparently the different class change can be done at level 30 and 50 but what about those of us already above 50? Are they gonna hand out free skill resets or screw us over and make us buy them? I sure as hell am not buying one… 2ch is going nuts over this. Guess only time will tell.