Otome Game Review: Hakuoki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~

So after being incredibly late on the bandwagon, I decided to play Hakuoki (PS2 version). I saw the first season of the anime which helped me understand a bit of what’s going on but I can safely say the game is much better. For one thing, all the guys acknowledge Chizuru as a girl right off the bat so there’s no “gay intonation” crap that the anime pulled out of its ass ( ´_ゝ`). Seriously DEEN this isn’t a BL game why act like its a BL anime? Anyway the story is basically about the rise & fall of the Shinsengumi so without even having to spoil you guys…EVERYBODY DIES \( ^o^)/  Additionally I’d like to call this game ROID RAGE. I mean let’s face it, they all take this “Steroid water” which gives them incredible strength but then destroys their bodies and makes them go insane. It fits perfectly! 😆 With that in mind, more stuff after the jump!

Hijikata Toshizo – So for the sake of nostalgia from Sangoku Rensenki, I decided to play Hijikata’s route since he is also voiced by Miki Shinichiro. I admit I loved his voice here especially any time he says じゃねぇよ!(;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ Anyways he’s the vice commander (?) behind Kondo-san and so he really looks up to that guy. Since I did this route first, most of the story was here. The story of the Shinsengumi being strong and protecting the town and watching over the folk, and eventually people leaving and dying from war or….from rasetsu. That’s right the infamous water that Chizuru’s father has created everyone in the Shinsengumi drank and since that crap basically destroys your body (unless you get Chizuru’s delicious blood supplements!) you die quite an early death. So first Inoue and Yamazaki died protecting Chizuru from Chikage. Then Hijikata went to protect her and that’s when he first drank the demonic water. From then on he became dependent on Chizuru’s blood (because she offered it to him) so that he could compose himself and not go batshit like all the other zombie shinsengumi who then were killed or had to kill themselves.

Eventually they go to Edo (where Hijikata cuts his hair and wears a military uniform and looks extremely hot) and then to Ezo (??) and they meet up with Chizuru’s dad. He’s like a crazy mad scientist and Chizuru says she will not follow his evil ways and so there Heisuke and Sannan die as well orz. I think by now Okita had died of tuberculosis and Saito had died in battle. Hijikata joined up with this Keisuke dude and Shimada. Anyway after countless battles (that I didn’t really pay attention to, feel free to read Wikipedia or something lol) Chikage shows up like Team Rocket and Hijikata promptly stabs him in the chest saying he now has a reason to live! (Chizuru) And so I guess he lives? I thought he died but he was alive and Chizuru was saying how she wants to live with him as long as possible but not that he has a long time left since he’s on oni steroids. Overall I really liked Hijikata. He’d be this tough ossan at first but then he’d get all dere dere with Chizuru and I dunno I guess I found the blood sucking scenes kinda hot (*´д`*)ハァハァ Kinda wish the kiss scene was a little bit better done though OTL.

Okita Souji – Souji is one of the younger members of the Shinsengumi (about 19~21? or so years old) His trademark thing is constantly telling Chizuru that he’s gonna cut her 😆 He says that but in the end he ends up protecting her, calling her “Chizuru-chan” and being a cute little yandere towards her XD. He really looks up to Kondo-san as an older brother as well. At some point Souji gets tuberculosis which since this is the olden days, it’s deadly. So one day when some oni attack them, Chizuru runs to Souji to make sure he’s okay since he’s been sick and she runs into her oniichan Kaoru – who is no longer in his trap gear. He is of course pissed off that Chizuru forgot about her past as an oni and wants her to suffer. He’s also of course pissed off that she doesn’t acknowledge him as her older twin brother. Lol siscon lol. So then Kaoru gives Souji the ochimizu which Souji drinks and gets rasetsu of course. The good part being that it basically cures his tuberculosis but it’s not until later that Chizuru finds out he’s been holding back from wanting blood. Heisuke eventually dies from it but Souji is able to hold off until eventually Chizuru offers her blood to him.

