Pangya 6th Anniversary Visual Fanbook

I am so upset about this. It costs 1995Yen on but to ship to North America its 3000 yen on top of that. 4995 yen is $61. What the hell. Ugh I hate Amazon and their brutal shipping and I can’t find this book available anywhere else. I suppose I could stop by the local Kinokuniya and ask them what it would cost to order the book from Japan. Maybe it would only be like $40 or so? But yea I’m not paying $61 for this….sigh…. ズゥゥ━━il||li (っω-`。)il||li━━ン


9 thoughts on “Pangya 6th Anniversary Visual Fanbook”

  1. A friend of friend of mine live in Japan so I have no problem in getting the book.
    However I dont think if this one is worthing to get or not, since most of the content are old stuff. Maybe I’ll wait until someone make a re(or pre)view on this.

  2. Bell> Are you willing to pay $61? :/

    Ana> At this point I might stick with ordering it from my Kinokuniya unless YesAsia ends up selling it cheaper

  3. Yeah, weird that this isn’t for sale anywhere else yet. D: I’ve found that Amazon + Tenso usually costs less than Amazon’s shipping fee, so I might do that if I can’t find it at another online shop.

  4. うんじつわキノクニヤから連絡があったんだ。

  5. thank’s Hinano !
    I used my blog topic for this article(///ω///)♪

    Shipping is to shop online and I’m feeling high.

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