Otome Game Review: Little Aid

This was actually my first Takuyo game since Kaito Apricot failed on me with the save issue but it suffered from the same problem as that game – if you click out of the window game promptly stops. Why you do this? Because of this I couldn’t chat with anyone when I broadcast or the stupid game would keep stopping. The story is about a stupid middle school girl named Nishimura Akari who lives with her father and brother. She’s a freaking idiot who can’t cook, always sleeps late until her oniichan wakes her up and her voice actress sounds like nails on chalkboard. I guess the only positive thing is that since multiple characters are voiced by the same person I felt like I was playing the Sugita Tomokazu and Sawashiro Miyuki otome game 😆

Kushige Kousuke – Kousuke is this edgelord artist. He spends the entire game emoing and painting and throwing out his works while Akari spends the entire game interacting with everyone but him. In fact the few times he did show up, he’d just look at her weird, maybe say 2 words and then disappear. I spent so much time with Sawato senpai, the dude in a girls seifuku, that this route almost coulda been the Sawato route – if he actually had one 🙄 The big plot point here is that Kousuke’s mom who Akari gets acquainted with after her dad is hit by a car and hospitalized, has to go through major surgery. The surgery is life threatening and she writes Kosuke this sob letter how he should keep on drawing. So yea I guess this is where his route comes in and Akari comforts him and stuff. In the end she asks him to draw a picture of her and he uses that to enter the art competition. At the competition he confesses his feelings for her and she says she likes him too….and THE GAME ENDS UP WITH HER POKING HIS CHEEK. THATS RIGHT NO KISS, NO HUG, A FUCKING CHEEK POKE (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ======= ┻━━┻

Saotome Atsushi – Voiced by Ishida Akira (ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆) Atsushi is a former graduate of Akari’s high school who now works part time in the flower shop. Even if you don’t want to buy flowers he won’t take no for an answer 😆 Akari runs into him a few times at the beach during her random nightly walks, and sees him emoing by the sea. He seems like the light hearted playboy character and at one point he makes her cry because he gives the wrong type of flowers to bring to her father at the hospital. He feels bad about it and offers to take her on an apology date where he kisses her (and we get no CG (o・益・o)) So then they go near some docks to take a nice boat ride and Akari acts like an idiot that she is and falls into the water (which is like 3 feet deep yet somehow she almost drowns.) Atsushi saves her but he yells out “Maki!” and so now Akari thinks that Maki was his former girlfriend or something. So then as usual using her alarm clock necklace 😆 Akari is able to look into Atsuishi’s past. She sees him playing the violin while his sister Maki listens. Later Akari finds out that Maki was his sister but she died in some kind of boat accident but Atsushi survived. He’s been regretful ever since and he’s even contemplated suicide. This is also why he quit the violin because he and Maki were like some kind of musician pros and she played the piano.

So Akari is like “oh I guess I am the replacement for his sister” and then they at least go out on another date on Christmas and Christmas eve. They go to the docks again but this time when they fall in (idiots) they both realize the water is like 3 feet deep and they aren’t drowning. (Why they are in freezing ass water in the end of December and totally okay with it is another story though.) So anyway time passes and Atsushi then lets Akari know that he’s decided to go to music college and revive his violinist career. Akari says she is happy for him and she will cheer him on in Maki’s place. He tells her he doesn’t want her to be like his “sister” and before he can I guess tell Akari his feelings she kisses him. YEA YOU GO GIRL, YOU BREAK THAT FINGER POKE END IN THE LAST ROUTE (屮゚Д゚)屮 カモーン So yea I guess I can say I was satisfied with this ending. Even though Atsushi did get emo and pushed her down the stairs (thank god Fumi was there to save her), overall I thought he was a fun character. Also he had glasses but wasn’t a kichiku megane type so that’s always a plus!

