Otome Game Review: Garnet Cradle

What happens if you take Fushigi Yuugi and combine it with Hanasakeru Seishounen? You get this otome game. The story is about a very ojou-sama type heroine who her best friend and brother call “hime-sama”. She also gets picked for some important main lead role in the traditional school play. She’s also one of the top school students and the class president of her class. Hell even the randy nurse man hits on her. She’s got 2 close female friends Nono-chan and Tsubaki-chan – although Tsubaki is actually an important role in one of the routes while Nono is just the “supportive best friend” character. One day she chases some black nuko and ends up in some arabian country that she read about in her play book (hence the FY reference.) Apparently she’s some shrine maiden princess who will save that country (hurr) and make the prince there a king.  During the night in the other world she ends up back at home in her world. Then when she goes to sleep at night in her world, she’s back in arabian country land. And so our story begins. (Warning: Major spoilers ahead, name butchering follows.)

sal01Saliya – Saliya is obviously the main dude of the game. I knew this just by the fact that he’s right smack in the middle front of the game cover and also has 2 “good end” routes. His story has to be played twice. Once as your “basic game intro” and then twice after you play all the other guys. (Kinda like in Jingi naki otome.) The biggest annoyance of this route was that you had to go through a chunk of the game twice. Yes that’s right I had to go and pick the same 6 choices I had picked 2 hours prior and for some reason it wouldn’t let me skip through all the dialogue I had previously read. I ended up having to fast click or just let it run on auto while I did other things. Pretty annoying in my opionion.Anyway here’s the story as best as I understand it. The entire thing is a dream. Basically while she sleeps, Miku dreams of the world called Miftaf (sorry I’m butchering these arabian names.) While she is there, she spends most of her time cooped up in her room with her servant lady Farasha. She doesn’t know it at first but Saliya always has fresh flowers and all sorts of pastries delivered to her room every morning. He acts all cold and stuff to her but he’s just a shy dork who doesn’t know how to express his feelings.

sal02Once Farasha basically tells her everything, Miku starts to realize that Saliya isn’t a big ol’ douche after all and she falls in love with him. Unfortunately soon as Saliya’s wall of cool otoko begins to break down, so does his control of the demon within him.Turns out Saliya is a hanyou (cue Inuyasha flashbacks). His mother was the Sayaran while his dad was some demon thing. This is why Saliya’s other form is a black cat who befriends Miku in her world. (It was so obvious it was him too because of the eye color. In addition Farasha is the parrot Miku also befriends who she names Fuyumi lol.) So then all sorts of weird shit happens and the student council president in charge of the play, Ema, tells Miku that she has to pick her prince by falling in love with him or both of her worlds will be destroyed or something. While on her path to find Saliya (after Ema basically wipes Miftaf off the dream world map), Miku runs into…HER FATHER. (Cue star wars flashbacks.)

sal03Apparently Miku never knew her father cause he left as she was a baby. He proves he’s her dad by showing her the locket that her mother gave her. He uses the key he has to open it which contains a photo of him and her mother inside.He’s all like “i’m so sad to let my little girl go but yea go ahead.” So then Miku goes and finds Saliya. He uses the last bits of his power to recreate the pool area where Miku originally came from. He tells her that the dream is ending. The reason is, prior to Miku every girl chosen as the Sayaran would go inside the Garnet Cradle and her soul there would basically be the life energy of Miftaf. Saliya fell in love with her and he didn’t want her to have the same fate as his mother so…he’s telling her to go back to her world. It’s kinda hard though big fella, she’s sorta got the hots for ya now. Anyway jokes aside it was a really sweet and emotional scene (goodbye kiss included YEA 😉 ) and Miku was sent back to her world, with Miftaf disappearing. When she came back to her world, Miku also realized that Tsubaki’s existances was gone from there as well, since Tsubaki was apparently part of Miftaf and she was just acting as a guarding for Miku in her world. Anyway it was kinda sad and inconclusive since this was the first end.

