Otome Game Review: Dare ni Demo Ura ga Aru

The game has 2 “routes”. Either teacher route or student route. Obviously if you’re a student it’s the typical otome high school story, but if you’re the teacher you got young boys hitting on you 😆 But anyway…I started out with the student route, Nanako since I figured I’d get the stereotypical story out of the way first. In addition, the 2 characters Momoe and Nanako are also sisters so while doing Nanako’s route I also got to interact with Momoe since they live in the same house and are in the same school. Nanako’s best friend also has a thing for 40 year old men, despite being a high school girl which is pretty creepy. I swear to god someone at AMEDEO has a jiji moe. That’s why they had Yuka end up with that old geezer in Pet Detective Y’s!! 😆 Momoe’s “friend” is just the gym teacher lady, but I’d say it’s more of a co-worker relationship than anything. Anyway on with the usual story/spoilers.


Urashima Soujiro – Soujiro is like a cute little doggy according to Nanako but he’s also the top student in the school and the volleyball ace. He’s very conscious about his small height and despite it has a huge appetite and loves eating Nanako’s peppers (that she hates.) He actually has a black hole for a stomach because he “normally” also eats 10 bowls of ramen at a time 😯 He seems like this happy guy until Nanako starts to run into a “version” of him who looks like he’s gonna pass out & die, and also wears glasses. She doesn’t think more of it than Soujiro having a “blue day” and lets it go.  Eventually Soujiro confesses and asks Nanako to go out with him and she agrees. Even though they are dating she still doesn’t know where he lives and even his best friend knows nothing about his family. Things start to get weird when Soujiro gets a bruise on his hand and then Nanako runs into his other self without the bruise. Additionally she borrows his textbook for a class but it’s full of complex notes that look completely different than Soujiro’s normal handwriting. She starts to ask Soujiro what’s going on but he just stays silent and refuses to tell her.

When the volleyball team wins and their school makes it to the national championships, Soujiro stops coming to school. Nobody knows why and the volleyball coach wants to think about replacing Soujiro’s position with another person. He sends her a text message saying he’s okay but she’s still worried about him and she cannot even find where he lives based on whats in the school records. One day after school she’s on her way home and it begins pouring. She doesn’t have an umbrella and when she’s about to run off in the rain she runs into Soujiro. He has an umbrella so he takes her home. She is frustrated and begs him to tell her what’s going on with him but he says he cannot and just continues to apologize.She doesn’t want to let him go when they get to her house thinking that she’ll never see him again so she asks him to come in. I guess Momoe was still out so the two of them were home alone. She made him some hot cocoa and he acted all happy at first but then he changed tone and asked why she is so nice to him. Well one thing led to another and they ended up doing it. So how do you put a sex scene into an (all ages??) game? Easy just how they did it in their other games. Just don’t show any nudidity! That’s right big ol’ black screen of implication 😆 Anyway the next day Nanako finds out that Soujiro is gonna transfer schools. However when she goes into his class she sees the “other” version of him walk in and start erasing the announcement off the chalkboard. Suddenly he starts coughing blood and passes out.

Everyone’s about to take him to the nurse but the real Soujiro runs in and begs someone to call an ambulance. At the hospital, Soujiro explains that this is his sick twin Souichiro. He loves to study but he’s the “weaker” twin so often Soujiro and him would sorta flip places. Soujiro in actuality loved volleyball but hated studying. It comes down to Soujiro wanting to donate his kidney to Souichiro who’s got kidney failure but Souichiro just wants to die peacefully and would rather Soujiro continue playing volleyball because that is his dream. So basically if you tell Soujiro to continue playing volleyball, Souchiro dies and Soujiro becomes a volleyball superstar vowing to play until he dies. If you tell Soujiro to be by his brother’s side, Souichiro is saved but Soujiro cannot play volleyball again. However, he instead becomes a volleyball coach at their former high school 6 years later and marries Nanako. I dunno I think ending 2 was better? XD Overall a cute route. At first the voice acting just didn’t fit with the art at all but I guess when things got all emo and dramatic it was a little better. Unfortunately all the drama was just dragged out for so long I was starting to roll my eyes. Also I’m giving some thumbs down because there was no real lip x lip kissing scenes. Like come on you have implied sex but no actual kiss CGs damn!

