Poupee “Mysterious” Event

The only mystery is why the hell is everything so HIDEOUS. Even the limited item mermaid dress looks like something my grandma would wear 😆 Well the tarot cards were kinda cute and I picked up the nifty wallpaper. Other than that I’ll be saving my ribbons ( ´_ゝ`)


2 thoughts on “Poupee “Mysterious” Event”

  1. they shoulda given the birds some kind of costumes. but yea none of the outfits go with anything. I’m liek what does this mermaid dress have to do with this arabian dress? mysteriously clashing items event 😆

  2. Fortune teller, mermaid, rock chick, tarot, old looking clothes…I think a more appropriate name for this event would be “random outfits we couldn’t fit into any other theme”. I do like the boots from the rocker set, but you’re right,everything else is ugly.

    Also any reason why all/most of the backgrounds have to have those two birds, even thought they clearly don’t fit into that background?

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