Otome Game Review: Hakuoki ~Zuisouroku~

This is the Hakuoki fandisk. Basically it gives you the opportunity to see some “extra scenes” inserted into some parts of the previous game. You also get extra CGs with your man of choice. Additionally you get a chance to get with guys you couldn’t get with in the original game XD. Each route was fairly short and as a completion reward you’d get a deredere letter from the guy to you telling about how much he loves you etc XD

Hijikata Toshizo – Hijikata’s route there was a lol scene where Chizuru was dressed up in Geisha clothes and made all the guys go (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ over her. When attempting to take her home Hijikata was stopped and told to pay money for the Geisha he was taking home. Hijikata’s like WTF LAY OFF MAH WOMAN 😆 Additionally there was a scene of him getting completely ass drunk and toppling all over Chizuru because apparently he is weak to alcohol? At the end where he was injured and bleeding Chizuru offered her blood but he refused saying he’d heal on his own. She was like “STFU AND DRINK” and she made him drink it via kiss 😉 And finally there was an extra scene in the epilogue where Chizuru and Hijikata finally had a REAL KISS under the cherry blossoms (〃ノωノ)。 Hijikata seemed really tsundere the entire time, I mean a blushing Hijikata? You’d never believe it till you see it 😆

Okita Souji – Souji’s route really helped backup the fact that he was falling in love with Chizuru. I swear in the original game he was so yandere and then suddenly OMG CHIZURU I LUVV YOU 😯 I also loved the scene where he lifted up some kid and went into yandere mode when the kid made fun of the Shinsengumi. This route also provided more support that Souji is a Kondo fanboy since he said he does his hair secretly to be like Kondo. I guess he didn’t care that much after he cut it >_> There’s some additional cute raburabu scenes (and extra kiss one) in between and at the end he asks Chizuru to be his waifu. She agrees but since they’re both kinda poor rasetsu rejects, all he can do is make her a little flower ring and head band thing lol. The spoon feeding kayu scene was probably my favorite deredere Souji scene out of all of them though. I feel kinda meh about the ending but I guess I’m not really a fan of Souji or yandere characters. I do feel this route definitely added a lot to him overall in comparison to the original game.

Saito Hajime – Saito was featured cooking at the beginning of the game. Then during the geisha scene he was staring and drooling at Chizuru while simultaneously punching some drunk idiot behind him 😆 There was also a cute scene of him and Chizuru making snow rabbits as well as him nursing her back to health (which she thought was all a dream sigh….) One of the later game scenes he hugs her in the forest and then while they talk about not having a place other than the Shinsengumi, Chizuru boldly proclaims her love for Saito. I always thought it was weird how she’s like “I’ve always liked you Saito-san” Wait you have? O_o Well anyway she then steals a kiss from him x3. In the final epilogue he has to get extra drunk just to ask her to say his first name multiple times. xDD It was really cute and silly. Most of Hajime’s extra scenes were rather silly…especially the part where he’s talking to the cat telling to shoo because he can’t adopt it lol.

Toudou Heisuke – Heisuke’s story starts out when he brings tea for Hijikata with Chizuru in order to distract him. Additionally Chizuru gets in trouble because she makes onigiri for Heisuke and sneaks into his room. Overall Heisuke’s route felt like the entire time he’s like “Oh Chizuru you should be more feminine…but only for me!” So of course he was pissed when all these erojijis were gawking at her geisha outfit. It’s ironic since he’s telling her to be more feminine while at the same time he looks like a chick with that stupid hair (until he finally cuts it.) Sad that most of the extra scenes were BEFORE the hair cut but the epilogue scene was really cute. Also him and Chikage arguing and saying the same thing was really cute XD. We actually got to see the scene of the two of them leaving the Shinsengumi and everyone saying their farewells. In the epilogue he makes a little flower ornament for Chizuru’s hair and he is happy that she can look for feminine.

Kazama Chikage – Well I was supposed to do Sano next but I completely forgot about him because I had Chikage on my mind \( ^o^)/ Basically during the bar scene he’s all like “serve me woman” and she’s like “give me info and stop those dudes from assaulting the Shinsengumi and I’ll serve you”. “…..Fine ( ´_ゝ`)” XD So yea it was good to see more scenes between these two since the first game cut most of them out. Chikage also took her to the place where the Yukimura family home was that got destroyed by humans. He asks her why she doesn’t hate them but she says it’s just saddening that’s all. He also breaks the sad news to her about the Shinsengumi dying and in the epilogue she’s kinda living on her own 5 months later. She starts complaining how he said for her to come to him but he didn’t exactly give her contact information! As she starts thinking about him he magically appears in front of her! 😆 And he’s not taking NO for an answer this time (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ He makes sure she gets the picture with a really hot kisu but at this point I don’t think Chizuru has any complaints XD.

