How to master level 40 challenge in 8 minutes.

Start by having level 10 & 12 upgraded weapons!

Click the image to view their video. Cromodo and Nagi basically pwn the entire mission in 8 minutes. I was paying attention to the damage and basically the Cromodo was doing at least 20% more damage than me which I guess is explained by the fact that my weapon is only upgraded to +6 ._.; The Nagi has a +12 upgraded weapon and both characters have multiple tioses in their accessories (which I’m thinking of putting my level 5’s into…==;)

I was also thinking to try this out with 3 people. Yea I know it seems crazy but with that 4th person the amount of enemies just goes out of wack so maybe it’s easier with 3 people. Will have to give it a shot this weekend or something. (´Д`;A) I also downloaded Bandicam – the same one the guy who made this video used because my fraps completely died on me (and gave me a worm.)


6 thoughts on “How to master level 40 challenge in 8 minutes.”

  1. 17なんかいやってたよ。一人や二人数は同じ。3人と少し増えると4人で敵だらけだ。ハムは無理まだ27武器つかってるし新しい買うきはない。ていうかナギいないとだめじゃん。私のナギはまだ32だし。

  2. ウソってww


  3. それはぜったい嘘だね。

  4. プレイ人数に関係なく出現する敵の量は同じです.

  5. 私に一番もんだいは敵じゃなくて数だ。数が少なかったらアイス使える。いつも敵の数が多すぎてキャストキャンセルだらけになるんだ。


  6. チャレンジは3人だろうと4人だろうと敵の強さと数はかわらないよ。

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