Mikado Rihito – Rihito is your typical playboy character. He’s got a harem of ladies who kya over him and  don’t mind “Sharing him” between all of them. He says he loves all the ladies and in his mind they’re all #1. He takes interest in Nanako and constantly calls her pet names like Kappa girl, kappa princess, kappa lady, kappa baby etc. 😆 He invites her to join his harem many times but she pretty much ignores his advances. Throughout this though he somehow ropes her into going on dates with him and eventually he tells his lady harem to back off and that he’s seriously thinking of dating Nanako. They of course think he’s just joking and don’t take him seriously.Eventually he gets them off their back but now a new BIG problem arrives. A fat otaku named Oda spills his tray of food one day and Nanako helps him clean up out of courtesy. He of course misunderstands this thinking she likes him (since why would ANY female talk to him otherwise??) and he begins stalking her. Whenever she tells him to go away he says she’s just being tsundere lolol.

Even when Nanako is waiting to go on a date with Rihito, fatty shows up and tries to get her to hang out with him instead. Things start to get weird when Rihito is around Oda, he is very cautious and basically does what Oda says. Nanako is very upset that this fat cockblocker keeps ruining their dates but Rihito does nothing about it.One day Rihito asks her to go on a date once more and she sighs but agrees. However things don’t go as planned when Oda shows up and says Rihito isn’t coming. Nanako finally decides to take matters into her own hands. She pretends like she’s interested in Oda and gives him fake smiles and compliments while he wheezes and giggles like the kimo-ota that he is xD Eventually she is able to pull information out of him – Rihito’s big secret is that he used to be a cosplayer. He wanted to throw away his past so he threw out all his anime stuff, lost weight and became a bishie. However Oda is pissed that his good friend left the land of otaku without him and wants to get revenge. He has all the pics of Rihito in cosplay stored on an SD card on his phone.

Oda takes things too far and begins dragging Nanako to a love hotel. She can’t seem to get away from his beastly grasp when Rihito shows up and punches Oda in the face. Oda rages at Rihito saying this isn’t whaat they agreed upon and then Nanako confirms that she has no feelings for Oda at all. Oda is pissed off and the next day he spreads the photos on a 2ch type board. Everyone in the school now knows about Rihito’s past and they call him a kimo-men and pick on him. Nanako then figures out that the pictures were shopped and everyone suddenly lets it go and begins picking on Oda. Rihito feels bad and defends the fatty and admits that indeed he was a cosplayer but he wanted to change his image so he tried his best. I guess by then everyone stops caring and life goes on. Later on Rihito randomly comes over Nanako’s house and they do it. (At least there was actual kissing this time 🙄 ) X years later, Rihito becomes a fashion designer and he proposes to Nanako by saying he’ll design her wedding dress. A happier route than Soujiro’s I’d say. Only one good end and while Rihito was annoying at first with his whole “Smile Prince” crap, once you find out he’s an ex-ota you kinda feel for the poor guy. Man Amedeo sure loves using the otaku stereo type in their games xD

Ishikawa Rui – Rui is a rapist. I don’t even need to know about his personality because every character Yusa Kouji ever voices is a rapist. Fortunately the guide I followed basically explained that if you choose to “not study” and “purposely get bad grades” so that he would obviously rape you, then he would rape you. The rape CG is totally on the sample Cgs of the site and since I seen it before I didn’t even bother going that route. I hated him as it is and I figured this would make me rage with the firey passion of 1000 suns. Ahem where was I. Rui is a tutor that  Momoe hires for Nanako because Nanako is a dumbass who sucks at every subject in school apparently. He seems like a nice sensei to Nanako and she eventually falls for him. When she gets a better grade on her test and gets into the top 20 ranking in her school, not only does he not rape her (thank god), but he takes her dining to a fine restaurant. There she confesses her feelings to him but he says he only sees her as his student and nothing more.

