Otome Game Review: Re:Alistair++

This is a doujin otome game created by sake visual.  Since I kinda ran out of (working) PC otome games to play (hooray for Windows 7 incompatibility) and so I finally decided to check this game out. Turns out the version I downloaded was the updated one which I guess had more scenes/CGs in it? There’s a total of 3 guys you can get with in the game. The story is about Merui who likes online mmorpgs and little does she know that her fellow players are her classmates 😆 Spoilers and such ahead.

Travis – I played Travis route first because he’s the snarky glasses computer club president. My type! (*´д`*)ハァハァ  To get Travis to like you, you gotta be a massive web surfer and spend your lunch hours in the computer lab like a geek. You also better be caught up on the latest video game systems and games so that he can tell you how to play them properly. Also I guess she’s so stupid that she has no idea how to ctrl alt delete and restart a computer? Oh well anything to get him to near you right? (●ゝω・●) At the end she finds out that Travis is her online mmo’s global moderator and he is able to catch and ban Alistair for stealing Merui’s blessed stone thing. Travis also is a family man and since his moms been recovering from cancer he’s been the one taking care of the house as well as his 2 younger brothers. Kinda bummed out he didn’t get any kind of kiss scene! My favorite character (´;ω;`)

Shiro – Shiro is the really obvious shy Japanese shota 😆 He happens to be sitting next to Merui in class so they are paired up together to do some kind of paper and they choose the topic of Athens. To get Shiro to like you, you gotta be a study geek and make sure you buy a book on ancient greece to show your hard work into their project. Unfortunately Shiro has the typical Japanese parents who work like 26 hours a day so he’s often stuck eating cup noodles at home. Merui discovered the box from her online mmo in his trash and then later it turns out her online “female” friend was actually Shiro. (How typical of Japanese guys playing female characters 😆 ) Because Shiro was bullied in school his parents put restraining orders on all his bullies so now rumors fly around that Shiro has connections to some Japanese mafia 😆 He of course uses this to his advantage and doesn’t get bullied anymore. Shiro really likes Merui for her bravery because he’s always shy himself but at least he has the courage to tell her his feelings at the end. In the epilogue she makes him some bentos so he stops eating instant crap food lol.

Derek – Well I guess Derek is kind of like the center of the game? Derek seems like this huge douchebag because he hits on Merui right off the bat, he plays basketball and he seems like this preppy high school superstar. Unfortunately Merui finds out that he does this all because of pressure from his parents. If he doesn’t reach the top of everything his parents are never satisfied. They give him an allowance based on his grades etc. (I can relate, poor guy.) So once Merui finds out his real self she sympathizes with him a little more. In order to get him to like you, you gotta come watch his basketball practice, hang out at the mall and basically ignore your project all together. At the end Merui finds out that Derek is Alistair and he said he only stole the stone from her because his parents pissed him off and he logged on to the game to blow off steam, and accidentally took it out on her. Their ending is kinda cute and they become this ラブラブバカップルエヘヘ(●´▽`●)ゞ So I guess even douches have a nice side to them!


Overall it was a really cute game. It didn’t take long to play and I definitely had to use the site’s official guide because I suck at these games. There’s some bonus if you get all the endings but I’m too stupid to figure out what it is so I gave up orz. The music was pleasant and tooaya’s artwork was great as always. The scenes were cute but I guess I gotta bitch that I WANTED SOME REAL KISSINGUUUU 。+。゚シ.:。゚ク::。+゚(つω・`)゚+。::シ゚。:.ク゚。+。 Oh well I guess there’s always fanart xD;;; Cute game overall and it’s free so definitely give it a shot!


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  1. Also, if you snoop around Shiro’s computer during the event at his house, you go onto the internet history and you find this dating game site while looking at it

  2. Derek is my favourite, then Shiro. I really didn’t like Travis; he was far too serios for my tastes but his game character was really cool and his saying, ‘Hn, I wonder…’ was alright, But still he just wasn’t my type

  3. I think some do since I have windows 7 XD; A lot of old ones don’t though… I couldn’t get Tiramisu Villa’s other games (besides dessert love) to work, or Danzai no Maria or Butlers. I have Windows 7 Pro so I have the XP vritual machine but that stupid thing won’t install Windows Japanese fonts unless I have an XP CD (wtf?) so it’s almost useless T_T

  4. Basically a nice short 4th wall breaking spoof, with a thank you for the player after the characters discuss stuff like the results of the popularity poll and attempts at reasoning WHY said character won. The group CG it comes with, was pretty nice~ (which is also the one, the gallery was missing)

  5. Finished experimenting.

    I have to say the Bonus was quite nice? As the two ends can actually be done with a single playthough, so it doesn’t take that long either. XD;

    ’twas fun playing along, and finally finding a reason to play the game~

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