Taratros Guild Event & Other news

The other night I was thinking “man I wish we’d have some kind of guild badge event or something..” Well I think MK-Style read my mind:

The event is to encourage people to join a guild but since we already have a guild we’re already halfway there xD.

It’s basically a guild badge gathering event. Guild members will win various prizes depending on the number of TP submitted. I dunno, I don’t get THAT much TP. On a normal day when I party with lots of people I get less TP and it only accounts to about96(x2) per day… And the prizes require this many:

I dunno if that’s the total your guild needs to have or if that’s how many you need to get between April 9th and 23rd but 2.5 million!? We’re only at 109,000 after like 3 months of game time…so this entire thing seems incredibly unreasonable unless you have like 30+ people in your guild e_e;; Unless they increase the badge drop which I didn’t see them mentioning but maybe they will??? :/

In other news since they opened up a new server, Athena, they are now cutting down the # of channels on all servers. Channel 6 and 7 will now be gone. I find this to be an atrociously stupid move considering that your character is tied to a server so even if they make a new server, it doesn’t suddenly mean people are going to facking migrate over geezus! 😡 Really annoyed about this, I hope this doesn’t mean another round of login-game.

Now that disappearance of Ilishia is here, we’re given a sneak peak of season 3 which they translate in English to “Returning of Lion Publicity – St. Rider Elphindos” wut. I was gonna translate it as Return of the Guardian -holy knight elphindos” but anyway… She is said to be the character without any fire damage skills but is a pretty beefy tank character so might be handy to level her up if you have a team of squishes (i.e. Cromodo and Nagi.) With season 3 I believe the level cap will be raised to 50 and we’ll be getting the new town that Korea I believe got in January of this year. I expect this update to be implemented either in late May or in June.

I played a little bit of Delio’s castle last night, damn that shit is hard. I was able to do some damage with Cromodo with Soma it was absolutely ridiculous. It’s like unless I freeze the guys with Cromodo, killing anyone there is a lost hope. This place makes the level 35 challenges look like cake! Don’t even get me started on that bouncing clown of a boss x_x; Definitely not something to be soloed…

11 thoughts on “Taratros Guild Event & Other news

  1. Okay, I’m gonna have to play more. ;; Friggin’ strep throat won’t let me focus on shit though, I tried to play pangya and couldn’t stand it.
    I dunno, as you said, I don’t get a lot of TP on a single grinding day. Maybe like 60-ish?

  2. pangya requires focusing though, tartaros just requires ass kicking =D. every little bit helps though so if you do play I definitely appreciate it. I hope you do feel better and if you’re up to it jump online 🙂

  3. Yeah, firepower = general ability to deal damage. E.g. Cromodo probably has the highest firepower while Nagi has the lowest firepower.

    I remembered reading that she has a narrow range heal skill and sp/mp regen skills on the wiki. But the info got deleted :/

  4. ooh alright I see. lol I didn’t even know Nagi counted as having fire damage e_e lol. I only thought it was shubalman pinko and cromodo 😕

    I have a feeling Elpindos is just a big tank

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