Otome Game Review: Jingi Naki Otome – KoiKoi Zanmai

This is the fandisk for Jingi Naki Otome. The premise is that Asou and Ryu get in a fight (what else is new.) Ryu tells Asou that Kougumi doesn’t need him so Asou said “oh yea? let’s see how you can do without me then!” At the same time Asou also passes out from overwork and ends up in the hospital and now Kougumi has to find a way to pay all their bills as well as food. The idea they come up with is to run a butler cafe and use English names for themselves (Like Steven and Jonathan xD). Each guy had a couple endings and the fandisk brought the addition of Yasu as an obtainable man yeaaa 😈 !! Oh yea once again stuff under the cut contains some 18+ scenarios etc. x3 Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Jingi Naki Otome – KoiKoi Zanmai”


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