sal04Saliya’s 2nd ending is the “true” end which you unlock after you complete all the other guys’ routes. It’s basically the same so it was one massive skip-a-thon until the end where Saliya and Miku are at the water well. She tells him she’s not going back and that they will change their fate. They go together to the Garnet Cradle and suddenly Saliya gets posessed by Ibris. They then split up into 2 Saliyas and fight each other. Saliya almost gets killed until his mother tells Miku to “pray” and tell him her feelings. She tells Saliya that she loves him (this is so deus ex machina) and suddenly this rock music played and Saliya kicked Ibris’ ass xDDD (I was dancing in front of my desk lawl.) So basically Ibris then realizes that the power of love defeated him and with Saliya’s mom they float up to heaven. In the meantime Miku runs around looking for Saliya who’s trying to use his last remaining powers to bring her back to her world. She tells him that she will not leave without him and kisses him with some pomegranite seeds or something xD; Saliya wakes up and says he will go to her world with her. So then she’s back in her world and seeing the cherry trees blossoming but Saliya isn’t there. She stands there crying calling him a liar and an idiot until he’s like “dude, I’m here, chillax” and she’s so happy they instantly hug and make out. Oh well good end get!

to01Touya – Touya’s story was a little more interesting than Saliya’s (first run anyway) but Touya himself was a really REALLY ANNOYING TSUNDERELLA. I mean he wasn’t like an oranyan character cause he didn’t act tough, but he was really fucking bitchy. I mean just imagine if a Kugiyama Rie character was a man. Yea that’s Touya for you.  Touya is not only Miku’s childhood friend, but he is also her fiance arranged by their families.  He acts very annoying at first saying men are better than women and women only bring men down.  In the Miftaf world he constantly shrugs Miku off and tells her he does not have any interest to be the king. Eventually though, in Miftaf Touya ouji becomes nicer to Miku and makes his feelings a lot more apparent when he goes and kisses her one night.After a while Miku finds out that Touya in the real world was actually able to see the dream world Miftaf the same way that Miku was. He said that in the real world she hated him because he couldn’t properly express his feelings so he thought he’d try to be nice to her in this dream world. The reason she said she hated him was because he made Nono cry saying that the storywriting club would be shut down because it was a pointless club to begin with and had poor writers.

to02Eventually Rihito gets insanely jealous of Touya because he took the heart of Miku and he poisons him. He’s able to do this because Touya looked up to Rihito and put his trust into him. Then Ema comes around and yet more weird deus ex machina stuff happens and Touya lives.He then however comes back to Miku saying he now wants to be king and he’s all grabby with her. She thinks it’s not the real him but then he gets his feelings mixed up again and runs off. She goes to look for him in the forest of doom again (this is gonna be a reoccuring theme – find the bishie in the dark forest!) She finds him and then he babbles on about how he likes her and she tells him that she likes him as well. She also remembers when the two of them met looking up at the stars in the sky. They run into Kagami sensei who tells them not to go any further but Touya rambles on how he’s gonna protect Miku. Well after cockblocker sensei goes away they reach the garnet cradle. They run into the ultimate bad guy of the game – Ibris, who also happens to be  Saliya’s dad.They end up fighting Ibris and he almost shoves Miku into the cradle in order to continue the illusionary world.

to03Ema tried to stop them as well because they wanted to go back to their real world but Ema said that Miku could have her real world memories erased and live in Miftaf forever with her prince.Anyway Saliya saves their asses and with the help of the pendant that her dad gave her, Miku destroys the cradle and inside of it Saliya’s mom thanks her for “saving” Ibris for her. Saliya then helps Miku and Touya go back to the real world. They jump into the pool of water and while in it Miku remembers the first time she and Touya met. They were setup by their parents on an omiai and both got angry at each other and never spoke until school started. When Miku is back in the real world she’s flipped back in time to when she first began attending the Mifta school and then she hears about Touya transferring to it. He comes and tells her that he’s gonna take her as a wife before some other guy snags her. XD I dunno I guess by the end of the game Touya was a lot cuter and less annoying when he was more honest with his feelings (although he got a bit too nekketsu lol.) My favorite moment was when they were making the paper flowers and they tripped and he fell on top of her with his hand landing on her boob. 😆

sou01Sou – I absolutely loved Sou since the beginning. He’s sweet and gentle and he serves his ojou-sama. His story is really interesting as well and no matter how “bad” he got in his route I just couldn’t hate him. He’s such a gentleman and is always by Miku’s side. He has no interest in becoming King of Miftaf – but that’s because he IS that “dark shadow” that lurks in the forest. He’s an Incubus who feeds on dreams and his sister is a Succubus in a similar fashion. While both Tsubaki and Sou keep a very close guardian relationship with Miku, Sou eventually falls in love with her and that’s when he realizes it’s time to go.  He disappears from Miku in her world and basically avoids her in Miftaf. The real backstory is that Miku was targetted to be the next Azura Sayaraan since she was a loli. She had a best friend shota named Sou but one day he died in a car accident while on his way to her house. Miku was too young to understand about death but was surprised that Sou had reappeared in front of her a few weeks later.