Later on Nanako finds out that he’s actually the top host of a host club. She thinks he is afraid of women and she tells him that he can have sex with her because she likes him. He tells her she’s a female pig like all other women who only want sex from him. He almost rapes her (sigh) but since she is shaking the whole time from fear he says he doesn’t have time to play around with kids. She begins stalking him at the host club after he says he will quit being her tutor. Some thugs from the club start to beat her up (possibly molest?) He does nothing and begins walking away until she’s like so battered and in tears that I guess he feels bad and comes back and saves her. God whatever you ass. 🙄 And then he says he lost to her persistance and suddenly they’re’ all raburabu. She graduates high school and goes to T-University (Tokyo?) where Rui is also attending. Then randomly out of nowhere they are shopping on Christmas even and he gives her a terribly CGed kiss and then they do it. Game ends with the naked in the morning in bed CG all the other chars have. Blah whatever. I don’t have much to say except that I hated doing this route. It was boring as sin because all they ever did was talk about school subjects, and if it wasn’t that, he was being a rapist manwhore. The sad part is, he looked better with his “host” hair than his stupid white hair lol.

Yamino Yukiya – Yamino sensei is the scary homeroom teacher for Nanako and a lot of students dislike him. In the gym locker room Nanako even hears rumors that he’s gay and possibly even bisexual 😆 Anyway he’s the typical scary teacher but his “ura” is that he’s a nice gentle guy. His sister and her husband died in a car accident so he decided to take in their child and raise it as his own son. Unfortunately being a bachelor he has no idea how to raise a child and poor Makoto is scared that he will always get yelled at. This is where Nanako comes in and plays with Makoto and makes Yamino realize that he needs to be nicer lol. Yamino is also the only character in the student side that actually gets along with Pochi, Nanako’s dog. All the other chars the dog would growl at or pee on their legs. However he jumps all over Yamino and always wants to play with him lol. One day while walking in the park Nanako spots Makoto drowning and jumps in to save him. She takes him home and then runs into Yamino who hugs her and is really glad that both she and Makoto are safe. He lets her borrow his shower so that her clothes dry but then tells her to immediately come home. She reluctantly agrees but after she comes out of the shower she finds him sleeping on the floor with Makoto.

I guess she’s so enchanted by this scene she ends up falling asleep on his couch. The next morning she panics and runs home. She gets yelled at by her sister for staying at a teacher’s house all night but that’s not the worst of it. Someone catches a “student leaving Yamino’s house” (get a life Japan) and the rumor spreads that he’s having an affair with a student. The principal wants to fire him, and despite Nanako saying that she was the student and that nothing happened between them, he gets fired anyway 🙄 When he comes to school to pick up his stuff she tells him she likes him but he tells her to forget about him and find a better guy. Nanako is upset and then after she graduates, on her graduation day Yamino shows up with a boquet of roses and tells her that he actually liked her too. Umm okay…and then there’s this half assed kiss scene and a few years later we zoom up to where Nanako graduated college. She and Yamino are on their way to her parents’ house to announce their engagement. Thankfully there was no implied ero-scene in this route, cause honestly, he’s like 10 years older than her and I wouldn’t really want to see it anyway. While I liked the teacher’s kind side once in a while I found the route to be boring in general, cause he was a real stiff. Also his char design really bugged me. I don’t like all-back hair styles, but that stupid strand of hair sticking out on the side made it even worse!! 😆 Also he’s like a chainsmoker, that’s an insta-turnoff for me.

Haru – Haru is a stuffed bear that hands out flyers and balloons in front of the town toy store. One day a child trips and scrapes his knee and Nanako sees the bear heal it magically as if it was never there. She gets curious on who the person in the bear suit is so she ends up stalking him and she sees the boy under the mask….a long blue haired boy about her age with little cat ears – imagine Inuyasha 😆 Haru then begins stalking her because he wants to ask her not to reveal his secret to anyone. Only the toy store owner knows about this and since Haru will stand out he asked him to wear the bear costume. Haru in fact…is an alien. He somehow got teleported to earth but lost his teleporter and can’t go back home. He has powers to fly around and he can heal wounds and even bring dead things back to life (ie the pets the children bring him.) Unfortunately constantly healing/bringing things to life uses up his power and he turns into a shota. Unfortunately he just wants to help everyone, even healing a little cut and he overuses his power.

