Cheap ice skates.

If you buy skates from Katherine Shop the background changes to this.  Funny enough they’re only 50 ribbons while all the other clothes are super expensive recolors of stuff I got from the shell spring a year ago. 😆 Oh well I guess she didn’t think her cunning money gobbling scheme through too much! Reminds of how I was at Bryant Park today for lunch and there were annoying tourists singing ear ringing karaoke Christmas songs ==;

Byebye TinierMe

Well as I expected, TinierMe is a bit too pricy for the kind of things it offers. I pay money for Pangya because I can say…play golf while enjoying my characters. I have no interest in fishing or old maid or whatever other flash games tinierme offers. Maybe some people like that stuff but in my mind it’s a waste of money. Maybe kiddies under 18 are into this sorta thing but not for an old fart like me.

The only reason I was on Tinierme in the first place was because it’s free. Now that it’s pay, you might as well join the Japanese site because they at least have a lot more events and items than the English version does >_>. Oh well I don’t really care anymore. I have like 3000 chibi coins left that I have nothing to do with since chibi coin stuff now costs 400-700 and event items like Christmas all cost G-coins. I mean couldn’t they have at least a LITTLE xmas outfits that you can get with Chibi Coins? Geez even aisp@ce wasn’t this greedy.

Oh well, not my problem. For those who are staying, have fun, I’m out.

1 Year Anniversary!(ノ´▽`)ノ

Well technically I think I started this blog back in Sept. or Oct. 2008 but because of the stupid DDOS attack to our previous host, the blog was reborn on December 3rd.  A lot has happened in the past year. Playing Pangya Wii, A18 closing, NtreevBR reopening, leaving & coming back to Pangya Japan. Playing other mmos like Megaten, Bright Shadow, and Prius Online. Starting new dressup games like TinierMe and continuing old ones like Poupee. Reviving my interest in otome games was a big change as well. I scanlated a bunch of pangya 4komas which is something I’ve also wanted to do for some time as well.

It’s a shame a lot of the things that had originally been the foundation of this blog have to come to an end. Stuff happens, morons appear and ruin it for everyone. My focus for the next year is mostly just on otome games at this point. I can’t deal with American company incompetence anymore so I don’t really see myself blogging about any US MMOs in the future. Any Japanese MMOs I blog about will be in Japanese, elsewhere, since usually Japanese games give you rewards/incentives for blogging about their games anyway – and it’ll keep the idiots at bay.

Thank you all for being through it with me for all this time. I always love reading everyone’s comments and reactions to updates. Thank you to those for reading but not commenting – your lurking is still appreciated 😉 Plus I talked to most of you on twitter or in game anyway. Here’s to another year! (人´∀`)ァリガトネ♪