Mobage Review: Platonic Blood

The story is about Marina, a human girl who gets a job working as a maid for a house filled with vampires.  She says she’ll do her best but once she finds out what they really are she threatens to run away. After living with them for a while though she starts falling for one of them and her desire to leave disappears.

Roselite – Rose is the tsundere oresama vampire. He and Marina constantly get into fights but he sure likes them feisty since I noticed arguing with him at first raised his affection 😆  At one point he asks her to accompany him to some fancy shmancy party pretending to be his fiance so that he isn’t forced to mingle with some rich guy’s daughter. After that things get a bit awkward between them especially since Rose saves Marina’s life on multiple occasions. He and Azurite are childhood friends and Azu at one point tries to stop Rose from falling in love with Marina because she’s a human. In fact she would die before Rose and the only way to make her live the same time span is to turn her into a vampire. But yea love has no bounds so the two decided they love each other regardless but that’s when a cockblocking angel Fiel comes down to try and stop this. He almost kills Rose until Marina gets in the way and takes the hit. The only way to save her is to give her blood…but by doing so, Roselite turns her into a vampire. Marina’s like “its awwright cause if I can be with you I ain’t even mad!” And so the two of them get married and live happily ever after as vampires. That was the normal ending but since I can only do 3 chapters per day I kinda gave up on doing more than 1 ending per character…

Azurite – Azurite seems like the serious well organized guy but he’s quite the haraguro. He does get dere a bit around Marina and it’s to the point where he is too embarrassed to admit that he does all the cooking in the house. In fact he lies to Marina’s face saying that everything is just take out. Eventually he does admit that he cooks and even has Marina help him in the kitchen. Azu is childhood friends with Rose but that’s because originally he was supposed to be Rose’s servant. Rose however is like “whatever we’re bros man” and the two ended up being friends. Additionally Azu’s stupid parents wanted a daughter so badly, they actually named him Alice despite him being born a boy. He hates that name and so prefers to be called Azurite now instead. When Rose figures out that the two of them are “with each other” he pushes Azu into Marina and they accidentally kiss. Azu gets all pissed and gets into a fight with Rose but they end up making up since they’re childhood bros after all. Azu follows Rose’s every order so I guess that’s why he has trouble admitting doing anything on his own will – including falling in love with Marina.

He eventually admits he loves her but says now that he loves her she has to leave because if he dares to go against the “law & order” of Rose, he will have to kill her. He knows Rose doesn’t force it on him but it’s one of those “family generation traditions” which he pretty much puts ahead of all. When Rose finds out that Azu fired Marina he starts flippin’ out since he wished the 2 of them would be happy together. So then turns out it was all a lie to get Marina away because apparently Azu has some incurable vampire disease that will cause him to die. He doesn’t want to upset Marina so in his mind it’s best to cut things short but this time when she runs into Fiel, he actually tries to help & tells Marina the truth. Marina then refuses to leave Azurite alone and says she wants to help him but it would cause for her to no longer be a human. And so basically Azu drinks her blood and turns her into a vampire (?) or something and then he proposes to her by taking her to a wedding shop to try on some dresses. Rose tells them both that he accepts their relationship and I guess they live happily eve after. Again this was the normal ending but yea takes way too long to try and bother getting the others ^^;.

Beryl – Beryl’s the token shota character but while he acts cute and has a jewelry shop he owns, he’s pretty much a haraguro character. Turns out he was actually Marina’s childhood friend. She remembered that she used to play with a “boy older than her” but since Beryl hasn’t aged Marina didn’t think that it was him. Also the reason that Beryl looks like a shota is he was forced to drink an angel’s blood twice and it stunted his growth to be slower than all the other vampires. In fact he’s actually the oldest one of the group! Beryl’s real name is Edward but he changed because in the past after his mother died from illness he was thrown around various families who were after his inheritance. Marina finds herself falling in love with Beryl but he tells her that he wants her to be happy and since he’s a vampire she’d be miserable. But yea not too soon after Beryl realizes he can’t hold back his feelings any longer and he tells Marina the he loves her and he’s willing to try out this human x vampire thing. Marina of course is happy and the two secretly become a couple. So one day Marina goes picking flowers where she used to go with Beryl but there she remembers a memory of when she fell down a well and was in the darkness for a while.

I guess it caused her so much stress and grief that Beryl had to wipe her memories but lo & behold coming back instantly revived them! On top of wiping her memories of the incident Beryl ended up wiping memories of himself and said his goodbyes which is why Marina didn’t remember him at first. So then Beryl throws a shitfit saying Marina should have forgotten about him and that when he had met her he wanted to die etc. So then Marina has like PTSD and ends up sleeping in her room with the light always on because she’s terrified of the darkness due to the incident. Beryl then decides to try to erase her memories one more time but Marina tries to fight his powers so she won’t forget him. In the end she has too many memories where she remembers Beryl so he feels bad and finally casts a spell where she remembers everything. Beryl realizes he cannot live without Marina even if he’s being “Selfish” and so the two live happily ever after. The ending has them making a hand made wedding dress for Marina and then Beryl kisses her (or the invisible space that’s supposed to be her) in a flower field. I actually thought Beryl’s story was really sweet but I am really not sure why I got a Normal End since I feel like I manged to raise affection at every single choice O_O. Maybe the game intentionally won’t let you get the true ending unless you pay money for affection raising items, I dunno.