Because of this he does not regenerate like he always does (by taking a hot bath) and he begins to slowly disappear. Nanako goes to look for his teleporter because if he goes back to his planet, he will return to normal. She finds it and makes it in time. He tells her he loves her before going back and she does the same and there’s a very disappointing kiss CG. 😡 Anyway after Nanako graduates she runs into another bear mascot in front of the toy store and thinks its another person in there, but it turns out Haru has returned. If you do the route again (and you can just load from the last option) Haru says that his teleporter allows him to travel between future & past. He says he saw a future where Urashima was dead. He says he’ll brb and go to the past to heal Urashima’s wounds. Turns out he went to the past to heal Souichiro’s wounds and when he came back to the present, Nanako was now dating Soujiro and Momoe was dating Souichiro (omg spoilers for teacher route wtfff). Haru didn’t understand why there were 2 of them but said he is glad that Nanako is happy even if it’s not with him. Omg T__T So saddddd. I wish I never saw this ending. No offense to Soujiro but I liked Haru so much ;__; He was so cute and the best scene was when Nanako took him to a neko cafe and all the nukos gathered around him ;___; Sighhh my favorite route so far lol.

Teacher Route

Yamino Yukiya – Well since I gave details of the guys in the student route I guess all I have to comment on is the interaction between the guy and Momoe. I started with Yamino because unlike in the student route, he was really sweet and caring for Momoe. He often helped her out and supported her when her moron students would sexually harass her (like talk about her boob size.) He even asked her to pretend to be his fiance so that he wouldn’t have to marry some girl his parents wanted him to marry and take over the family business or whatever. (Gosh I played this so long I forgot.) In the end she found out about his adopted son Makoto and basically that was it. The entire thing with his family was sorta…just there for a brief period of time and I felt they could have focused on that more instead of focusing on Momoe walking her dog =_=;. Sadly, the best CG of the game was when he didn’t have his hair gelled back. He could have been so hot, why did they ruin it. Well at least if you didn’t like him in the student route, there’s a redeeming path for him here, but otherwise it was still pretty boring and it felt like they just added it on for that “extra” guy to elongate the game. Similarly to Nanako, there was no doing it/post doing it scene with him either…I wonder why, I would think it woulda been okay with Momoe lol.

Ishikawa Rui – As with Nanako’s route Rui basically had evil conniving rapist written all over his face. Momoe found out that he was a host club employee early on (because her old  friend dragged her there) and at one point he got her so drunk, he came to his house and the next morning woke up naked in bed with him. She thought that they had sex (and so did I! 😯 ) and that’s when he gave her the bullshit of saying that he’s her childhood love that died in a car accident. He says he didn’t actually die and he changed his name and he said all these other things from the past that only that guy would have known. Of course the reason he knew this is probably because drunk Momoe told him and didn’t remember anything she said that night. He then kept continuing this lie so he could make more money off her, until one day she overheard him on the cell phone telling somebody how stupid and easy to use she was. She got upset and slapped his stupid ass telling him what a pitiful person he is. Suddenly he became a sad panda, and quit his teaching jobs and his job at the host club telling her that he only needed money because his mom was a crackwhore who kept the two of them in debt. (He doesn’t even know who his dad is!) He says because of his mom he hated women and wanted to use them but he fell in love with Momoe. In the ending he basically becomes a teacher at Momoe’s school and they become lovers, for real this time, and actually do it for real this time (that other time apparently she just slept naked in bed with him.. lol). Honestly the entire time it was so obvious to me that he was fulla shit. I can’t believe Momoe fell for it.

Urashima Souichiro – Well I was kinda spoiled by the Haru ending for this but since Nanako ended up with Soujiro, Momoe ended up with Souichiro. I have to admit, I like him a lot more than I liked Soujiro. I just don’t find a gluttonous sports baka character as charming as the intelligent glasses guy who’s very proactive in getting his woman! 😈 (But not in a kichiku megane way ew.) Even though he’s always sick Souichiro still always tries to se Momoe, he even calls her Momoe-san instead of sensei and even sneaks in a kiss on their first date XD; I don’t know I just loved him in this route and I was glad to see him being focused on rather than being that “sick brother that Soujiro has”. Also even though they are twins Souichiro feels so much more mature than Soujiro does, I don’t know. At the end he proposed to Momoe asking her to marry him after his surgery which of course goes successfully and cures his illness. In the epilogue they end up moving in together. Anyway definitely a great route, it was actually really interesting in comparison to the 2 dudes above and I actually sat reading the whole thing instead of letting it run on auto as I surfed the web or something =_=; What I don’t get is, why there was all this hubbub about Nanako and Yamino’s student/teacher thing, when I coulda sworn Momoe spent a hell lot more time in presence of others with Souichiro but nobody ever says anything unless its like the man teacher and female student I swear lol.

