Otome Game Review: Arcobaleno!

Sorry I couldn’t find the PS2 op on youtube ・・・(=ェ=`;)シーン

So when I first heard about this game I thought it was something relating to Italian Mafia 😆 Turns out its about…Italian cooking! Our heroine Kayano Yuuna enrolls into a culinary university where she then gets to internship at a restaurant called Arcobaleno. The restaurant pasta there reminds me of this delicious pasta that she ate 10 years prior. So basically you spend the entire game raising stats (kinda like Love Revo but less hard core) by doing dishes, cooking, waiting at the restaurant along with all your sexy hot co-worker mans. (*´д`*)ハァハァ Also you need to take cooking exams in this game so yea playing it without a guide is just shooting yourself in the foot \( ^o^)/ Spoilers ahead as usual. Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Arcobaleno!”

Garnet Cradle SNS Coming 10/15

I  vaguely recall hearing about this game almost a year ago…well it’s finally opening beta on 10/15. Sadly turns out it’s just a social networking site like Tinierme/Poupee Girl and I already have my hands full with those two 😆 Honestly I only played GC for the otome gaming aspect. I didn’t really have all that much interest in the Miftaf world and all that jazz…so there’s really no appeal in this thing for me to even bother. If anyone does check it out let me know your thoughts \(o ̄▽ ̄o)/

Otome Game Review: Re:Alistair++

This is a doujin otome game created by sake visual.  Since I kinda ran out of (working) PC otome games to play (hooray for Windows 7 incompatibility) and so I finally decided to check this game out. Turns out the version I downloaded was the updated one which I guess had more scenes/CGs in it? There’s a total of 3 guys you can get with in the game. The story is about Merui who likes online mmorpgs and little does she know that her fellow players are her classmates 😆 Spoilers and such ahead. Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Re:Alistair++”

Otome Game Review: Little Aid

This was actually my first Takuyo game since Kaito Apricot failed on me with the save issue but it suffered from the same problem as that game – if you click out of the window game promptly stops. Why you do this? Because of this I couldn’t chat with anyone when I broadcast or the stupid game would keep stopping. The story is about a stupid middle school girl named Nishimura Akari who lives with her father and brother. She’s a freaking idiot who can’t cook, always sleeps late until her oniichan wakes her up and her voice actress sounds like nails on chalkboard. I guess the only positive thing is that since multiple characters are voiced by the same person I felt like I was playing the Sugita Tomokazu and Sawashiro Miyuki otome game 😆 Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Little Aid”