So anyway they all go to Edo etc, Souji cuts his hair (and looks really hot) and there Souji finds out that Kondo’s been captured. He’s angry that Hijikata let this happen and runs to see him. Hijikata then explains that not only has Kondo been captured, but he’s also been beheaded and Souji rages and Hijikata rages back saying it can’t be helped (and it looks like some BL game scene lol.) So then Kaoru shows up again, as annoying as he is, and midst battle he stuffs a bottle of ochimizu down Chizuru’s throat (literally) making her a rasetsu too. Of course in her case all it really does is bring out and even crazier oni out of her. So at one point Chizuru needs blood. If you say “yes give me blood” she goes bat shit and Souji feels bad so he lets her have his while he uh has hers. Oh well it was a hot CG whatever xDD But to get Souji’s good end you have to just deal with and then there’s a final battle between Souji and Kaoru. Also Chizuru’s dad saves her stupid ass once again and we have a mini prologue where Souji and Chizuru are sleeping in their yukatas in a grassy field. Souji says he loves her and gets all dere dere and then he falls asleep. The people in my chatroom were thinking he died…maybe he did? I don’t know. I mean at this point they might as well have had Hijikata die in his route too. I honestly don’t know what’s going on with this game anymore. (;゚;Д;゚;;)

Saitou Hajime – When I first found out that he was in this game the only thing that came to mind was this.( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ But all in honest Hajime is quite adorable in the Hakuoki series and voiced by Toriumi Kousuke. He’s only 19 here (instead of some 40 year old ossan) and he’s still got a very serious attitude. He looks up to Hijikata and is very loyal to the Shinsengumi. He’s ordered to be Chizuru’s bodyguard and when Chikage comes to claim his waifu, Hajime gets really badly beaten and so he gives in and takes the ochimizu. As usual Chizuru gives him her blood when he’s in need and for his blood sucking scene he gives her love bites on the ear (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ At one point even after he’s finished drinking the blood he continues sucking on her ear and she’s like “uh..what’s wrong…aren’t you done yet?” and he’s like Σ(〃Д〃)! The most annoying part of this route is of course Chizuru’s crazy father. This route basically goes deeper into the fact that he’s not her real dad.

However we also find out that he not only abducted her from her family, but he did it so he could raise her to be Chikage’s wife to be an oni baby maker lolol. Freaking bastard (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ======= ┻━━┻  So needless to say this crazy nutso creates a rasetsu army of zombies who get slashed to death but never actually die. He also keeps coming back over & over like some cartoon villain. On the topic of cartoon villains, for some reason the ending is completely wack. Chikage shows up and they have this goofy cartoon fight and then he starts cursing like a drunk sailor and finally Saito slices him to death (and the peanut gallery takes care of Koudou I guess.) It was so weird that I began to zone out and started surfing pixiv for Saito x Chizuru fanarts orz;;. In the epilogue Hajime comes back and then makes sure that he and Chizuru watch the first snowfall together or something XD. I mean I think this route was cute but somehow near the end I felt like the whole storyline sorta fell apart lol. I mean even half way through Sannan went nuts and decided he was gonna take over the world and started spewing crap like “HEHEHE BLOOD..>HEHEHE…” wtf man 😯

Toudou Heisuke – Heisuke is 18 and the youngest member of the eligible bachelor list XD Sadly because he is the youngest, he’s also the weakest. He acts like a baka and well until he cuts his hair he looks pretty hideous. Doesn’t help that he’s voiced by Yoshino Hiroyuki which gives him that dorky addition to his personality lol. It’s obvious that he sort of has a crush on Chizuru from the very start but unfortunately for him, she doesn’t seem to realize her own feelings for him until at least after he cuts his hair 😆 (Well I guess I can’t blame her… ( ´_ゝ`)) Heisuke is also some “hidden child” and he was told to never “seek out” his family because he was probably born from some one night stand. This is why when he became rasetsu, he said he didn’t really have any relatives who would miss him. Interesting thing about this route is it really isn’t about Heisuke but it actually focuses more on Sannan and his crazy antics. I mean if you think he was going crazy in Saito’s route, he pretty much went off the deep end in this one llllll(-ω-;)llllllガーン… When one night Senhime came to visit Chizuru, he like drank some rasetsu and then force kissed her which made her swallow it as well. GROSS. UGH EROJIJI DUDE. This really pissed of Chikage because he had made an agreement that Senhime would have his babies (but not marry him lulz) but now this erojiji has VIOLATED his PURE ONI! HOW DARE HE! XD So needless to say, Chikage and Heisuke join forces (unwillingly) in order to get Senhime back and to stop Sannan from taking over the world with his rasetsu zombie army lol. (I’m afraid to see how this will play out in the anime e_e;)

