Otome Game Review: Hakarena Heart ~Kimi ga Tameni Kagayaki wo~

The story is about a girl named Himemiya Yukari who lives in a huge house with her loli mother and Gendo Ikari father. Everything seems normal until one day after school she runs into some guy who grabs her by the arm saying he “needs her” and then suddenly a phantom thief on a horse shows up and saves her!? Everything just gets weirder from there when suddenly the guy who grabbed her comes to live at their house claiming to be her “cousin” whose family is “abroad and wants him to study Japanese culture”. All of a sudden an army trap, the phantom thief, a shota angel, a ninja and some crazy dude who wants to kill her – all move into her house! They’re all after her special magical stone which she has no idea about. Now she has to spend the rest of her days as everyone fights over her while trying to be your average school girl! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ

Himemiya Nanahoshi – Kishiooooooo. Well I guess I shouldn’t get too excited because he sounded robotic and emotionless most of the time. Anyway Nanahoshi isn’t actually her cousin. He’s an alien from another planet who needs her magic stone in order to fuel his ship so he can return to his home planet. (I guess they didn’t wanna name him Uranus so 7th planet was decided 😆 ) Nanahoshi already graduated from school on his home planet but he attends Yukari’s school as a 3rd year so that he can watch over her (stalk her, whatever you wanna call it.) Since he’s an alien he also gets drunk from things like soda. At first he’s bent upon taking her stone but then I guess he falls in love with her or something because he vows he will protect her. Turns out Nanahoshi is actually the prince of his planet. They got the Lion King scenario going on there where Nanahoshi’s uncle took over the throne because his father died from illness. Now that his uncle got power he’s become an evil tyrant and he’s captured Nanhoshi’s mother and sisters too. He threatens to attack earth and Nanhoshi’s brother Ark comes down there apologizing that he had to do as the uncle says or else their mom & sisters would be hurt.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Yukari finds out that she’s actually dead. Apparently 3 years ago, she got into a car accident where she died – but her father brought her back to life using the magical stone as a replacement heart. This allowed her to live for another year but it looks like the length of time for the stone is only about 1-2 years so recently she began having heart attacks and passing out. This is why her dad’s been persistently doing experiments at home and because he wanted to spend her last moments with her in case he did not succeed. So anyway somehow with this whole battle star galactica events going on, they are able to use the energy from Nanahoshi’s planet and convert it into some kind of reactivation for the magical stone. Nanahoshi also asks his brother Ark to go and become the king in his place because he’s decided to spend the rest of his life with Yukari – as her husband 😆 So anyway Yukari’s surgery goes successfully and she is revived once more. In the epilogue Nanahoshi says that they are now married – because apparently forehead kissing meant that they performed the wedding ceremony lol wut. She explains to him what it really is and we get an actual kiss CG (`ゝω・)vィェィ

Kousaka Ruiza – I can’t think of a more perfect character to be voiced by Miyano Mamoru than this guy. He’s obnoxious and a massive narcisist on top of being one of those dorky princely types. He’s also a phantom thief and a magician and he has a white horse who he lovlingly named Elize-Go 😆 His entire family is magicians who keep an underground lifestyle but since he’s so narcissistic he wanted to be infamous so he became a phantom thief. So after Yukari finds out about her heart thing some weird shit happens and suddenly she’s like in a cage in a white dress with police and cameras and everything. It’s all because Ruiza gave a “notice” saying he’ll be capturing her life. What he really does is “capture her heart” and all the magic he uses apparently completely drains away his magical powers but it saves Yukari’s life. Lol this plot was total balls but then the two of them end up living together alone on a deserted island. I have no idea how this works especially since he doesn’t have magic powers anymore and can’t like magically generate food and stuff for them 😆 We didn’t even get a single kiss CG though so I am disappoint anyway. ( ´_ゝ`)