sou02It turns out that Ibris had created bodies and souls for both Tsubaki and Sou, alternatively named Nusle and Suckle (?). He sent them down to Miku’s world as illusions to basically protect her so she’d be ready when it was time to sacrifice her to the Garnet Cradle. When it’s time for that massive battle scene (it basically repeats the same exact evens as Touya but well this time it’s with Sou) and Miku goes to look for him he goes into rapist mode. Well it’s more like he’s trying to be evil so that she ends up forgetting about him but his feelings take over and he can’t help but steal her lips away. (This is nothing in comparison to the raep in under the moon and jingi naki otome k.) When Miku tells him that she loves him he can’t take the guilt of what he’s done so he runs off again. Miku goes looking for him and runs into her school sensei who happens to also be a succubus and has huge boobs lol. She gives Miku some advice & stuff and then Miku finds him.

sou03Oh I forgot to mention she also ran into Tsubaki who cried a river and said she can no longer follow Ibris because she has learned “human emotion” towards Miku. Anyway they’re suddenly back at the school grounds and Sou deeply apologizes for what he’s done. He tells Miku that he loves her and he did not mean to fool her all that time when her real friend Sou had died. He tells her that he will go against Ibris and help her defeat him and return to her world. And well the same stuff happens, Sou “defies” his master and defeats him. Before they go back to Miku’s world, Sou requests that Saliya cut off his wings because he doesn’t want to be immortal anymore. He wants to live with Miku as a human on earth. Time is reset again and Miku starts the Mifta schoolyear without Sou. She thinks maybe her wish wasn’t strong enough and cries but then Sou appears and they smooch. After that Tsubaki appears (thank you for not cockblocking miss) and hugs Miku. Anyway it was a really cute route and boom Sou got 2 kiss scenes!

rihi01Rihito – I wanted to like Rihito I really did but he reminds me of Kanade from Love Drops who’s like the emo dead ghost guy. At least this time there were no blowjobs involved. 😆 Rihito is the student body president and has like a rabid obsession with Miku. He’s the first one to admit to her that he knows about his role as the prince in the dream of Miftaf. In all the other routes he was a big asshole, I mean he killed both Saliya and Touya in their routes lol. He keeps telling Miku he was born for her, born to protect her and born to be her prince. This sounds a bit silly and the way he acts most of the time is pretty posessive. I can’t blame Miku for being afraid and suspicious of him because he’s the only guy who openly tells her his feelings but she thinks he’s only teasing her. (Cause let’s face it, in Japan nobody is honest with themselves.)  He tells her that she must remember meeting him from the past but no matter how hard she tries she can’t seem to recall. She visits him up in the attic area above the library often because he begins to constantly fall asleep over there. He also gets into a fight with rabid Saliya in Miftaf and ends up being unconscious over there as well.

rihi02One time he asks her if they could have a picnic up there and she agrees. Most of the food is hers except an apple that he gives her which is poisoned and puts her to sleep. Damnit how did he get roofies into an apple? 😯  As Miku falls asleep she has dreams about meeting an arabian shota in the desert. She also has recollections of herself being alone in the darkness looking for her father and then being saved by tha shota. So here’s the kicker: Rihito is actually a wandering spirit who was created into an illusion of a “prince” by Miku. She was all alone somehow and wanted someone to save her so the moment she heard a shota call her name she was like “is it my prince??” So yes this is exactly why he keeps saying that he was “born for her” because well he really was. This is why he hates Saliya because at the same time, Saliya was born to be the prince of Miftaf which drove Rihito up the wall with anger.So yea the usual shit happens, she goes to the forest, meets her dad and Kagami and finds Rihito.

rihi03There she tells him that she doesn’t quite remember when she had “created” him, but she has fallen in love with him as of now. That she’s fallen in love with him when he slept in her lap and when they ate lunch together, and that her childhood memory has nothing to do with it. Rihito emos but of course he’s happy and accepts it. Anyway then they go fight Ibris and get their asses kicked so Saliya has to save them again. The battle this time felt longer than in the previous 2 routes but in the end Rihito apologized to Saliya and thanked him for saving them. The two of them then as always go back to the real world to the time right as Miku trasnferred to the school. She looks for Rihito but doesn’t see him anywhere so she goes to the place where they usually meet. He then walks in pretending that he doesn’t remember who she is. Miku gets upset and tells him he “looks like someone she knows and that he’s forgotten about her”. She almost leaves crying but Rihito tells her to wait and that he was just testing her because he wasn’t sure if she’d remember stuff again. She hugs him and tells him welcome back. Meh…I mean I think Rihito’s a pretty divine character, he likes black tea and pasta and seafood (mmm) but the whole obsessive dude thing was kinda creepy.

