Garnet Cradle SNS Coming 10/15

I  vaguely recall hearing about this game almost a year ago…well it’s finally opening beta on 10/15. Sadly turns out it’s just a social networking site like Tinierme/Poupee Girl and I already have my hands full with those two 😆 Honestly I only played GC for the otome gaming aspect. I didn’t really have all that much interest in the Miftaf world and all that jazz…so there’s really no appeal in this thing for me to even bother. If anyone does check it out let me know your thoughts \(o ̄▽ ̄o)/

Otome Game Review: Garnet Cradle ~Sugary Sparkle~

Unfortunately there's no opening movie.

Fandisk キタ━━━(゚(゚∀(゚∀゚(☆∀☆)゚∀゚)∀゚)゚)━━━!!! Yea I’ve been wanting to play this for a long time ❤ The premise basically is Miku wants to go to the school’s Christmas party and then her dad gives her a box of candy. Depending on the candy you choose, it throws you into a “Miku is in a relationship with XXX but he doesn’t seem to show his love for her” story. Additionally all the guys get some goofy new outfit (like some wolf ears for Saliya and some traditional Japanese garments for Touya.) Details & spoilers after the jump as usual! Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Garnet Cradle ~Sugary Sparkle~”

Otome Game Review: Garnet Cradle

What happens if you take Fushigi Yuugi and combine it with Hanasakeru Seishounen? You get this otome game. The story is about a very ojou-sama type heroine who her best friend and brother call “hime-sama”. She also gets picked for some important main lead role in the traditional school play. She’s also one of the top school students and the class president of her class. Hell even the randy nurse man hits on her. She’s got 2 close female friends Nono-chan and Tsubaki-chan – although Tsubaki is actually an important role in one of the routes while Nono is just the “supportive best friend” character. One day she chases some black nuko and ends up in some arabian country that she read about in her play book (hence the FY reference.) Apparently she’s some shrine maiden princess who will save that country (hurr) and make the prince there a king.  During the night in the other world she ends up back at home in her world. Then when she goes to sleep at night in her world, she’s back in arabian country land. And so our story begins. (Warning: Major spoilers ahead, name butchering follows.) Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Garnet Cradle”