Heisuke then goes into angst mode about how he’s used his rasetsu power a lot so he could turn into dust at any given moment but he’d rather die trying to stop Sannan than die sitting back and doing nothing. This prominently gets him a slap from Chizuru and she tells him that she wants him to live and that she will be his arms/legs/blood bank if need be. Heisuke then gets all deredere and tells her to be by his side (yet again) but I guess this time the haircut effect kicks in and they have a cute kiss together♡。 So anyway in the end Heisuke defeats Sannan and Senhime is able to regain her consciousness thanks to Okiku getting jabbed in the stomach (and somehow surviving it.) I guess Senhime and Chikage go to make babies and they part ways with Heisuke & Chizuru saying maybe they will see each other again some day. In the epilogue, Heisuke and Chizuru decide to leave the Shinsengumi and live peacefully together. In the final scene Chizuru wakes up in Heisuke’s lap as they enjoy a nap outside on a sunny day. I have to admit while most of the time Heisuke was kind of annoying and pathetic, at least he was sweet when it counted. Chizuru also seemed a lot less stupid and helpless in this route and was a lot more supportive towards the guy here. If only she could always be this way lol.

Harada Sanosuke – I first disliked his character because he was voiced by Yusa Kouji who is known for voicing every rapist in like every otome game I’ve played so far. Fortunately in Hakuoki, he uses his non rapist voice (and more like his normal speaking voice) and his character is actually kinda sweet and well the entire route actually feels like the ONE TRUE PAIRING in the game wut? First of all Sano is awesome because he don’t need drugs to have a good time! \( ^o^)/ He’s the only character (aside from Kazama) who doesn’t become a rasetsu and therefore Chizuru doesn’t need to donate blood. Unfortunately for her, this makes her incredibly weak and useless and this is probably her weakest route yet. It doesn’t help that Sano has this whole “MEN MUST PROTECT WOMEN” policy going on so anytime that Chizuru wants to be awesome and fight back he tells her to just stand back and ….be protected 😆 Sano also has this stomach scar and they draw goofy faces on it during one of their drinking nights. He and Shinpachi are close friends and are often getting drunk together.

After the two of them realize that Kondo is fighting a losing battle and killing his men pointlessly they ragequit the Shinsengumi and go off to do their own thing. However half way through that Sano admits that his dream is just to live happily with a waifu in peace and so really he doesn’t give a damn to continue fighting along with Shinpachi. Shinpachi gets pissed that Sano picks hos over bros and they duke it out and then he tells Sano and Chizuru to enjoy their life together. It’s not over yet though because Chizuru is determined to kill her crazy ass stepfather (kidnapper?) and stop his zombie army. She wants to go out and do it on her own but Sano tells her that he’s in love with her and he wants to be by her side and help her with this. (He also knows she’s a weakass pansy who can’t do anything on her own anyway lol.) And you know angst emotions and all that leads to them having sex. Wait what. ((; ゚゚д゚゚)) ナ、ナンダッテー!! ((゚゚д゚゚ ;)) Yes that’s right, unlike all the other guys in this game who just get some whimpy kissing scene, SANO GOES ALL THE WAY 😈 Needless to say after they kill Koudo, in the epilogue they have a baby! See? OTP end! Also Shiranui actually showed up in this arc and he joined forces with them, but whatever nobody cares about him. 😆

Kazama Chikage – Chikage is the evil oni bad guy that shows up as the evil bad guy in like every single route. Unfortunately for all those routes, this route completely derails his character in all the other routes. He’s just a bored guy who wants to have some fun with the Shinsengumi and uses Chizuru as a babymaker as an excuse to come visit them 😆 I mean all he really wants to do is just watch over those “pitiful humans” and their pathetic rasetsu attempts. In this route Chizuru got separated from everyone and almost got killed but Chikage saved her. She basically then tags along with him the whole (very brief) route and watches as the Shinsengumi basically fall to their doom 😆 So basically she gets to experience what we as a player have been seeing the whole time lol. Also Chikage kills her crazy ass father and at the end tells her that when she “settles her feelings” to come to him…or rather he will TAKE HER whether she likes it or not. 😆 It’s sad that especially Saito’s route made him out to be this evil fiend but in reality he’s a pretty laid back guy lol.

