Otome Game Review: Little Aid

This was actually my first Takuyo game since Kaito Apricot failed on me with the save issue but it suffered from the same problem as that game – if you click out of the window game promptly stops. Why you do this? Because of this I couldn’t chat with anyone when I broadcast or the stupid game would keep stopping. The story is about a stupid middle school girl named Nishimura Akari who lives with her father and brother. She’s a freaking idiot who can’t cook, always sleeps late until her oniichan wakes her up and her voice actress sounds like nails on chalkboard. I guess the only positive thing is that since multiple characters are voiced by the same person I felt like I was playing the Sugita Tomokazu and Sawashiro Miyuki otome game 😆 Continue reading Otome Game Review: Little Aid