Harada Sanosuke – Sano had additional cute raburabu scenes added to his route. During the geisha scene he was fixing Chizuru’s lipstick and sending shivers down her spine 😉 Also at one point he made it really obvious to Shinpachi that he had “found a woman” but the bloke didn’t seem to get it. When Shinpachi went out to get drunk it was raburabu time for Sano and Chizuru x3. After they did it, Chizuru was feeling a little sick I guess cause Sano knocked her up? XD So then they kissed in the forest again. I swear this was the most raburabu route of them all. The epilogue scene was actually slightly before Chizuru had their baby. Sano was all like “OMG IS IT MINE?” Yea who else’s is it you dork xDD. The final CG was kinda disappointing though just showing their backs. Also turns out they were no longer in Japan but I guess somewhere in Vladivostok? I never realized that in the original game.

Shinpachi & Kondo – Eh there were side character routes but since they aren’t the main ones the routes weren’t really even “routes”. It was just extra scenes of like Kondo teaching Chizuru some sword skills (which obviously didn’t do anything since she still had to get her butt saved during the Geisha scene.) In Shinpachi’s scenes he just became a drunk ossan and ended up rolling into Chizuru’s lap when she was a geisha. The next day he didn’t even remember whose lap he rolled into and when he found out it was hers he ran away 😆 He acts like he’s Chizuru’s older brother and wants her to call him “Aniue-sama” and she’s like “uh..no?” XD He also babbles about how he misses the good old days when it wasn’t about winning or losing. It was just about being this one big happy Shinsengumi family.

Sannan & Yamazaki – Well Sannan was as creepy mofo from beginning to end and none of his bonus scenes could save his character for me. In fact the fact that he’s a creepy pedorapist in my head any scenes where I guess he was supposed to be “sweet” looked like this to me. So yea I was glad to finish with his route and move on to ninja-kun Yamazaki ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ。 Along with Saito’s super back hand punch, Yamazaki had a special flip-tatami move on to the drunk guy to protect Chizuru 😆 Also he went on cleanup duty with her and scolded her for poking into Souji’s stuff. (Apparently Souji steals Hijikata’s poetry what? XDXD) And finally at the end Yamazaki was angsting about Chizuru not going to Osaka with everyone but there was a sweet scene of him telling her to trust him and go. So yea Yamazaki was at least worth doing.

The bonus omake was sweet sweet school life which will soon be turned into an anime \( ^o^)/ There was also a CG of Sano sucking blood from Chizuru since not like we’d ever get the opportunity to actually see this XD; (Obviously Sano had the hottest version too….(;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ)

Final Thoughts: Well it was a nice short fandisk. Some scenes definitely added to the characters but others like Sannan were unnecessary and pointless (;´Д`A ```Seeing more silly and happy stuff for once was nice. I can’t even describe how sick I was of all the deaths in the original game so this was refreshing. I totally loved the school life thing so I can’t wait for the animated version to come out. There were some extra non-Chizuru scenes but they kinda bored me so I didn’t get too far. There was an unlocking of a bonus scene if you did all the endings and basically it was that scene of all the Shinsengumi guys from the normal end of the first game – but this time they were saying stuff to Chizuru. Unfortunately Otomate thought it was a great idea to record this as a video so it lagged horribly and everyone sounded like they were drunk ( ´_ゝ`)。 I think any kind of sadness I was supposed to feel in that scene was replaced with lulz. Sigh too bad lol. The geisha scenarios were probably my favorite, even more than the silly cat scene. Anyway definitely a good fandisk to play but only after you finished the first game. Otherwise none of it will make sense to you XD.


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  1. no i’m playing the fandisk but I take back my comment now. I thought the last menu was an exit button, I just discovered the bonus cg and the school story …I’m sorry ^_^;;
    the short bonus scene is found at the end of the kazama route in the record service >.<:

  2. er are you thinking of Hakuoki the original game? The post your are commenting on is the fandisk are you playing the same game ?_?