kichi01Kiichiro – Kiichiro senpai is the sawayaka and yasashii sports baka. I’m glad his seiyuu for once  did a role that wasn’t some oniichan xDD. He’s the captain of the soccer team so Miku pretty much falls for him instantly, unlike in the other routes where she’s in a constant state of denial. She’s still a bit in denial in this one – in a sense that she’s happy just “admiring” him and is afraid to take the “next step”. With some coercion from Nono she’s able to offer to make him bentos and watch him during practice. In Miftaf, Kiichi is on the “I don’t wanna be the king” team and all he wants to do is make jam and grow blue tulips. When Saliya goes into rabid mode and attacks him Kiichi is arrested and accused for starting a dangerous fight inside of castle Amira. Rihito’s just as keikaku plan then goes into action which is to have Kiichiro duel with Nusle and purposely lose to “prove his innocence.”The battle goes on and Kiichiro loses. However he gets stabbed in the eye and while he covers his face dripping in blood he tells Miku he’s sick of this whole king bullshit and to never come near him again.

kichi02The next day Miku sees Kiichi senpai with an eye patch and passes out from shock. He tells her he just woke up and couldn’t see out of that eye, not knowing why. Miku then hears that Kiichi prince has been poisoned because apparently the sword that Nusle used had poison on it. Nusle finds out about this and goes to Rihito. He’s enraged that Rihito poisoned this word, in addition to also sending this poisoned sword to Miku’s room in the castle Amira. He’s so pissed off that Rihito put his hime-sama in danger that he strangles him to death. (About time Rihito got what was coming to him lool.) Later in real life when Kiichi’s eye is back to normal Miku asks himi if they met in their dreams. He admits that he’s had this bad dream about him being a prince and growing blue tulips – a flower that he hates.He asks Miku to come watch his soccer match and says he’ll promise he’ll win. She comes and watches but he ends up losing.

kichi03He’s really bummed out because he had planned to confess his feelings to her if he won, but since he lost he feels like he lost everything not just a game. He got so upset and frustrated that he disappeared in front of Miku’s eyes. (This is similar to all those scenes in the other guys routes where she wakes up and no one’s there.) Miku then is in some illusion sequence where she runs into Kiichi and he doesn’t remember her. She tells him that he was someone that she once loved and runs off. She runs into the big boobed sensei and she drops the bomb telling Miku that she is actually Kiichiro’s mom and a succubus. She had fallen in love with Kiichi’s dad and had a child. Unfortunately her body could not withstand living in the human world so one day Kiichi’s father told her to just go back to “her own dream world”. So she did, but Kiichi got upset and thought that his mother left them for no reason. Thanks to Saliya’s mom she was able to live in Miku’s world but she could not tell Kiichi who she was so he only knew her as his sensei. She asked Miku to bring Kiichi out of the darkness.

kichi04Miku then meets shota Kiichiro who’s crying because his mom left him. He’s also upset that the blue tulips that she used to grow have all wilted and he cannot grow them, since after all they’re a pretty non existant flower in real life. Miku comforts him and then he turns back to his normal form. He then meets his mother who tells him that he may not believe her but she is his mom. She apologizes for leaving them and explains everything to him. She says she has to go now and disappears. Kiichi cries in Miku’s arms then he gets the courage and tells her that he likes her. He asks if he can be a little more forward and so he kisses her. (it was so cute C: ) Anyway the two of them head over to battle Ibris as usual, and as usual Saliya comes to help them and they defeat the bad guy etc. Once again they jump into the water that Saliya creates for them and go back to their realworld – to the time right as Miku started school.  As always the guy comes back a little after Miku and so they reunite once more. Cute route and story. I feel like I shoulda cried when Kiichiro did, but I guess the fact that his mom is a succubus milf was a little too amusing to make me emotional 😆


