Music Game Review: Project Diva X

Technically I didn’t complete all the trophies, but at this point it’s just a grind fest for items so I figured I can post enough of a review to describe the game itself. Miku & friends are back to dance and sing on flashy stages one more time.

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Project Diva f 2nd Review

Well since I’ve reviewed other Diva games in the past I figured I’d post something for this as well.

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Unboxing: Project Diva f2nd


And so my very first Vita game has finally arrived! \( ^o^)/  (And I can finally delete HOTCH KISS off my console (ಠ_ಠ))

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Kaito’s Waifu Arrives!

「嫁キタ━━━━⊂⌒っ´∀`)っ━━━━ !!」

Warning, the following post is full of stupidity \( ^q^)/

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