Blogroll cleanup!

Alrighty, my blogroll is pretty small but it seems like some blogs on it have…died or are on their deathbeds 😆 I plan to do a blogroll cleanup sometime at the end of next week but before I do I’m going to list those blogs who will be cut. If you think you plan to update your blog in the near future and don’t want to get cut please comment! 🙂

Watashi no Mochi
Tiki’s Spellbook
Plain Rice is Delicious

I know you recently updated your blog Kana but from your last entry I’m under the impression that you pretty much /quit with pangya because of the crap us server and I think you’re busy at 98.1 the fan right? Anyway please let me know by the end of next week if you plan to keep your blog updated. If not I’ll assume your blog’s dead & take you off. If you come back from hiatus feel free to stop by my blog and let me know of your glorious return though! 😀

Additionally, if you have a pangya/mmogame related blog as well as eroge/otome game blog that you would like to trade links with please let me know. No anime blogs please, that stuff goes on my other blog.

Pangya 4koma #142

Original post. Please do not steal, repost or hotlink. Thank you.


I can’t tell if she just doesn’t want to “find” hentai suit Max or she’s just as dumb as she is in all these comics 😆