Mikado Rihito – I personally liked Rihito’s teacher route much more than the student route because it felt more realistic rather than creepy and how “quickly” it was resolved with Nanako. Also Rihito was a lot more passionate about Momoe, and he really put the moves on her 😆 The random Engrish lessons also were quite amusing. xD The fat friend Oda, he just kinda showed up and started babbling about how they should cosplay again and showed everyone the cosplay photos. There was no blackmail involved, and he was basically just being an ignorant idiot. The classmates treated Rihito like crap, they threw things at him AND at Momoe (which is fking ridiculous, you could like go to juvy for that in America!) In the end Momoe stood her ground and told the students how pathetic they are and that they should be ashamed of themselves. Rihito then asked her if she could cut his hair and make him lose his “playboy” image. When asked you have a choice of having him leave his hair blonde or dye it black. I was curious was the black looked like and so I picked dye black and omg he looks like a completely different character 😆 At the end of graduation, Rihito and Momoe began going out since he was no longer her student and a few years later he married her and then they did it on their honeymoon like a million times 😆 I guess I also liked this route more because Rihito  spent most of it expressing his love for Momoe, rather than trying to fend off/please his stupid fangirls.

Lee Koumei – Uho major spoilers here lol. So to make a long story short, that guy who “disappeared” from Momoe’s life back in middle school who was her one and only love…has apparently come back as a beefy Chinese construction worker 😕 Turns out, his parents died in the car accident but he survived. They didn’t know what to do with him, but a Chinese construction worker saw him and he reminded him of his dead son so he begged to adopt Shuuhei (former name) and renamed him of course to Koumei Lee since Shuuhei woke up with no recollection of who he was. He felt bad leeching off his Chinese parents and since he recalled speaking Japanese, he asked if he could go study abroad as well as work part time at Momoe’s school. At first he didn’t speak much (or at all) but when some boards almost fell on Momoe, he protected her and said her name. He said he didn’t know why he knew her name and as she spends more time with him she realizes he was her former lover. Eventually he remembers more about her and before I knew it they were jumping in the sack rawr. Later on they look up online information about Hayama Company and this leads them to a hospital where they find the criminal who hit & run Lee’s family. Lee is enraged but the man is like half dead, all he can do is move his arm. His own family left him (or passed away or something?) so he spent the last 7 years suffering anyway. Momoe feels this is enough and they leave him be. Later Lee receives a letter from him that says “I’m sorry” all over it. Time heals wounds I guess and Lee invites Momoe to come visit China with him. Well certainly was a much more interesting route, but the fact that he was this beefy tan dude with a mullet was kind of a turn off for me (゚ω゚;A).

Final Thoughts: I am further convinced the Pet Detective Y’s writer did this game because they totally made a reference to Jolly, Yuka’s huge dog from Pet Detective Y’s. Also there was mention of Jolly, the big furry dog from PDY’s  as well (and in this game she was already dead T_T;). A lot of the game was really hard for me to go through at first because of all the KYA BFF/MY SISTER scenes. Like yea that’s great do we really need an entire day spent on cleaning the house or going shopping? The padding in the game was all to obvious. If they were gonna pad it I’d rather have another date scene with the guy honestly 😐 It was also obvious where they got lazy like having one of the cutouts be a guy whos top half of the face you couldn’t see. Can’t see it? No need to draw it! 🙄 While Nanako felt like the typical otome game heroin, I personally felt they put more backstory into Momoe because of the whole issues she had with falling in love because her lover disappeared  in the past. This tied into a lot of her decisions and feelings which made it more interesting than just “feeling of some high school girl falling in love” lol. I guess I have mixed feelings about the game. I really enjoyed Haru and Lee’s routes and I loved Rihito and Souichiro, but everyone else just felt bleh for me. Nanako’s friend who had a jiji fetish was really creepy and well everytime I saw Rui I wanted to punch him in his rapist face. The fact that the game took me 2 months to finish probably shows you how engrossing it was. The music made me fall asleep a lot (hardcore elevator music here) and there weren’t any of my favorite seiyuus in this game so that didn’t really hold my interest either (´・ω・`;). The art was really nice though and probably one of the higher points of the game. Anyway if you do check out the game but you don’t want to play both student and teacher, I recommend just playing the teacher route because the student one was really generic lol. Otherwise play student first and save the teacher (best) for last!