Moriizumi Seo – I think this entire route was just an excuse to draw yuri. Honestly in most “trap” routes I’ve played at the end the trap would at least make an attempt to look/sound like a dude. No this guy was a fucking WOMAN from BEGINNING to END (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻. If I fucking wanted a yuri route I woulda played Sumire no Rape or Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru. Anyway Seo is the military army trap whose mission is – you guessed it – steal the magical jewel from Yukari! ( ´_ゝ`) Seo was an orphan who one day became a trap at his orphanage and the army dudes got mad at him for looking like a girl. Seo then decides to kill Yukari to get her stone but he can’t do it because he’s oh so in love with her. Suddenly sexy beast Tera shows up and tells everyone he’s a demon and that Yukari’s heart is actually his right eyeball! (Hence the eyepatch) Tera makes a deal with Seo for him to get the “fake” jewel that his country produced. Seo then goes and solo fights like the entire country’s army like a superman and comes back half dead with the fake jewel. Since he’s like dying, they agree to then split up Seo and Yukari’s life in half so that they are “two as one” or some dumb b/s. God damn I’m so pissed because in the end Yukari’s like “uh yea he’s a guy right..? I know it’s weird but I still like him!” ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ

Mizuho Subaru – Also known as Pleadeus, Subaru is the token shota angel. His route felt like a gender swapped Pita Ten to me. He’s clumsy and drops dishes and trips a lot. He did have some cute scenes like the amusement park date with Yukari. Since Subaru is an angel he’s 2500 years old and he looks up to his high angel senpai Preioness who’s 3500 years old lol. During the school festival he falls on top of her and then kisses her without thinking. 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 But then Preioness shows up with sand in her vagina and bitches about how Yukari has defiled her angelic shota and must pay with DEATH. Just then Tera shows up to give us a recap of the plot in case we didn’t already know from the first 3 routes and then there’s some bitch fight where Preioness stabs Yukari. Subaru then gives up his “earth body” and turns into a feather that Kaito uses to bring Yukari back to life. At the same time in her dream Yukari sees Subaru and cries that she wants to be with him and he says he wants to be with her and Tera’s like “hell yea bitches let’s get it on” and so he magically brings Subaru back to life as a human so he can live by Yukari’s side. Tera’s become like the official deus ex machina troll of the game (see Jean from Death Connection 😆 ) Ah well Subaru was cute I guess and he got more action than Ruiza did which is pretty sad but his route felt really short (´ε`;).

Takayanagi Mikoto – If Subaru wasn’t enough shota for you, here comes Mikoto who’s an actual shota because he’s probably about 14 years old or so. Not only that but he’s a tsundere ninja! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ He spent his entire life training in the mountains with his grandpa so he barely even knows what his parents look like and he doesn’t have any kind of “family”. Really all his life he just trained and trained with his grandpa until he was sent on a mission to take Yukari’s heart. (Yes that pun was intentional 😆 ) He has his 2 loyal ninja dogs too that come out when he requests them to. During the school festival before he can make his bold confession to Yukari, some ninjas from his clan show up and say that there are orders to kill Yukari. They all then invade Yukari’s house and everyone gets split up. Mikoto takes Yukari and they go running into the forest for escape. They run into Mikoto’s childhood ninja loli friend who’s obviously had a crush on him all her life and she’s bawwing that Mikoto betrayed the clan. That night Mikoto tells Yukari the story about how he and Isuzu trained together when they were young and one time he got stuck in a trap but thanks to Isuzu she told his grandpa who came to save him. Anyway next day they find Yukari’s mom captured by the grandpa who asks Mikoto to fight him. Mikoto says his pride is not just being a ninja, but protecting the girl he loves! Grandpa’s all proud of his grandson and says “we are now enemies! Till we meet again!” Isuzu promises she will talk Mikoto the rest of her life and try to convince him to return the clan. So now a few years later they are visiting the grave of Mikoto’s grandpa who passed away. Mikoto looks older (and hotter and his voice actually fits him) and then just as keikaku Isuzu shows up to fight him once again (like she has the previous X years lol.) Ahh Mikoto’s route felt really short like Subaru’s as well – he was cute when he had his tsundere moments too. I wish there was more content of him (and less of the fucking trap ( ´_ゝ`)).