misc01Overall I really enjoyed the game. While it was annoying seeing the same damn ending and scenes for every guy with just the “guy” replaced, the individual original scenes with the guys were all really cute. The CGs were really nice, I especially loved all the kiss scenes. The only thing is in some of them Miku looked like she had thunder thighs o_o. In addition they never really explained who the fuck Kagami-sensei was. I mean the guy had like wings in his shadow in one of the CGs – is he Saliya’s dad? Wtf? Same goes for Ema. Who the hell was she? Why didn’t they go into her aside from being Ibris’s servant (why?) Anyhoo favorite route was Sou’s. I don’t know why, he’s not even the main character. Maybe I just like that character type. Saliya’s was nice too as well as Kiichi’s. Touya was only cute when he was dere, not when tsun and well Rihito can go die in a fire. The music was nice and felt very arabian to fit the whole game theme well. I found it funny too that pretty much everyone except Touya was some nonhuman thing in some way. It’s like Saliya and Sou are incubuses, Rihito is a wandering spirit, Kiichiro’s half incubus. Wtf? XD

misc02The other weird thing was that 4/5 of the guys had all some sort of “we met when we were little but you forgot” thing going on. I dunno maybe that’s the theme of this game? At least in Kiichi’s route it was more a “look into his past” rather than “one day Miku magically appeared in Miftaf and you fell in love with her as a shota!” xD She must have been a hot loli when she has incubuses and cats falling for her lol. The other downer was that there was this one save point midway through the game (basically right at the end of act 1)where you could save and then do all the guys’ routes from there. It sorta made the entire first half of the game feel pointless. I would have liked to actually go and pick the other choices and see what they did or if they would change the effect of the game or give a different CG. It’s like what’s the point of putting all those choices there if they’re not gonna do anything 😐 Overall though the game was really nice. If you can stand to fast click through some of the end battle scenes of the guys since they are complete repeats, the routes are very enjoyable (save for the obsessive freak Rihito.) I heard a fandisk is coming out this year – indeed we do need an R18 scene with Sou :twisted:.

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  1. Aha, don’t worry about the names. I can’t even pronounce them right (even though the game says it for you) let alone spell their names. So you’re doing pretty good! XD

    I started this game in August, and I’m still on Saliya. 😡 But I love it when he sings to you! <333

    And don't forget about prince Touya's pants/shoes. XD

  2. Oh yea he played the harp didn’t he. I basically flew through this game in a week because I started it last Sunday lol. I really liked it so I stayed up till like 2AM on some days to finish routes 😆

    Touya’s pants/shoes?? I think I’m forgetting something lol.

  3. I’m sorta kinda wishing that guy who confessed to Miku near the garbage dump will appear in the fandisk, he was cute and normal (; ̄ー ̄) Or Miku-papa, since IIRC, he’s the principal of the real Mifuta Gakuen.

    >>And don’t forget about prince Touya’s pants/shoes. XD
    Oh yeah, that… Well, at least they don’t come up in CGs too often, way to ruin the mood with lulzy wardrobe.

  4. I mean I saw them in a few CGs, they were pretty stupid looking but I thought that all the outfits were pretty stupid looking except Saliya and Sou xD;

    Miku papa…but I don’t want her to be in a route with him 😯 lol. I totally thought “he looks like he could be her dad” the first time I saw him…lol I was so right xDDD

  5. 突然質問出して悪いんですが、他に相談する方法は無いようなのでここで尋ねます。

  6. Er no, I’m not into incest XD Just wanted him to appear, since he was so lovable and irresponsible. (“I made a dagger to save you, but lost it in the woods!”)

  7. ザビエルっち> 申し訳ありませんがパスワードしたポストは友達とクラブメンバのみですから教えられないです><;; 本当にごめんなさい!

  8. そうですか、なら仕方が無いですね。

  9. Errr, I feel awkward saying ths, but Rihito was my favorite route *please don’t kill me*. Yes, he is creepy in Mifutafu and in other charas’ routes, but I would also be rather obsessive if my sole purpose of being alive was to be with this chick, and it just never ever happened. The scenes with him in Mifuta Gakuen blissfully made me forget any of the crazy. I did love love love Sou’s route. I found Saliya’s route to be rather lacking for the main guy…yea, there are two endings, but I felt like…it didn’t have as memorable events. Maybe it’s just me.

    Overall, I’m really looking forward to more Spica works. They really need to make a solid scenario with no gaping holes (totally agree on Kagami sensei. What is up with him?? I was surprised he wasn’t one of the guys…them otome games always have a teacher fetish, DUUUUUUUH). But their events were one of the best I’ve seen in otome games. This is definitely a great first effort.

