Otome Game Review: Hakuoki ~Zuisouroku~

This is the Hakuoki fandisk. Basically it gives you the opportunity to see some “extra scenes” inserted into some parts of the previous game. You also get extra CGs with your man of choice. Additionally you get a chance to get with guys you couldn’t get with in the original game XD. Each route was fairly short and as a completion reward you’d get a deredere letter from the guy to you telling about how much he loves you etc XD Continue reading Otome Game Review: Hakuoki ~Zuisouroku~


Pangya 6th Anniversary Visual Fanbook

I am so upset about this. It costs 1995Yen on Amazon.co.jp but to ship to North America its 3000 yen on top of that. 4995 yen is $61. What the hell. Ugh I hate Amazon and their brutal shipping and I can’t find this book available anywhere else. I suppose I could stop by the local Kinokuniya and ask them what it would cost to order the book from Japan. Maybe it would only be like $40 or so? But yea I’m not paying $61 for this….sigh…. ズゥゥ━━il||li (っω-`。)il||li━━ン

Otome Game Review: Hakuoki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~

So after being incredibly late on the bandwagon, I decided to play Hakuoki (PS2 version). I saw the first season of the anime which helped me understand a bit of what’s going on but I can safely say the game is much better. For one thing, all the guys acknowledge Chizuru as a girl right off the bat so there’s no “gay intonation” crap that the anime pulled out of its ass ( ´_ゝ`). Seriously DEEN this isn’t a BL game why act like its a BL anime? Anyway the story is basically about the rise & fall of the Shinsengumi so without even having to spoil you guys…EVERYBODY DIES \( ^o^)/  Additionally I’d like to call this game ROID RAGE. I mean let’s face it, they all take this “Steroid water” which gives them incredible strength but then destroys their bodies and makes them go insane. It fits perfectly! 😆 With that in mind, more stuff after the jump! Continue reading Otome Game Review: Hakuoki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~

Poupee Girl Halloween 2010

Man you know you’ve been on poupee for a while when this is your 3rd Halloween XD I like this year’s background it’s quite…colorful! The ribbon lantern is really cool and I love the cute little ghosts poking out of the door & window x3 For your reference here’s 2008 and 2009 Halloweens.