Poupee Girl Nobility Event

I coulda sworn we had this last year…?

Well at least the dress I have here looks like a green variation of what’s in the shop lol. Meh while I think the fans/umbrellas are nice,  I already have similar items and at this point I just want to save up for Halloween. I guess when you’re on poupee for a while you collect so much crap a lot of it starts to look the same…or maybe its the same item with different patterns/colors  after all. 😆

2 thoughts on “Poupee Girl Nobility Event

  1. blah. xD I’ve been saving up my ribbons, I don’t have a lot of clothes, so I tend not to have a large variation of clothes (´;ω;`) But I have almost 400 ribbons, I might get an umbrella and save the rest for halloween. ^^

  2. I got like 1000 ribbons because I uploaded a bunch of stuff recently. Honestly I don’t really feel like spending on this nobility event since I already have a “noble” item that I almost never wear lol.

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