26 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Dare ni Demo Ura ga Aru

  1. Haha, great reviews as usual. And calling Yusa Kouji out on how he seems to voice rapists makes me lol very much.

    Don’t know about you, but in recent years, I’m finding myself attracted to beefy/well built guys, so that’s why I was interested in Lee’s route, cause I saw his CG on the website and was like “OH MAN *A*” Personal, preference I guess, I still like pretty guys, but I’m appreciating the manly ones too lol.

  2. Haha I dunno I still like the skinny guys. I mean I think I’m in between – not a fan of the beefy but not a fan of long haired guys that just look like trannys. Someone like Seichirou is basically my ideal (and I’m also biased towards glasses lol)

  3. An alien got stranded on earth and took up a job as a store mascot, dressed in a giant bear costume.

    For some reason, that makes me think of a “Star Trek: Enterprise” episode where three vulcans get stranded on earth, and hussle some guys at a game of pool so that they can afford microwave food XD Aliens are so amusing.

    Nice review, as always. At least the game had some redeeming moments, since you managed to stick with it for the full two months =P

  4. A Japanese OS is needed to play this game right? Because I heard about that, and so I didn’t try this game.
    But it seems like I did not miss out on anything. The characters and stories seem pretty uninteresting. I found Pet Y to be boring in most routes (or just plain WTF and eww, with certain routes) Step was their best game for me. I guess Amadeo is not one of those companies that can juggle a lot of characters and still keep them interesting. What if they were like Kin’iro no Corda from Koei, and had to stick with the cast through various games? None of their current cast could be that interesting. Or even worse, be like Quinrose and juggle 14 characters throughout 5 games? Judging how long it took them to make this game and it turned out this way, I’m not very excited for their next offering.

    But I still kinda want the game, just so I can see Haru in a bear costume. A guy in a bear costume was the best thing in Riddle Garden, I want to see it again with another character.

  5. Also, good luck playing another Mirai game, I gave up on them after Sumiro. Gosh, that game was sooo boring.

  6. I kinda like jingi naki otome (save for asshole-san) though so I’m giving them a chance. Not touching sumire with a 40 foot pole. All rape and a yuri end? No thanks lol. They musta tried to make an eroge by accident and then realized they’re an otome game compnay and tried to salvage it failing miserably 😆

  7. The worst thing about Sumiro is not the rape, because as sad as it is I’m used to it by this point. It’s just the fact that the game is so boring, it keeps padding and the characters are uninteresting. The only good character was the little brother, and the other bachelors were so uninteresting I was begging for an incest ending. And I wasn’t really that into jingi naki otome because I thought the yazuka wars were boring. I’m also kinda traumatized by one of their earlier games (some version of houshi no oujo), because it had one of the worst rape scenes ever were the guy was snorting/breathing like a pig, ugh! And they aren’t the kind company to know how the handle more than 10 characters, all of which I had to go through just to get a shitty ending with the main dude (and he didn’t even have a decent H scene). But you didn’t play hoshi no oujo, so I guess you won’t have to suffer like I did.

    But their new game, I don’t know. I just went to take a look at the character page, I’m greeted with chibi characters and three of the six bachelors are making mean faces at me. Not a good sign right off the bat.

    Also is it just me, or do the characters with blond/silver hair seem to almost always take up the jerk/rapist position? The rapist in love drops? Blond. Sena, the most confused asshole in under the moon? Blond. The super rapist in My Master? Blond. The biggest asshole in the brothers game? Blond. The asshole in jingi naki? Silver, or white/whatever. The rapist in this game? Silver/white at least in his tutor form. The dude with the worst rape scene in hoshi no oujo? Blond. And the list just goes on and on. Seems like a stereotype in otome games. I seriously just avoid doing their routes at first, cause now I just look at their hair and think “this guy is probably an asshole”.

