Party Castle Clothing Log

Party Castle’s been awesome. It’s gotten me back to using my tablet and actually creating some decent stuff. I’ve made 3 new outfits this week. First up is Erika’s musical note outfit from Pangya:

erika01Since in order to make a new “character body” you actually gotta pay 4000pp to buy a new model I figured I could re-use my Erika model for something else. Continue reading Party Castle Clothing Log


Pangya 4koma #110

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pangya4koma110Caddie’s magic box is actually a laundry machine. 😆 Umm yea huge jump eh? Honestly all the comics in between I either couldn’t read all the kanji, they weren’t really that funny, they referred to inside jokes only Japanese or those familiar with Japanese would get, or they referred to comics in the past that I skipped over.