Kunitani Kazuki – I am extremely disappoint with this route. Everything just felt forced and then we got a reset end (ಠ_ಠ). I thought something was cool about sensei because he said he doesn’t like mirrors or having his photo taken so my immediate thought was: ghost. Unfortunately I was just hoping too much because turns out that he’s actually some secret agent man who was sent from the government to spy on the magical stone aka Yukari. Kunitai was his mission name but his real name is Nagase Chiharu which he told Yukari as he was dying in her arms after being slashed up by Mikoto and his ninjas. So then Yukari’s heart stopped and she ended up in hell with troll-Tera who’s like “yay I’m bored let’s do another deus ex machina ending!” So then he revived her and made it so that sensei was starting from the new school year once more but now under his real name Chiharu. When they meet they both have a “familiar” feeling with each other but they just end up with “oh must be our imagination” reset end. BLEH (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻. The entire sensei romance felt forced anyway lol. Like god how much even older is he than her? I don’t even know but I guess everything’s reset so not like it matters!

Hanyuu Ryouya – I actually liked Ryouya’s story a lot and he was a lovely tsunderella (and I’m staring to really warm up to Sugiyama’s voice.) So Ryouya seems like this cold distant guy and Yukari’s first meeting with him isn’t so pleasant because he knocks her down to the floor and says that he needs to kill her, otherwise he will die. Ryouya apparently used to be this piano genuis but after his accident a year prior, he completely quit playing and completely changed character according to Yukari’s friends. He also likes Chinese tea and reading books. His father and Yukari’s father were colleagues at the research institute so at one point Ryouya’s dad asks Yukari’s dad to “take care” of him. This is why he ends up staying at their house, even though essentially his reason is to get the magic stone from Yukari – which he knows is inside of her. He seems to be warming up to her though, and even asks her to go on a date to the movies with him (even though he falls asleep 😆 ). Everything seems to be going ok until the day of the fireworks at the school festival. Ryouya takes Yukari into that underground area and starts strangling her because he needs to get that stone out of her before its lifespan runs out. Fortunately Nanahoshi shows up and uses his light saber to stop Ryouya – but somehow Ryouya is able to not only stop the light saber with just his bare hand, but he then turns his hand into a knife (ala Terminator 2) and slices Nanahoshi.

While Nanahoshi is like half dead on the ground Ryouya then rages at himself that he cannot do it. He cannot kill Yukari because well whadya know the cyborg man is in love (*´ω`*). After he got into an accident, his crazy mad scientist dad thought of this as a “great opportunity” to see how far technology can “extend” a person’s life. He then made a cyborg body for Ryouya which requires daily maintenance otherwise he will experience excruciating pain. Yukari is really worried about Ryouya so she goes to see him at his house but instead she gets tricked and captured by the dad at his lab. He says he wants to take the stone out of her and give it to Ryouya to make him more human like. Yukari then gives in thinking that if it will save Ryouya’s life and she’s gonna die soon anyway then it’s okay. Just then Ryouya beats up all the lab guards and breaks into there to save her. His body goes berserk (which it tends to do if it doesn’t get proper maintenance) and he destroys the lab. The dad escapes and sets a self destruct switch on the lab while locking both Ryouya and Yukari in it. The two of them figure well we’re gonna die soon anyway so let’s just die together 人生オワタ\(^o^)/. Just then TeraTroll shows up and magically stops time to give them some magic alien energy that Nanahoshi can use to save the 2 of them….and so he does. So now magically Yukari’s life is extended and Yukari’s dad fixes up Ryouya’s body and takes care of it instead (since Ryouya hates his dad since the day that their mom divorced him anyway.) And so Ryouya and Yukari live raburabu ever after lol. Well it was a nice story until it went all balls at the end like all the other routes ┐(‘~`;)┌.

Tera – So Tera’s route is probably the “reward” route you get for sitting through the other 7 routes 😆 It was a nice wrapup for the entire game and the fact that the PC game is missing both his and Ryouya’s routes just boggles my mind. I mean without them the game is like complete pointless garbage so I guess I’m glad I played the PS2 version instead. Tera is the ultimate troll and at first he gives obvious hints that he totally knows the deal with all the other routes and he knows what happens in all the other routes’ good ends! Not only that but Yukari then has a dream where we see a flashback of everyone’s good endings! Lol wut? At first Tera introduces himself as the “nice oniisan” and buys Yukari a necklace. He often runs into her and hangs out with her, goes shopping with her etc. He pretends to flirt with her but Yukari is still unsure about him since she doesn’t even know his real name and he seems pretty suspicious. So then shit hits the fan and for some reason the day that Yukari is supposed to pass out in all the other routes because her “time is up” she doesn’t! Ryouya flips out that night and goes into her room to kill her raging that he doesn’t love her or anything like the flashback that Tera showed him. Before he can do anything though suddenly the time is reset back to the beginning of the weekend of the school festival. The play happens, afterwards Yukari goes on a little date in the park with Tera and then goes home – which is followed once again by Ryouya going into her room to kill her.