  3. The bonus scene was just the Shinsengumi showing their backs :(, saying catch up soon thingy and all…they probably want Chizuru dead or something..lol.

  4. well since i got into the fandom a few months back adn i own the english version of demon of the fleeting blossom if i were to play this game i would go sannan’s route

    yes i happen to liek the crazy mofo

  5. YEs! I do recommend Kannou! The dummy head mic part is so sexy for pretty much every route and the stories and all the endings are very entertaining. Definitely worth the purchase!

  6. Uh oh thanks for your warning! :3
    I should just steer clear from any Otomate’s FD then.

    Umm, may I know if Kannou Mukashi Banashi Portable is a worthy game? Is it really short? I have high expectation for KMB since it’s a joint project with 5pb..

    I heard it was pretty short, though many people seems to enjoy it as a whole.

    Sorry if this come as a nag, it’s just… buying import games are expensive and I don’t want to screw my money around only to find the game a disappointment. And you seems to be just the right person to ask around since you’ve been playin’ like for how long already? *Obviously I’m one of your stalker lol*

  7. All of otomate’s fandisks are really REALLY short. I learned my lesson well with both Amnesia & Miyako’s fandisks…paid like crazy money for them and they had 1/4 the content of the original game. Were they enjoyable? Yes. Was it a valuable purchase? No. So it really depends if you just LOVE the characters, then yes it’s worth buying but if you’re just “meh” about it and only curious because it’s a fandisk then no I do not recommend.

  8. Hi!

    “Well it was a nice short fandisk.”
    Is it really, REALLY short to even worth the price? I was planning to buy Zuisouroku just for Okita, Kazama and Harada though now I contemplate if I should just get another lengthy, worthy game.

    Thanks in advance?

  9. Yamazaki was VERY worth doing. 😉 Great review! For me, I liked blushy-moe Saitou’s route best, followed by Kazama (who has the ability to turn Chizuru into a tsundere!) and Yamazaki!! xDD Screw the “main guy” Hijikata, Yamazaki is way cooler lol!

  10. oh, and BTW not shocked at all. I understand the big lag between when it originally came out in Japan and when we got an English version. Just thought I’d try asking.

  11. no problem, and thanks for responding!

    And it sounds like I am not missing anything when it comes to Reimeiroku (but I still want the zuisouroku fandisk)!

    thanks again…

  12. Unfortunately I do not have the game anymore as I had borrowed it from a friend. Additionally I am sincerely sick of hakuoki. Now you may be shocked at this since the game just came out in English but after Reimeiroku I never want to see anything Hakuoki ever again ( ;ಥ;ω;ಥ; )…I thought it was an okay game but not something I’d ever want to play more than once. On top of this I have a crazy backlog and I don’t even have time to replay games I like, sorry!

  13. I know this post has been awhile for you, but I just finished playing the English release of the original game (yay! but very very emo, I agree, darker even than the anime…) and I seriously doubt we’ll be getting this fandisk for English PSP… which is too bad becuz I’ve seen some of the art on zerochan (or at least now that I have read your post here I know what that art was from!) and I would LOVE to have this fandisk as well.
    Some of the things you mentioned up there are in the OVAs that I’ve seen, some not.
    That being said… any chance you can re-broadcast or something so that we in the US can have a chance at seeing this deliciousness?!?? please oh please….

  14. I wanna play this too. q…q well, I can’t speak japanese…

    its gonna be turned into an anime? o.o when?
    how did you know, i dont find anything in google. D:

  15. Aww I love girl-gets-dressed-up-and-look-hot-and-all-(hot)-men-start-drooling scenes. XD The art looks really good too. I’m so tempted to get a PS2 so that I can frolick with all these droolicious bishies. ><;;

  16. JP> they can find it in the related videos probably 😛

    Spadey> Yea definitely way better than the original. Any scenes where they were angsting/being srs I went to go clean my house instead 😆 I go through these fast because I broadcast them which I guess motivated me to plow through them. Before if you go back to my DareUra post it was like 1 game every 3 months lol

  17. Hnnggg all dat raburabu. So much better than the grimdark in the original. And I didn’t even know that the school life thing was going to be animated so now I’m super excited.8D
    I can’t believe how fast you go through these though. Maybe it’s because I have the attention span of a 5 year old so I just can’t finish stuff.

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