Final Thoughts: Well the term Hakuoki was explained in Hijikata’s route. Haku = to wither, ou=cherry tree, ki = demon. Chikage called Hijikata a hakuoki in a sense that while he was a demon, his life span was a hell lot shorter so he was like…a withering demon 😆 (I hope that makes sense.) The game art was of course beautiful and all the guys were incredibly hot. The only thing that bothered me was the weird “washed out paper” effect over all the artwork which I felt was unnecessary. The text was annoying to read but after a while I got used to it. Hopefully I won’t ever run into games using MS Mincho as the font….>_> The music was fitting but mostly depressing. Even during most of the romance scenes it was just depressing. Like yea I can’t exactly be in the mood for someone kissing with the same BGM as someone dying 😕  Storywise it’s just too depressing. I almost just enjoyed the game for the (VERY FEW) romantic scenes, the art and the seiyuus. It’s like them making a game about the holocaust…can’t end in anything good. Only Sano and Chikage’s routes were somewhat a happy ending (especially Sano’s) and it basically shows that “War! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!”


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  1. Heisuke can be quite frightening before his hair is cut, especially with some of the expressions he makes. o3o;;;
    As for Okita, I heard that he didn’t die? I have no idea since a lot of people were unsure about that.

  2. Grarrrr! I totally agree with you! Toudou Heisuke really was unappealing until the haircut!
    As far as otome games go, I haven’t played enough of them to make any decent comparisons. But I loved watching the skit that a group did at a anime con for this, oohhhh it was so good!

  3. Well you can always check out my broadcasts if you want to see more games 🙂 They get deleted after a week though so you gotta keep up lol

  4. I couldn’t help but grin when I saw your Hakuouki post…because I knew you would like Yusa Kouji’s Harada Sanosuke because he’s so normal. LOL
    There’s another otome game that has Yusa Kouji as a normal guy. It’s called Mermaid Prism. I don’t know if you can find it because it’s a bit old because it was released in 2006. Even though the art is pretty…I don’t know if it became popular or not… ^^; There is one weird thing about Yusa Kouji’s character in Mermaid Prism. He’s the heroine’s little brother. ^^; But in Mermaid Prsim you travel between the real world and another world, like Garnet Cradle.

  5. hmm I might have seen a download link for it, I’ll check it out. But hmm I don’t know incest? Unless somehow they are not blood related not really want? 😕 But yea it’s great to hear Yusa Kouji be a sweet ossan for once…not a scary rapist. When he brings out the rapist voice I get frightened….especially in an R-18 game 😯

  6. Which characters did Yusa Kouji play in R-18 otome games? I don’t ever recall seeing his name. And I can’t find anything on his Wiki either. /fail

  7. XD I admit I liked Sano’s route the most (aside from Chikage but his was just too short!) Saitou is moe but his route was crap T_T

  8. Thanks for the tip! I know enough Japanese to usually understand most of what’s going on (or most of what I care about anyway lol) so I’m probably going to pass on the translation (not that I have DS anyway)..but yea more power to them! Most TL projects are for eroge so good to see otome games getting a piece of the pie!

  9. This is about the game and not the movie right.
    They say that Hijikata and Chizuru are a couple can someone tell me more about this.
    Not the game but the serie.

  10. its also an anime.
    i saw it and was like; omg i want her life. yeah, it sucks that there r crazy zombies and ur dad’s missing but my god i want those guys in my life!