The next morning the time is reset a 3rd time and Ryouya asks her to walk to school. She’s not sure why but she’s really afraid of him – but she agrees to do so anyway. Anyway the same shit happens again but after school Ryouya shows up and says “you have that same dejavu as well” So basically the game’s turned into Groundhog Day now (and it gave me some awful choices to choose from!). Tera shows up and then takes her to hell to explain to her the dilly yo. Turns out Tera was actually the almighty god who created everything including the world that she lives in. He got really bored of watching everyone from above so he decided to come down like a Fallen Angel and watch the humans on earth. His shadow was left in the heavens which became the “god of the heavens” who hated him and spread lies saying he’s the demon and is really evil and shit. That’s why all the angels hate him lol. So anyway he got bored of people watching so he decided to press the almighty reset button to start things over which is why everyone was sent into an endless loop. Both Ryouya and Yukari figured out that they’re in a loop and to try to avoid it they realized they have to prevent someone from killing Yukari that fateful night. While that night Ryouya decides he won’t go to kill her, instead she gets kidnapped by his dad like in his route.

Yukari thinks that this time Ryouya won’t save her since this is not his “path” and he has “no reason” to but he has memories of his route lol so he does come to save her. Unfortunately he doesn’t make it out with her in time to avoid them dying again. This time Yukari calls out to Tera saying she knows he’s there. Tera comes and stops the time and says that if she becomes “his” he will save her. She refuses and says that even if he loops time over and over she will not be alone – she will live in it to her fullest with Ryouya. Tera is of course somehow fallen in love with Yukari for real so he’s quite a bit jealous by this point (*´ω`*)/. He then takes her away from the lab (leaving poor Ryouya by himself OTL – but he says that he’ll save everyone lol). They’re now above the city and he holds her and explains to her that the “magical stone” was a test to see if humans could overcome the temptation. That’s why he had created the loop because at some point SOMEONE would always want to kill her. Yukari though was able to remember and overcome this loop, but Yukari told him that he’s just a lonely writer who secretly wishes that the scenario that he creates each time would somehow change and not go by the script. Tera admits defeat and then gives her a magical boob kiss which gives her enough powers into the magic stone that she can live a normal life.

So now the loop is stopped and everyone is able to continue with their lives. Ryouya ends up being taken by Yukari’s family like in his own route and Kaito works on his body and fixes it up so he’s able to function a lot more smoothly than before. Nanahoshi and the others eventually all go back to where they came from because they stopped caring about the magical stone or something 😆 A few years pass and Yukari is now studying in college. Tera stops by and Yukari complains that it’s been a while but I guess time passes by differently in hell? XD Anyway he takes her out on a date and says that he still loves her and that no matter what she belongs to him. He babbles about how she’s become prettier and it’s because of some guy and she says there’s no way that’s possible because even though she won’t admit to him, she obviously likes him too ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ. I was kinda disappointed that Tera didn’t really get any kiss CG. I mean yea I realize in comparison to high school Yukari he looked like a pedobear but if they go as far as drawing the older version of her, throw us a bone or something! Boob kisses don’t count! (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ Well overall Tera’s route was pretty awesome. It almost felt like an apology from the makers for making the original PC game so freaking shitty アッヒャッヒャ!ヽ(゚∀゚)ノアッヒャッヒャ!

