Tartaros Updates 4/8

Well aside from the new map, new outfits, new skills and such finally come…

Chat macros! That’s right since we don’t use skype or any kind of voice program sometimes in battle you wanna yell help! Or maybe you don’t know how to write in Japanese but you wanna tell someone thank you in Japanese. No problem, with these chat macros the characters will say stuff for you. (Now I can hear Namikawa’s sexay voice over & over mwhahahah) Although I imagine the hiroba is gonna be pretty loud now xDDD;

Next of course comes the slew of new avatars. Two new sets are for Ruko and Soma that look like some kind of country mice ==; lol. Also some new avatar accessories:

Again all are temporary cash items and as far as accessories are concerned I don’t really think any of them are worth buying since you can make/get some decent stuff from the challenge missions.

In addition, the minigacha boxes return. The first box features a bunch of stones. I don’t really know why you would need a box of stones when you can get stones from doing regular maps..? The C omikuji cash box also makes a come back with the C level weapons and armor in it as well. Since I am pretty much satisfied with my weapons for both Soma & Cromodo I think I will pass this time around.

Next is the treasure hunt event. It’s the same like the hunt with the candy bottles and the sakura petals but this time its Delio badges. Unfortunately the set of items to redeem for is quite crappy this time around featuring mostly stupid pointless fireworks. The only item worth redeeming for are the 500cp books which you will definitely need when doing that level 40 challenge…

Anyway level cap’s raised to 44 so I’ll be taking a break on Nagi and Pinko and focusing myself back on Cromodo and Soma. See you guys in the new map!


3 thoughts on “Tartaros Updates 4/8”

  1. i can totally picture them saying the stuff in those bubbles based on the voices from the scenario…i can’t wait to get home and play I hate being at this job T_T

    You’ll get to 40 eventually xD

  2. I don’t feel very concerned by the rest of the stuff since I’m not even 32 lol…..

  3. Those maccro sound cool 🙂 !!
    I loled at the bubble info of the second picture “wtf” XDDD

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