  8. Hey Ryuu in jingi naki was blonde and he wasn’t a rapist xDDD (not in most of the good ends anyway)

    i don’t think all blondes are rapists. kitou from step wasn’t a rapist, he was just tsundere xD;; (and he had a big cock)

    also the biggest rapist in that adultery game was totally the black haired husband so he wasn’t blonde at all xD; I dunno I Liked tsundere men so uh this game seems like it might be relevant to my interests 😆 We’ll see I guess!

  9. I wish they wouldn’t make the megane the rapist 99.99% of the time, because I actually like men with glasses and it ruins it for me. Gahh just make a non-bl game full of megane and make some of them nicer than others plzthnx XD

    I’ve been playing more otome games more for the japanese side now, I’m learning quite a bit of kanji hahah. I think it’s amazing you understand so much 0.0

  10. well Souichiro wasn’t a rapist, neither was Yamino so at least there’s hope for non rapist men in glasses! I like glasses as well 😀

    I’ve been studying Japanese for like 7 years now so I guess I picked up a lot of kanji along the way ^_^

  11. okie Iam a bit lost now to tell you the truth >...<

    Anyway keep up the good work! your rewievs are the "saikou!" 🙂

  12. Geeeeh since my comments has been thoroughly “cleaned” I have no other option but to write it all again 😀
    What I was saying is that I love your reviews they are funny and easy going I cant hep but laugh reading them, but judging from your reviews it seem that you hate otome games…a shame >.< but I gues its just me a freak of nature…because I do enjoy them and iam a big fan of Yusa Kotanis voice(Iam not saying i approve of all characters he voiced its just that I adore his voice)

  13. Thanks for the review! Now I know the difference between their routes and personalities.

    I actually dislike Momoe as well as mature quiet feminin girl. I like strong, tough, can defend herself and active girl, like a girl with a man’s toughness in her ^^
    And NOT every otoge or eroge has this kind of heroine that makes me want to scream seeing those idiots and total **** heroines that enjoy being raped or the princess type that needed to be protected by the boys =_=
    That’s why I LOVE the heroine from Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi, Tsujimoto Ayaka (TeniPuri dokidoki survival, beach side), and Vivian (Tsubasa no Oka no Hime).
    I immediately like Nanako since I saw the CG long time ago. Well, ladies fight with their own strength and way though.

    For Yuusa Kouji, I LOVE HIS vOICE!!! DAMN IT! He is actually my no 4 of fave seiyuu (no 1 is Okiayuu Ryoutarou >///<)
    His voice makes me want to hear more. Ahahaha….Well, it's true that he usually acted as a pervert, but I fell in love with his Ichimaru Gin (Bleach), then Lau (Kuroshitsuji). I think he used to acted a mysterious guy who can sweet talk but has two sides of him, or has his own goal. That sweet voice with mysterious aura won my heart ^O^ Well, maybe because I'm so influenced with Gin that I love him.
    And he is actually good looking and can sing too.

    1. TsubasaOka hime heroine was great but the game and story was crap, a shame.
      If you like strong heroines I highly recommend quin rose games, they are exactly the kind of heroine you are looking for 😛

      1. I know. That’s why I love QR games more than IF games ^o^ I’m just a little bit annoyed that QR heroines have big boobs O_o Kinda disturbing. Overall, I love Tokimemo Girl’s Side the most as the games gave the chance to experience as heroine with “real life”.

  14. I tried playing this game just now.. but was wondering.. does this game comes in 2 version? all ages and r-18? o.O

  15. well kind of tried Ishikawa’s route 1st but then i didnt encounter any ero scene o.O which was kind of odd considering when i read your review that there was some.. hurm.. or i clicked the wrong answer XD

      1. seriously? mannn >.< after nanako graduated right? tho i didnt encounter any.. *sigh* do you know any walkthrough for this game? aiming to get all the CGs XD if that's possible =S

      2. yep checked there before but there’s no walkthrough for this game. looks like i’m on my own then XDD thanks tho ^.^

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