The problem with this game is that is very VERY linear. For example you do 1 route and go through like every person’s scene ever – only stopping here & there to do each characters separate scenes. Once I finished Nanahoshi’s route, every other route became a skip a thon lol. I don’t know if it’s cause I was using an emu or what but the game kept doing these annoying beep sound effects that I could just not get rid of. The game visual was also very dark so I actually had to manually adjust brightness on all the screenshots above. While Nanahoshi’s route (and maybe Ruiza’s) felt kinda self contained, starting with Seo’s route’s the plot just went balls because it was obvious that no matter how bad things got – Tera would show up – reset everything – and everyone would live happily ever after 😆 This is probably why they gave him a route in the Ps2 version because let’s face it 4 routes of deus ex machina endings? Give me a break (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ. The sad part is once Tera’s route ended I felt kinda sad because this meant the game was over and I actually really liked his and Ryouya’s routes a lot. While it wasn’t as great I did also enjoy Nanahoshi’s route because it was sweet but all the other routes were kinda bleh. (Especially Seo oh my god please never again.) Would I recommend this game? Again if you like Kishio, Sugiyama and Sugita then yes but you have to be willing to suffer through all the other characters! I definitely don’t recommend the PC version of this game as it’s missing the 2 vital routes that make this entire game worth playing though. ( ´_ゝ`) Also you have to be able to deal with the fact that a lot of characters look like they’re 5 years old ( .;´;_ゝ;`:,);゙;`;:゙;`;:ヤメテヨ

P.S. I never heard Miyano Mamoru sing until I heard the OP & ED of this game all I can say is….what the crap? I hope I never have to hear him sing again (ಠ_ಠ)


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  1. I have the PS 2 version. I followed the guide you showed me and I was able to get Ryuuya good ending then went to play Tera’s route and got his ending as well. Thank you very much for your help. The guide my friend translated for me was all wrong so thank you for the guide you showed me. It helped alot ^ ^

  2. Thats the thing. I did follow that guide and still couldnt get the ending. If you dont mind im going to put all the choices I choose. These are the choices I choose for ever single thing you had to click on to get the guy you want.
    choices: 2,3,1,1,2,1,1,1,3,2,2,3,2,3,3,1,1,1,2,3,2,1,3,1,1,3,2,2,2,2,2,1,3,3,2,3,3,3,1,2,3,2,2,3,1,2,3,2,3,2,1,1,1,1,2,1,3,1,3,4,2,1,1,2,3,3,2,3,2,1,2,2,1,1,2,3,3,1,1,1,4,1,1,1,2,1,2,2,2,2,2,3,2,2,4,3,3,2,3,2,4,1,2,1,4,4,1,1,1,3,2,1,2,3,3,3,1,3,2,1,3,3,1,3,1,2,3,1,1,3,3,1,2,3,1,1,1,3,2,1,2,3,1.

    If you can, can you please check and see what choices I chose wrong. I been trying to his good ending for years but keep ending in failure but im the type of person that if im playing a really good game I wont stop playing it till I get all the routes. I wont give up lol.

  3. hmm well I followed the guide at otome.girly.jp
    you gotta make sure you get every single choice correct – I think if you even miss 1 you won’t get a good end so try that!

  4. I have the PS 2 Hakarena Heart game but couldnt understand half of what was going on with some routes till l read your review for it so thank you for posting it but if its not to much to ask can I ask for your help? I have gotten everyones good and bad endings except for Ryouya. I was able to get his bad ending but I cant seem to get his good ending. This is what happens, after he and Yukari kiss the screens flashes white and Nightmare shows but after that happens the screen goes black and im at the title screen. Im like what the heck and no matter how many times I go though his route that always happens and I cant get his good ending. Can you help me out? I really want to get his good ending since hes my favorite.

  5. Yea it’s pretty wacky the first time around but then once you do the first run it’s mostly skipping except 1-2 new scenes and then the final ending (´・ω・`)

  6. wth I got trapped by that long haired dude lady (ಠ_ಠ)

    I have to say that this game is… Amusing? I mean lol loli mother. The story itself seems kinda crazy and out of control, but IDK.

  7. Omg the PC version sounds like absolute crap. Feels like Muv Luv where the awesome doesn’t come until later versions years later.;_; The OP is hilariously bad too. Oh Miyano Mamoru. Russel obviously did not pay the voice director enough. When they keep him on a leash he’s okay imo.

    Adult Yukari actually looks pretty good though, but I guess I still prefer the lolis and shotas.

  8. I think the most epic thing about this game would still be the opening. My gosh, his voice…

  9. yea I don’t know the deal with Ruiza…like why does the trap even get a kiss but he doesn’t 😯
    I mean his seiyuu even sings the damn opening you’d think he’d get more lol

  10. Great review as always 8D

    I gotta see the end of shota ninja, I missed the part when becames… not shota? xD

    Anyway, they made fun of with Ruiza not getting ANY kiss at ALL, and Tera only having the… boob kiss even though he had adult Yukari there ><

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