    Um, fan disc?? (googling that shit now)

  10. yea I don’t have any info on when the fandisk is coming out but I heard sometime this year? Hopefully in the next 3 months anyway lol. LOL well I liked Rihito when he was cuddling in that blanket on the couch…um that’s about it. Otherwise he was really weird lol 😆 Oh well to each their own I guess xD;

    Saliya’s 2nd run was kinda meh to me mainly because of the gap between my 1st run so it wasn’t as impacting. If I had to do it all over again I woulda just played Saliya’s routes last and in a row.

  11. About the fandisc… I hope SPICA doesn’t end up delaying it for months and months like they did with Garnet Cradle (Winter 2008 turned into May 2009) Also, the fandisc has a pretty LOL title: “sugary sparkle” YEAH THANKS SPICA

    I’m so glad you reviewed this game because I loved it and there aren’t a lot of reviews on it! It really made me laugh 🙂

  12. oh wow really? I didn’t know the deal so I assumed it came out in like December 08 O_o oh well they can take their time, I still got a nice backlog and I’m not really getting through much of giniro no kanmuri lol

  13. i havent plays dis game but i wish to!! XD
    i found out that this game is not in english ;(
    so im wondering how you got to play the game??
    i realy want to play it!!!!

  14. “In Miftaf, Kiichi is on the ‘I don’t wanna be the king’ team and all he wants to do is make jam and grow blue tulips.”


    Hahahaha, thanks for this review. I was loll’ing out of my chair whilst reading it. =D
    (Just finished the game, and your descriptions sum things up quite awesomely.)

  15. Ahahaha totally agree on “all the outfits were pretty stupid looking except Saliya and Sou” xD
    Funny that they’re also my two fave princes… oh, but I find each route has interesting plot, even Rihito’s. I dunno… Everyone’s story gets exciting towards the ED.

    I’m glad you made a review on this game. I had trouble understanding the whole whats going on since I manual-skipped the slow progress at the prologue, and the language used by the all elite charas in this upper class environment is kinda challenge to me ;;

    Miku papa is my instant fall in love D: Urgh Sou to Hinano is prob Papa to me. And then I loooled so hard at Miku & Miku Papas “I AM YOUR FATHER” scene.

    1. haha did you play PC or PSP version? I think they added a few new things to the PSP version not too sure though. Don’t forget there’s a fandisk too!

  16. I played the old PC version ahaha…

    I’m not really into sugary sparkle (or is there any other fandisk?). It’s the Arabian country & princes to choose that hooked me ❤ 0 ❤
    But I'd like to purchase drama CD focusing on Saliya if there's any.

  17. Hi there! I picked up this game out of curiosity seeing as to how it revolves around Arabic like characters…

    And since I am of an Arabic nationality, it was very amusing and hilarious ( I mean the way the Japanese imagine our way of dress and food ) only 20 % was from the Arabian culture, however, the rest 70% came from their own fantasies! XD The Arabian like world is already somewhat butchered by the Japanese game makers XDXDXD but never mind that-

    I just wanted to share and clarify some stuff about the Arabic names and such that I thought might be of interest to you 🙂

    I just finished Salyia’s first ending (his name is actually pronounced Sariya comes from the word Sari which means: in effect/continuous. Sariya is also a feminine not a masculine name XDXDXD )

    – Farasha means Butterfly ( I loved the way Sariya yells at her “FARASHA!!” it sounded perfectly Arabic 🙂
    – Miftaf ( Is Actually: Meftah meaning ” Key ” )
    – Ibris ( Pronounced: Ibliis meaning Devil= Satan )

    – I like how they mentioned the “picu-rawa” I don’t remember how they spelled it in Katakana, but their pronunciation was correct even though it did sound a bit stiff 🙂 An Arabic dessert very yummy 🙂

    – Amira = means princess
    – Nusle : pronounced : Nasr means victory
    – Sakle: pronounced : Sakr means Falcon

    That’s all I can remember so far, hope this helps 🙂
    Oh and great review by the way, reading it saved me time to try other games, I did like some characters but story wise not so much, I guess I’ll finish it some other time when I m bored ^^

    1. Most Japanese otome games make up their own assumptions about other cultures…it’s especially bad with their “europian” stereotypes too xDDD. You should see my review on Arabians lost in a few days…it’s probably just as bad (I mean arabian assassins named CURTIS?! lmaoo)

      Ohh its Sariya I see lmao I had no idea xD;
      Thanks for all the name translations! I thought they totally made it up 😆
      I appreciate it, that’s very interesting insight! I wouldn’t know the first place to look up any of this stuff XD

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