Party Castle updates

Yea it’s been a while but there seems to be a lot of significant changes I figured worth mentioning. They have reorganized their shop so it’s a lot easier to find stuff now. They’ve also added the option to export wireframe when you want to edit your stuff in photoshop or something. This way you don’t have to keep flipping back & forth between the client & your art program. Makes editing textures a lot easier. They’ve also added their new cash system “Crysta”. I’m not quite sure what Crysta currency is used for other than their newest lottery:

You can use your party points or Crysta if you recharged any to try to win lottery items.

If you get either PTC or 7 you can win a special prize. I won a few things but mostly parts I will never use (like 1 side wing, god I got 2 of them now -_-; lol). You can also win the elaborate new outfits that cost 6-15,000 party points. I actually won one of the male tops which is pretty cool. I lost like 7 times though and it does cost you 500 per try. Fortunately I had so much freaking money left over from selling these socks that this wasn’t really an issue for me 😆 (And they just KEEP SELLING @_@!)

And so my latest creation is Erika-chan and her Christmas dress (^∀・)=☆ I got lazy and didn’t make the shoes or socks hahaha. I bought those from the market. Why not, coordinating with other people’s creation saves time! 😀 Oh yea I was one of the lucky few that won the santa hat part from the lottery lol! I haven’t seen anyone else making santa hats with this model so I may actually be the first person lmao. Let’s see how the sales go with it!