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gamblingTopic: “How much money have you spent on Pangya?”

I think I’ve spent just under $1000 on OGP, and $200 on Ntreev, spread over 3 accounts.

Total expenditure at this point over nearly 3 years is $3000 dollars.

At least $500 between the two servers,

I’m up to $620 on Ntreev now.

$800 total

about 2-3 grand and ill spend more cause mainly because i like pangya.

Oh god, OGP well over $4k, collections cost money 🙂 and as for ntreev prolly around $100 – $150.

This is what one calls a gambling addiction. You don’t need to go to a Las Vegas casino to have this. You can do this right from your own computer. Please seek help immediately 😯 I dunno I think it’s kinda sad. I think it’s sad that some people really fall into Ntreev’s trap.  Despite multiple problems plaguing the server and multiple complaint threads people continue to spend money. I’m making this post because I see some of my friends blowing tons of money into this game and not getting the service and experience they deserve. It’s not just spending money to buy like a new set of clubs or a new outfit. It’s like shelling off $200 instantly. Come on guys $200 in a matter of seconds?? Where do you get all this money from? $4000 isn’t even how much it costs for me & my husband to go to Japan for 10 days next year!!$4000 is like a 20 year subscription to World of Warcraft.

What I can’t understand is why do people  flame Ntreev, then go and spend a ton of money. Doesn’t that make your argument kinda worthless? If you’re gonna go and give Ntreev your money, then don’t complain cause they’re not gonna do anything. They’re probably swimming in your cash laughing at how they got gambling addicts sucking up their pathetic “events.” I guess I just find it kinda disturbing. On OGP I spent about $60 and on Ntreev I spent $40. On Pangya Japan I spent about $70. That’s not even how much some people already blew in this “event” of theirs. This is all over a period of 2 years playing Pangya. I dunno I just don’ t understand it. I’m an adult with a job, and apartment and bills to pay – blowing this much on some virtual items seems so ridiculous. I can’t seem to grasp the mindset of people who can blow so much money, only to receive mostly a slap in the face.

If anyone would like to share why they are addicted and blow money so easily on this, I’m seriously interested to listen. I’m not asking for flames or rage that I don’t understand your feelings, because well I don’t. I’m interested though! Please explain to me, what brings you to spend so much money on virtual items, especially on a server where hackers are using scripts to create these items in their inventories for free? Please feel free to share your thoughts. Trolling/Spam will be deleted so don’t bother lol.


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