Amethyst – Amethyst is like a lazy log bear and all he does is sleep around. When Marina demands he give her work to do (since Rose says she better get him to give her work), he grabs her and is read to “work with her” in his bed 😆 He always walks around with his shirt open and his favorite pastime is drinking wine. He also has no fucks to give about anything, not even when Marina finds him lying around naked in his bed. Amethyst is also a huge manwhore and when he borrows some money from Marina to pay for his lunch, he offers to pay it back to her with his “body” to which she refuses. So anyway eventually he starts being nicer to her and when she gets drunk and falls asleep he sleeps in bed with her but doesn’t lay a finger, le gasp! When she sees him arguing with some ho that he dumped she gets worried that she might piss him off but he grabs her, throws her into bed and tells her it would never happen. He then uses her as a body pillow as they both fall asleep in his room. So then the stray cat that she and Amethyst were taking care of got hit by a car and died. Marina got extremely upset and they ended up burying it in their mansion yard. After this Amethyst reveals that his vampire blood carries a healing power and he once wished to use it on a painter that he knew in the past who died before finishing his picture. He also then reveals that he’s not a vampire but he’s had the blood of like 3 dying vampires injected into him. He then says he’s neither a human nor a vampire but an “angel”.  The 3 vampires whose blood he got are of course Beryl, Roselite & Azurite. Marina keeps thinking about her feelings for Amethyst but thinks he’s a manwhore who will sleep with anyone so she’s no one special. This all changes when he suddenly asks her to marry him! So then he tells her he loves her and she babbles how he says that to all the ladies but he’s like no man I’ve only ever said it to you. He then kisses her (and by her I mean a while flash of air) and suddenly it’s all clear to her that she’s in love with him too.

And so they go shopping for an engagement rings and then 3 months passes. Everything seems like it’s going swell until one day walking home Amethyst saves Marina from being hit by a car and injures himself. They run into Fiel who takes them to his place to heal Amethyst’s wounds since he’s like a self-healing mechanism. While Marina is sleeping, Amethys wakes up and it’s revealed that Fiel is his angel brother. He tells Amethyst that he needs to drink a medicine that will kill him if he doesn’t want to return to the angels – however there is a chance he may survive if the Vampire blood inside him wins. Amethyst decides to secretly do this without telling Marina and one night he comes into her room asking her to put on her wedding dress. She is confused why but agrees and he takes her princess style to the church during sunrise. He kisses her as his hair turns white like it was when he was an angel. He thanks her and brings her back home, and the next morning – the morning of their wedding – he’s gone. No one knows where he went and Marina cries and  stops eating until he finally shows up 1 month later. He explains that he was prepared to die but the vampire blood inside him beat the angel poison so he returned to Marina. Roze is ready to punch him but Marina cries and tells him to never leave her again. And so Marina & Amethyst get married for real and x years later they got a boy who looks like Amethyst and a girl who looks like Marina running around the house :lol:. This was the only story where I got a happy end instead of Normal end  thanks to getting an item that let me start with 500 affection from the beginning. By the time I reached the end I had like 1500 affection rather than how I only got to 700~900 on my own.  I kept imagining Amethyst being voiced by Suwabe because he kinda looked like Stuart from Arabians Lost and while he seemed like a manwhore at first, I grew to like him near the end. (´^ω^`)

I enjoyed this game a lot!! It took me so god damn long because I could only read 3 chapters per day.  I think I played this game for 6 months lmao but it was really good. I enjoyed it a lot and this is one of the games I wish would be ported to PSP with voices or something. I know there’s an android market of this app but I don’t think it’s a stand alone app – you still need to play it via Mobage or Gree I think. Anyway if you get a chance I highly recommend it. They have a thing now where if you reach the normal ending, they give you an item to start with 500 affection the next route. Once you get a “happy end” you teacup count increases by 1 so you can read then 4 chapters a day instead of 3. (Sadly since I only got 1 happy end it increased once I was done with the game orz.) The official site for the game is here and in case you couldn’t tell the artist also did work on Dare ni Demo Ura ga Aru :D.


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  1. whoa this looks so fun! too bad i’m too busy *coughlazy* to learn japanese right now or i’d be SO on top of these. ah well xD seems like one of the more fun vampire games out there. though honestly i still hate the whole vampire stuff…

  2. She didn’t become a vampire in Amethyst’s so I’m guessing maybe if I got the happy ends it wouldn’t have necessarily happened? I don’t mind her becoming a vampire since it means she can live with them forever 🙂

  3. “or the invisible space that’s supposed to be her”
    Ahaha, that sounds even worse than the eyeless heroine thing. Despite being a vampire game, it sounds pretty cute and I’d be willing to play it if they ported it. It kinda pisses me off that in most endings Marina becomes a vampire instead of staying human, but maybe that happens in the happy ends?

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