Sweet Login Event

From now until midnight on 5/9 Japan time, if you login for 15 hours, you will receive a bunch of useful items plus angel band AND OR angel wings!! (it’s random apparently) The set gives you magic, spirit, physical attack +55, magic defense +55 and knowledge(??) +12.  The angel wings will not have any bonus stats on them like the ones my Soma has (which I made for him with the wing pieces.) However angel wings can be easily made from pieces in the auction if you want ones with stats. Otherwise its a decent wing set for your sub characters n_n! The best part of course is the angel band to complete the set so I hope you’re all logging in & idling like I am right now 😉

Elphintos project page has been updated with screenshots of her hair styles, cash outfits as well as a movie featuring the 44-48 scenario. Since the next map features levels 44-48 that means that 48 will probably be the cap. The screenshots & videos of the 44-48 bosses have been posted as well on the site.

The 46-47 boss like strikingly familiar to the boss in that special zone map of Rotrua 😆 Volume 3 and 4 are not up yet but the tartaros uploader board thinks that it’s possible these level 44 outfits will be released:

All I know is that I hope these 44 outfits are better than the crap that drops from Gama Mura =_=; Anyway that covers this week’s brief updates. According to the site Elphintos update isn’t even coming until June so I expect us to get a bunch of item gathering events, and login and exp events (maybe even colloseum events) for the rest of May.