Hanamura Hajime – I was really hoping for a nice route with Hajime because he was voiced by Sugita (well one of Sugita’s multiple voices :lol:) but it was kinda bland. The guy lives in a lighthouse on the beach and whenever Yuki runs into him she turns blue and runs away. Akari meddles in wanting the two of them to talk it out but then she thinks she made things worse because she finds out Hajime is moving. To be honest I didn’t quite understand his story at all. I think his older brother and Yuki’s older sister were like in love and they went to elope and died in some accident or something?? I don’t know. But Yuki thinks it’s her fault or something for burying some letters and so she was afraid to face Hajime thinking he’d hate her. They finally talk it out thanks to Akari and everyone is happy joy joy. In the epilogue Akari continues stuffing her poisonous food down Hajime’s stomach and then when he is going to take the train back to his new place he asks if he could see her again alone, just the two of them. He calls her by her first name and gives her a kiss on the forehead….BUTT OF COURSE WE GET NO CG. Cause you know obvious a CG of Hajime eating a dick banana at the hospital is a lot more important. 🙄

Nishimura Fumi – Fumi is Akari’s younger twin brother. I mean she spends most of the game with him, so I was hoping we’d have some awesome back story about how maybe he’s not really her brother and then we’d have this non blood related sibling love end…well I guess I hoped too much there! Turns out they are just twins separated at birth for like no apparent reason. Fumi lived with his granpa at the shrine and like never came out and their mom would visit him time to time. He never met his father or Akari. Then suddenly their mom dies and he meets his father and Akari for the first time. What the hell? Why? Also most of this route overlapped with Kiba’s route so in the end Kiba went to heaven to meet his dead girlfriend Rin and Fumi was there to comfort Akari. I don’t know I guess I was hoping for a lot more but in the end it was all just gag and then some senseless thing with the pendant Akari’s mom left for the twins. So much for something interesting here I guess!

Saiga Kiba – Well if you read the paragraph above you basically now know that Kiba is the dead ghost guy who feeds off Akari’s life energy in order to be able to wander around and be seen by people other than Fumi (who has a 6th sense apparently.) As I mentioned, he stayed on earth in order to say some last words to his lover but then he finds out that she killed herself shortly after he died in an accident. So then he goes away leaving Akari alone to cry (well at least he gives her a goodbye kiss..) But then one day when Akari is in the hospital she feels his presence and turns out he’s recovered fully in the hospital! Turns out he wasn’t dead after all he was just in this long time coma, ala Tsumiya Ayu in Kanon 😆 Well that was just silly and unexpected! Also in his final CG he looked identical to Inaba from Crazy Rabbits lol.

There were other ends with the sensei (no more ossan routes please!) and with the student council guys but they weren’t really “romantic” ends and well frankly I got tired of all the “crack” in this game and so I pretty much gave up at this point.

Cooking joke got old quickly.

Overall the game is kinda bleh. Maybe it’s because it’s retro or because it’s all ages or because it’s TAKUYO but it just really wasn’t my cup of tea. I don’t like games where you must go and talk to everyone & their grandmother and then suddenly in the last 30 minutes you’re with guy X. I feel like they also put focus on a lot of characters (like Sawato) but you couldn’t even get a romantic good ending with them. Also characters like Kousuke who got completely shafted and hardly showed up to begin with. It also made me lol how in Atsushi’s route she’s like “I know it’s only been like 3 days but I’ve fallen in love with you!” Yea I guess it’s only been 3 days hasn’t it. 😆 I mean some of the jokes made me laugh but I didn’t come into this game to play a comedy. Comedy is okay but it shouldn’t be the main focus of an otome game 😕 I don’t know maybe some people like that stuff but I get quite annoyed when I sit through Ohno Daisuke yelling AHAHAHAHAHAHA 20 times only for my “final” cg to be a poke in the cheek or some guy getting food poisoning 🙄 So I guess the only reason to play this game is if you like slapstick or you love hearing Sawashiro Miyuki and Sugita Tomokazu voice a million characters (´・ω・`)。


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  1. yea probably lol. i just couldn’t sit through anymore of the same jokes about akaris stupidity or sawato’s crazyness 😕

  2. I’d say it’s probably of it being an older game, as I remember having fun and ENJOYING going through all of Hoshiiro and Sorayume, yet just watching this one (and going though the other stat raiser that I had mentioned) just become painfully boring afer a while.

    Guess they where still learning how to make one, instead of regular harem…?

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