Tartaros Online CB impressions.

My Soma-kun
My Soma-kun

First I want to explain something. My Japanese sucks a lot more than you guys think it does. Sure I can get the basic hang of stuff but when I want to write out detailed thoughts about something my Japanese is watered down to “I like it, there’s a few bugs, I got new clothes and I made a video.” Honestly it’s a pain in the ass. I thought that blogging about Tartaros on so-net would give me points for Postar but apparently it doesn’t unless I blog about gamepot’s games…so yea after posting 3 entries I decided I’m gonna blog about Tartaros here.

To avoid unnecessary people finding this site though, I’ve blocked all search engines from indexing it. I will also not provide any translations or registration guides here, this will simply be a game diary, which is what this blog is supposed to be in the first place. I really don’t like the idea of having to run away somewhere because certain retards keep accessing this blog but I also am sick of limiting my writing because my grasp of the language sucks when it comes to MMO terminology. Until recently, I didn’t even know what the fuck the kanji for “Vs” was in Pangya sigh -_-; My Pangya blogging will continue to be in Japanese for obvious reasons, but for now I’d like to blog about Tartaros in English. (And my blog never made it into the fansite list anyway so not like it matters at this point.)

I’m also considering the return of registered user only commenting but I’ve not completely decided on that yet. We’ll see how the engine blocking goes. It only takes a few people to ruin it for everyone. So anyway on to the impressions.

I don’t know why I made it into the closed beta and no one else did to be honest. Maybe I got chosen via survey? Or because I subscribed to the mail magazine? It wasn’t the lottery or the fansite campaign that’s for sure. The closed beta was only 5 days but I still enjoyed it. Unfortunately all the events happened while I slept so I missed everything and it was pretty much an “explore/take videos” time for me.

At first it was kinda difficult because it’s not your typical targetting system. It’s not target enemy, then hit attack spells or whatnot. It’s almost like an arcade style play. You got a mob of guys in front of you and you rotate your character 360 degrees to target 3-4 guys at once. This basically means that you have to heavily rely on WASD and JKL keys for all your attacks. There was no option to pick attack keys, once you leveled up an active skill it was automatically placed into your hot bar whether you liked it or not.

When you level up your character stats all get leveled up automatically. You cannot customize a “build” for anyone. If you don’t like your character’s stats or skills, no problem, just do the story mode and you will unlock multiple characters you can pick from. You can switch characters anytime within game without having to logout or make new accounts. However be forwarned, when you level with a certain character, only that character levels. Due to this my main guy Soma is level 11, Pinko, Silverman and Ilishia are 6 and Aerlot is only 1 because I unlocked him at level 11. The fastest way to level your team is to do the story quests which you can then do the MCC (multi character control) with. This means that if your main dies, your next character automatically takes over. It really helps when you solo but this only works for story mode so if you want to do mission quests and you’re by yourself, sorry you’re on your own. I’ve managed to solo pretty much everything until level 11 but that rabbit boss is just too damn much for me with his 5 hit combo =_=;

One of the things this game thought was a good idea was to add caramell dansen dance as one of the actions lol. This is the same one that Lucent Heart had as well lol. It’s really cute so I couldn’t help but make a video of it.

Anyway all in all my wish was that I had friends to play with, at least if I could play with my husband lol. A lot of quests where I couldn’t use the MCC I could have really used the help. The game claims that you can “play by yourself” but you have to hit certain levels to get the next scenario quest and it’s just difficult to level when there’s so many raep mobs coming at you. The mob control in this game needs to be toned down. I mean it was a pretty normal scenario for you to run and have about 10 guys spawn right on top of you. 😯 Of course the stupid part is, you can probably take those 10 guys down in 3-4 hits if they’re all bunched up together in the way of your attacks. If they’re surrounding you or are behind you, they end up stunning you to death lol.

uma umaa~

I don’t know when Open Beta is gonna start but I heard CB participants get to invite 2 friends, both slots are already taken so I apologize.  Open Betas are usually free to register though so I would think registration would be ok. If you do plan on playing, DONT SPEAK ENGLISH IN PUBLIC. That’s just painting the word “ban my IP” all over yourself. As long as the Japanese don’t complain, foreign IPs will not get banned. As long as you dont flood the chat with English, they will not complain. If you can’t speak Japanese then play by yourself, solo stuff and try to use a dictionary to translate quests or whatnot. I am hoping to make a private guild for all of us English speakers so we can privately ask each other and help each other and not bother anyone else. The game definitely was a challenge for my Japanese so those who do not know the language may find it really difficult to understand and adjust to.

In the meantime there’s a music video contest and I took a ton of footage during CB so I want to get started maybe next weekend on putting the clips together. If they do end up doing some kind of IP block I’ll probably quit though so let’s hope for the best and to be safe, not spend any money since you never know with our fellow ignorant countrymen (who ruined Prius Online for me.)


4 thoughts on “Tartaros Online CB impressions.”

  1. Don’t worry, the videos actually work. xD
    You’re so lucky you got into CB, I really wanted to try it out. Hopefully OB starts soon since winter break just started and I’m already getting bored with no games to play orz.
    The controls sound pretty console-style, which is fine for me I guess. And I actually like the male characters in this game. 😆
    And yeah Lucent Heart had caramelldansen as well. Instead of just sitting there I’d make my character dance while I recovered my HP lol.

  2. Hahahahaah 😆 Yea I would do that too but thankfully HP recovery doesn’t take too long in this game. Yea I like the male characters too! I’ve only been using shota-kun and maybe I’ll use Aerlot. I just don’t really like the cool beauty Ilishia or the tsundere loli Pinko that much. Nagi looks cute but her flapping sheep ears creep me out lol.

    The game reminded me a lot of those old style arcade games where you move your joystick to face a certain direction and then you button mash to shoot every attack (and combo attack) possible. Brought me back to the days of Dead or Alive, but also brought me some hand aches!! xD It definitely takes time getting used to and I imagine requires a hefty graphic card. I’ve had virtually 0 lag but I have a feeling JP is gonna raeg/quit on me because of this issue.

  3. Awesome. Tartaros seems fun, I tried for a CB account, but I didn’t know you could try every 3 minutes, I thought you could only try like, once per day. I felt so noob when I found out. xD It was too late to try again anyway, so yeah. I’m already a player on Yume Sekai, so I hope I can get on Tartaros. Where the crap is Nagi? D8 And Soma’s awesome.~

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