Party Castle: Self Design the Game

my first creation!
my first creation!

Today I received a key to the Party Castle closed beta that I signed up for a month ago. I’ve been eyeing this thing since back in March because it was supposed to be some kind of a game where you draw a character then you import it into the game and boom your character’s in 3D. Well it’s like that but not quite. If you’re familiar with Pangya’s self design and IMVU, it’s basically a combination of the two. Continue reading Party Castle: Self Design the Game


Pangya 4koma #58

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In Japanese “birdie” and “body” are written with the same katakana hence why the lame pun. Sometimes I feel like Uncle Daisuke with these comics though…when I don’t get too much of a reaction from you guys ^^; Sometimes I wonder if I should even bother continuing…^^;