Starry Sky to be made into an anime!!

Heard it first from Keo via twitter and did some googling to find a Japanese blog entry on it. Looks like it will be from the same director as Vampire Knight so expect very smexy bishies, but hopefully with less angst. The magazine scan from the blog shows only the Spring guys but hopefully they will include everyone. On the downside, it’s very unlikely that Tsukiko will end up with anyone because then 11 guys will end up crying.

Oh well as long as I get my dose of Homare-senpai~ (〃ω〃)

16 thoughts on “Starry Sky to be made into an anime!!

  1. it can’t be like miracle train since there is an actual heroine. They should keep the same actors since most of them did anime seiyuu work anyway

  2. LOL I think if they made it like Miracle train there’d be an uproar.

    I think they’ll most likely keep the same seiyuu though, but I’m just so curious to see who’ll voice Tsukiko D: since they can’t get away too much with her out of the story. (Unless they change it all up)

    Some people consider Yoh to be the ‘main guy’ of the whole party but it’s mostly because he came out first and stuff. Or they can go ahead and make 12/(13 if they include Miyano Mamoru’s) different endings LMAO

  3. ol they could do it like 1 episode per guy like in sister princess!!!

    I have to use a label I haven’t used in a long, long time.

    It will be called – “Brother Prince”

  4. \o/ Hooray! It says 2010, wonder if it’ll be a Fall anime.

    Separating it one per episode (or two per episode) would make sense, and doing 12 different stories, but I wonder if they could really capture all the plotline and stuff.

    fffffand here I am still looking for downloads of Summer and Autumn. Definitely have to play them (and Winter, when it comes out) before the anime comes out.

  5. YES, Homare is love.
    (I am actually a bit torn between Suzuya and Homare but… oh well)
    I heard that they’ll be doing an adaptation of the Drama CDs, so I am actually wondering how the anime will be like. :\
    Not really expecting much because I dislike DEEN, the studio which made VK.

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