I stress it again, GET A SECURITY CARD.

You think the hacking issue in Tartaros isn’t real? You have another thought coming.

I got my security card last week and been using it since. Also if you are going to idle in game, idling in the hiroba is asking for your account to get hacked.  I like my weapons, I like the stuff I spent money on. The last thing I want is some asshole coming around and taking it because of poor security.  You can get a security card at the login page of tartaros. All it does is basically add like a 2nd layer of password for your account. It may not be the best prevention but it’s a start.


6 thoughts on “I stress it again, GET A SECURITY CARD.”

  1. I’ve been trying to get a security key for the past 2 days now, but I always get an error saying my certification key is wrong. :/

  2. yea basically as you said ham.

    i don’t know what the hack is but yea idling in the plaza is bad. alex told me one day he was in the plaza i think going through his items to sell and some guy kept spam inviting him to party like 10 times. he got scared and i think went to change his pw and get a security card. from what i read all the hacks happen in the hiroba so I’d just keep away from there for more than you need to (i.e. selling and submitting guild badges.)

  3. I think the security card gives an extra authentication in web login. If Hinano’s password is 123456, I still have to get the correct security number or I won’t able to take her items.

    Does a security card do more than that? I don’t know. I don’t know what kind of exploit is the hacker using either.

    If people say their items suddenly go away when they idle in the plaza, then the exploit is probably something else.

    In any cast, I also recommend getting a security card and not to idle too long in plaza. And active your firewalls just in case. That’s all we can do before getting more information.

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