  11. I think Hakuouki is destroying Shinsengumi >__<

    Hijikata-san should be 30 over with messy long black hair as he WAS famous with that. Also, he WAS very popular with d ladies.
    Okita's heartaching fact that he couldn't fight anymore as his TBC gotten worse and worse, so he needed to hospitalized.
    Then Sannan-san's seppuku (done by Okita) as he ran away from HQ, always argued with Hijikata-san, and couldn't even draw his sword after Serizawa's assassination. Sannan-san was the kindest and caring person in Shinsengumi, but also never did he understand Hijikata-san as he already filled with sin and regret. Poor Sannan-san…. T^T
    Heisuke followed Itou after Sannan-san's seppuku because he couldn't take Hijikata's rules anymore, but then he also died as Shinsengumi failed to save him after Itou's assassination.
    Heisuke's bff, Sano and Shinpachi parted ways with Kondou-san as Kondou-san sacrificed himself so the rest of Shinsengumi could lived.

    Give me back my Shinsengumi! T^T

    The only game that I approved is Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi as the story KEEPS ON TRACK just like the history. The heroine didn't ruin the plot, but she is there to give the group strength as she also fights.
    We could see from each of the boys' point of views, like Okita's pain as he got TBC, 3 bff (Sano, Shinpachi, Heisuke) dilemma as they would probably fight each other, Sannan-san's struggling wether he would follow his heart or stick with Kondou-san.
    The boys died and the game ends. Even though their love meter or events are fulfilled, the heroine stays alive and moving on after her lover died.
    The 2 things that weird is that Kondou-san is drawn as a handsome blondie, but he's already married! So his relationship with heroine is rather forbidden.
    Also, Yamazaki is drawn as a beautiful lady. Well, he WAS supposed to gained info so he disguised himself. But, hey….ninja shouldn't be outstanding and run around HQ like that!
    Have you played it?

    Well….in the end…..it's just my opinion as I LOVE Japanese history ^O^ I decide to NEVER play Hakuouki except the Yuugiroku because it's just a minigame.

    1. I’m not a history buff so I just saw it as another “otome game” with Shinsengumi characters. I never expect any of these games to follow anything historically lol. If you look at it from that point of view then you should be able to play it fine. Just think of it as “yay i get to date shinsengumi bishies” rather than “oh noes the sad history of the shinsengumi”. If you want more historical game you should probably play Reimeiroku I think.

      1. Ahaha….yeah, as Reimeiroku focused on Ryuunosuke ^^ I watched the anime though because there’s NO chizuru. I think it’s WAY better than when Chizuru as the MC.
        Kosuzu is just cute.
        Hey…come to think of it, I think that Otomate fused little bit of Bakumatsu Renka and Peacemaker Kurogane.
        Do you know Peacemaker?
        The MC, Tetsu is a teenager joined shinsengumi to revenge his parents death, which he thought it was chousu’s group, but actually…..it was done by Hijikata! O_o
        Anyway, Tetsu met a really CUTE and SWEET maiko, named Saya. She’s unable to speak, but really really CUTE. They’re in love ^^
        Hijikata in Peacemaker is a LOT sexier than in Hakuouki, in my opinion though ^^
        If I could get THAT Hijikata as my man, I’d do anything to tease him!
        Hijikata in Hakuouki is a bishi and young, while Hijikata in PK is sexy older man but has LOTS of funny side ^o^, and in Bakumatsu Renka, he’s a stiff in expression, kibishii, but caring.

        1. I heard of it but I never watched it. I’m actually not really a fan of Japanese historical themed stuff which is why I haven’t touched much of those types of games since this one.
          And no I don’t really think that Ryunosuke is better than Chizuru…they’re both pansies they both get their ass beaten and they’re both pretty much useless. It’s just a matter of whether you want a female or male MC ^^;

      2. Ahahah….yeah, both Ryuu and Chizuru are…..
        Well, what I mean better about Ryuu as MC is I don’t want any of those bishi guys to fall in love with a random girl who is cheesy and useless (for me), that they need to protect her.
        While what I love about heroine on Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi, she’s there to protect the guys and shinsengumi itself. She doesn’t need to be protected as she is getting stronger with her sword skill. She doesn’t become a burden to the others, instead she often given missions to investigate, patrolling, and assist the captains. Though she sometimes thought it would be better if she was a man so she could be of more help.
        About the endings….well, just like the history, peacefuly died as part of shinsengumi with the men she loved, while the other ends she lived happily ever after with other guys who managed to stay alive. There’s no bad ends though.

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