Tartaros before a design rehaul? XD

Post flood today but I couldn’t help myself after I found this:

What the fugly? 😆

LOL Shubalman @@ The attacks look mostly the same but geez man the character designs are like something that was made in China xDDD

Nagi looks like a donkey 😯 Man I’m glad they made her ears furry….=_=

Anyway you can see more screenshots here. Tartaros came out in December 2008, Japan Tartaros came out in December 2009 (at least CB did) so Japan is only 1 year behind Korea. So actually I was wrong I guess the game isn’t even 2 years old yet. Looks like there’s a lot of room for new stuff so I’m definitely looking forward to it…and I’m glad the designs above were tossed for the current ones xDD


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